🃏 The Best Online Card Games

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ForCardsLovers free online card games are the best way to enjoy hours of fun. In ForCardsLovers you will find thousands of hobbies and information related to the world of cards that will fascinate you.

Plus, with the free online games you can play different card games from any place and with almost any kind of device.

The Best Online Card Games

The best online card games can be found at ForCardsLovers. These card games are of very different types and using different types of decks so we are sure you will love some of them.

These online games are amazing to play at any time of the day. Plus, there are so many and so different that you can spend a great number of hours discovering them all.

¿Cuáles son los Juegos de Cartas más conocidos?

  • Brisca


This game is very popular not only in Spain but also in all Mediterranean countries.

You can play two, four or six (in the last two cases, in teams of 2-3 players). The aim is to get as many points as possible at the end of the rounds.

Three cards are dealt to each player and the remaining deck is placed on the table, with the first card face up. The card with the highest card of the same suit, or the trump card if it is not of the same suit, wins the round.

  • Domino

A classic with the Spanish deck as it is very easy, it is even recommended for children who are learning numbers and counting. They can play from 3 to 6 players.

All the cards are dealt and the one with the 5 of gold starts, and from there the players on their right. You have to place a bigger or smaller card than the ones already placed (in this case, 4-6 gold), or a new 5 of any other suit.

If you don't have any to put, your turn is skipped. The first player to place all his cards wins.

  • Tute

Two to four players can play, always with a deck of 40. The cards are dealt among the players and the last one will be the one that marks the "trump", the suit that will rule over the others. The player who has the highest card of each suit wins the trick, or a trump in case he does not have the same suit. The highest cards are Ace and 3, then King, Knight and Jack.

On which platforms can you enjoy the ForCardsLovers card games?

The card games you will find in ForCardsLovers are available for a large number of different platforms, including the most popular ones.

You can play your favorite card games from your mobile device or tablet, whether it's Android or IOs. You can also access them from your computer with an internet connection.