English Card Game

The English card game

The English card game was one of the most popular card games in Europe and later in the world. An English card game can be found in almost every home and living room in the world and everyone has played with it at some point.

At For Cards Lovers we will show you all kinds of information and games about the English card game.

History of the English card game

The English deck is a French card game derivation. The drawings of the figures of the English bridge are derived from the French model called "de Rouen".

In 1628, during the reign of Charles I, the importation of all types of cards was banned to encourage domestic manufacture. From this ban and the lesser competence of English engravers compared to German and French engravers, the current figures of the English bridge are more abstract and simplified.

The expansion of the British Empire throughout the world has made the English deck of cards the standard model for playing cards.

In 1712, it became mandatory to print the tax stamp on the ace of spades, which also had to bear the name of the manufacturer. In 1882, British card makers established the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards, which since then has met annually at a banquet where a master card maker is elected.

At the next annual banquet, this master will present a bridge with an allegory of the most important event of the year on the back and his portrait on the ace of spades. The reversible figures appeared around 1850, although they did not begin to be accepted in traditional British clubs until at least ten years later.

Number of cards in the English deck of cards

Like the French game, this one is composed of 52 cards which are grouped in 4 suits of 13 cards each.

The 13 cards of each suit in the English game are made up of 9 numbered cards (from 2 to 9) and 4 literal cards: Ace (A), Jack (J, similar to the Jack), Queen (Q) and King (K). The name "ace", which designates the card of each suit with a single symbol, comes from the Latin name ace and the Greek name heis, which are both the denominators of the unit.

In many card games, two jokers are also introduced, better known as jockeys, representing a joker, a red and a black.

The Colors of the English Card Deck

The English card game consists of 4 suits: heart, spades, diamonds and clubs. Spades and clubs are black suits, while hearts and diamonds are red suits.

The names of the red clubs are clearly linked to the signs that represent them. There is also a correspondence between the Spanish and English names of these clubs.

However, the English names for black clubs are somewhat surprising: the clover is called a club and not a bell or leaf clover, and the pica, represented by a spear-shaped leaf, is called a spade and not a pike or spear.

Perhaps the reason for this is the extraordinary influence that the Spanish game of El Hombre and the Spanish card game had in England.

The main games of the English card game

  • Blackjack

Blackjack (also known as "21") is a card game in which, in order to win, you have to get close to 21 without overtaking and surpassing the dealer.

The score is obtained by simply adding up the value of all your cards. To get "Blackjack" you have to go to 21 with two cards. That is, with an ace and a number or a ten. If you get 21 with more cards, it is not considered Blackjack.

  • Texas Hold'em Poker

The object of the game is to eliminate all your opponents and make them run out of pieces. To do this, you must have better cards than your opponents and therefore win the bets.

The cards are shuffled and 2 are dealt to each player. It is advisable to play 3 or more.

The player to the right of the dealer is required to bet the "Small Blind", which is half the minimum bet amount to participate in this round. The next player is also required to bet the Big Blind, which is the minimum amount that must be posted to enter the game.

From there, the player who enters after the Big Blind starts talking. The game continues counter-clockwise.

Each player's hand will consist of 5 cards and will be the best possible combination of the two cards in the hand and the five center cards.

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