Sleeping with a Tampon: Is it dangerous?

Sleeping with a Tampon: Is it dangerous?

Sleeping with a Tampon: Is it dangerous?

You have probably heard many warnings about the toxic shock syndrome , a rare but potentially fatal when you sleep with a tampon.

One of the most frequent rumors is that sleep with a tampon is practically a guarantee that you will suffer from toxic shock syndrome and that you should never do it if you don't want to risk it.

What is true in all of this?


Cases in which you can sleep with a tampon

  • Don't go over the 8 hour limit
  • Use a tampon with low absorbency. The less absorbent the tampon, the less likely it is to remain unchanged for a long time, and also less likely to reduce the moisture in the vaginal mucosa.


If you want maximum security, follow these guidelines

  • Place a new tampon just before bed
  • Change it when you wake up . Even if you wake up at midnight to urinate, change it.
Sleeping with a Tampon: Is it dangerous?

What causes toxic shock syndrome?

It is mainly caused by staphylococcus, but it can also be caused by certain bacteria.

The vagina has its own natural bacterial flora and can contain these bacteria without any problem. But sometimes this bacteria can produce the toxins that lead to toxic shock syndrome.

Sadly,  the exact mechanism that links tampon use to toxic shock syndrome is unknown , but one of the most accepted theories is that if a tampon is left on too long , these bacteria can grow and pass into the uterus through the cervix

tampon with more absorbency is used only what is actually needed, this is more likely to occur. Not only because the buffer is changed less frequently than it should. Also, the more absorbent the tampon, the more dry vaginal mucosa .

Increased vaginal dryness increases the risk of tears in the vagina and, therefore, it is easier for bacteria to reach the bloodstream. For this to happen, the cuts or tears do not have to be very large, even microscopic lesions in the vaginal lining may be sufficient.


Is it dangerous to sleep with a tampon?

Although currently sleeping with a tampon can cause toxic shock syndrome, this consequence is not as common as it used to be.

A few years ago, some ingredients such that polyester foam and carboxymethyl cellulose have been added to increase the absorbency of tampons.

This has caused some women to not change tampons as often as they should, causing bacteria to grow and increasing risk.

He is actually forbidden to use this type of ingredients in the manufacture of tampons, so today, although there is still a risk, it is much less likely.

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