8 good reasons to sleep outside

8 good reasons to sleep outside

It is said that “the night sky is its own form of medicine”. Stay until the end of this article if you need to know what the benefits of sleeping outside are.


Sleep outside: Good sleep is the third pillar of your good health

According to researchers, a balanced diet, exercise and good sleep are the three pillars of overall human health.

The incredible importance of a good night's sleep can never be doubted.

If you think good sleep is eight hours a night, you're wrong. It's the "quality" of your sleep that matters.

Unfortunately, in today's technological world, our sleep patterns are significantly disrupted by various elements.

Increased stress, ongoing anxiety, poor air quality, and especially the bright screens of our beloved smartphones and gadgets have totally disrupted our sleep quality.

If you have become a night owl and almost an insomniac and you really have trouble sleeping, pay attention to nature.


Enjoy the tranquility of sleeping outdoors

Many doctors gave their expert opinion on the matter and guess what they suggested; "Enjoy the tranquility of being disconnected and explore the benefits of outdoor sleeping outdoors". Yes, sleeping outdoors in the woods is the best way to banish those sleepless nights.

«The night sky is its own form of medicine". Yes, that is indeed true. Here's how sleeping outdoors can benefit your health physically, emotionally and mentally.


Say goodbye to insomnia!

All you need is a tent, a sleeping bag, a sleep mask, and some time away from those dangerous lights on your smartphone.

Enjoy the night in the woods while you sleep like a baby. Say goodbye to your insomnia now!


Exposure to natural light disrupts your internal clock

Yes, that's one of the many benefits you'll get after spending a peaceful, disconnected night outdoors. 

According to recent medical research, doctors have concluded that if your body is exposed to more natural sunlight and less exposed to electrical light emitted by fluorescent bulbs, appliances, and cell phones, you can set your internal clock to get up fully alert.

Do you think in ancient times people had clocks and alarms? No, their internal clock was working properly and was in tune with nature.

There are natural circadian rhythms, and sleeping outdoors and spending time in natural light readjusts your biological clock with these biological processes.

In fact, this natural rhythm alerts you when your body is tired, and for this, it needs exposure to natural light.

So try to go out and sleep outdoors while staying off-screen away from that electronic light. Let the starry sky bring you a real good night's sleep and it will do wonders for your mental health.


Sleeping outdoors for your brain and body functions

Fresh air, free of pollutants, is a natural booster for your good brain function.

When you breathe in, most of that inhaled air is consumed by your brain. And without a doubt, the better quality air you supply to your lungs and brain, the better they will perform for you.

Sleeping outside in peaceful woods somewhere, you will also bring an excellent quality of oxygen to your muscles..


Stale air is not good for your health

The stale air from the air conditioning will make you feel tired, give you headaches, dry skin and all sorts of respiratory problems.

If you work or live daily with air conditioning, you will have problems adapting to temperature changes and you will put yourself at risk of contracting the flu and other illnesses.


Sleeping outside will reduce stress levels

Yes, this ever-increasing stress of everyday life is not good for you.

There is a lot of research that proves that this stress could be fatal for you.

If you need your heart to pump blood through your body properly, stay away from stress. The best way to stay away from stress is to cut yourself off from this routine world and go out to a peaceful place.

Just look at the green plants, feel the nature, sit in the grass and take a deep breath.

Not only plants and trees, but the soothing sounds of nature instantly calm the mood.


Find your inner peace and happiness within yourself


It's time to find your inner peace if you want to live healthier.

Here is a quote from Henry David Thoreau; “Our life is littered with details”. It is indeed true; being constantly distracted makes you forget what's really important in your life.

Sleeping outdoors is the best possible way to cut yourself off from these distractions and find your inner peace. Only your peace and health is all that matters. Go solo camping.

So pack your laptop and gadgets, bring your tent and sleeping bag, lay under the stars, keep counting them and let the night sky heal your spirit.

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