Dream of passing an exam: What meanings?

Dream of passing an exam: What meanings?

Dream of passing an exam: What meanings?

Dreaming of an exam is a very common dream, for example, dreaming of having to take an exam at school often becomes a nightmare! Typical dreams are those dreams united by a collective cultural genesis. They are therefore dreams that originate from psychic and emotional experiences common to all human beings concerning in general the founding values ​​of their culture, personal and social. 

Even being in front of a commission is therefore a dream strongly inherent in people's souls, a dream that can often turn into a nightmare, especially if it is linked to specific past experiences. but what does that mean?

Dreaming about taking an exam is probably the most common typical dream. Those who dream usually find themselves having to pass an important exam or test which they, in most cases, have already passed in real life, and, in general, even passed.

In the dream, however, the reproposed examination is often characterized by difficulties which are almost impossible to overcome. The dream usually occurs when life confronts us with significant trials.

The typical reaction of waking up from that exam dream, i.e. the relief brought by the awareness of having already passed it, is the way our unconscious mind reassures us of our abilities, reminding us how , already on other occasions, the same anxiety of not being able to do it, has already accompanied us but then we managed to do it very well.

It is therefore a dream of encouragement, through which our unconscious pushes us not to be afraid and, above all, to have confidence in ourselves.


Dreaming of taking an exam: What you need to know

From a psychological point of view, it is the sense of how, sometimes, we find ourselves facing the challenges that life offers us as if we were still in school, in front of someone ready to judge our " performance", to whom we must justify our shortcomings. Someone who conditions our behaviors and our choices in real life.


Dream about passing an exam

This dream reveals to us a feeling of inadequacy in the face of the daily problems of those who dream. A continuous test, faced with the possibility of having to work in order not to be unsuitable or out of step.


Dream about passing a written exam

This dream vision establishes how incapable you are of expressing yourself except with facts that you fear are "singular". Fear of collaborating with a colleague, perhaps out of a feeling of inadequacy or an awareness of being less capable in a certain task.


Dream about taking an oral exam

If it goes well, it is indicative of self-esteem and well-founded ambition. If there is a problem, it warns you that you are going through a moment of lack of self-confidence. A double interpretation, which varies, as often, according to the context.


Dream about passing a driving test

This dream is meant as an important warning. You must be very careful in the course of your life, so as not to suffer bad consequences. You are a reckless person, you need more peace of mind and to find a balance.


Dreaming of passing a university exam

You need to control your emotions otherwise you won't be able to deal with a problem that is clearly haunting you. This is a delicate situation, which requires you to act with caution and awareness, also seeking the support of those around you.


Dream about the result of an exam

This dream indicates that you are fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses. All you have to do is analyze the pros and cons of situations, by crossing the data with your skills. Choosing what to do will not be as complex as it may seem at first glance.


Dream about being questioned in an exam

The dream reveals that he cannot face the trials of his life for fear of judgment from others or someone in particular. You will need to be able to regain your balance so that you no longer have fear.


Dream about taking an exam and failing

If you dream of taking an exam and being rejected, it means that you are going through a moment of deep psychological distress, that you are stuck and that you cannot get out of a situation that could play against you, especially your professional and life ambitions. .

It can also happen to dream of arriving late for an exam: this implies strong anxiety in the person who dreams, psychological stress due to the weight of responsibilities. However, this does not bode anything negative.

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