Sleeping tale: The 10 most effective

Sleeping tale: The 10 most effective

Sleeping tale: The 10 most effective

Today we bring you a compilation of bedtime tales that you will love and your children will undoubtedly enjoy. These short stories of a few minutes transport us to fantastical worlds and a space for the child who reads leaves you wanting more, helping to fuel his passion for literature.

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Sleeping tale: The dreaming cat

This short story tells us about Misifú, a cat who wanted to reach the moon. Do you want to know if he realized his dream? To read the story, you can click right here


A story to sleep peacefully: The villain

What would happen in the stories if the bad guy wants to stop being bad ? To read this children's story, click right here and you will find out what happened


Little story of the sleeping street lamp, sleeping soundly

This short story talk about a sleeping street lamp who prefers to sleep while his classmates work. Do you want to read it? If you click here it will take you to the story.



A little story for sleeping and resting

Claudio Tomares was a very busy clown , but you need to read why… surely you like this short story for children ! Click here to read it.


Adventure bedtime stories

In this children's story, a little frog went for the rain ...find out what happened by clicking here to read this news.


The golden clock, it's time to sleep!

In this children's story,  we will discover a story of punctuality, love and fidelity. If you click here you can read this beautiful news ...


Short story: Ahmed's dream

little story to make us think as she talks about countries at war and how children suffer from these conflicts. You can read it by clicking here.


Tales for children of princesses who dream of no longer being

The story of a princess who didn't want to be a princess . Find out what happens in this children's story by clicking here.


The Presumable Mouse, a tale for sleeping and dreaming

It's' story of The Smug Rat reinvented, a short version you'll love. You can read it by clicking here.


Olivia's Children's Tale

And we leave for the end a count to sleep  a little longer than the previous ones which is broken down into chapters, which will keep the tension of what happens to Olivia going for several nights of reading... Click here to see all the chapters.

We hope you enjoy these valuable tales to sleep and dream as much as us.

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