Dream about having your bag stolen: What meanings?

Dream about having your bag stolen: What meanings?

For what reason can one dream of having something stolen like a motorcycle, a car, any other object? Dreams can be very frightening and be real nightmares and therefore we understand what meaning and what message they convey. What meaning and interpretation should be given to these dreams? Let's understand.


What does it mean to have your bag stolen?

When we dream that someone we don't know tries to steal something from us, we must think that we are people who have many of the same things and especially how they appear to others. 

Often these dreams indicate a very strong desire for freedom that we are afraid of losing and therefore defend at all costs. In the bag, women keep the essential things that they serve and can use for a day and so when we dream that someone steals our bag, we think that maybe we lose something important in our life, something that serves us. Sometimes you love an item so much in real life that you dream of losing it, but that doesn't happen in reality.

Very common are dreams in which our purse is stolen, which may or may not contain money. Often these dreams indicate that we are afraid of losing our position in social and professional life, we are afraid of falling back in life instead of improving and moving forward. 

Indeed, it may happen that he gets robbed in a dream and falls to the ground, an unequivocal sign of regression in our lives. Many people also dream that the thief is someone they know, perhaps a friend or work colleague or even a relative. 

It is clear here that we are confronted with a form of jealousy towards the person who steals our object. What do we think he has more than us? What physical or character trait does he have that we don't?

In the final analysis, it may happen that you dream of being robbed on the street or at home, but somehow you manage to scare the thief away, you manage to capture or injure him. 

These dreams are favorable because they indicate that the dreamer has all the abilities to lead his life in a serene way without getting involved in the opinions of others and without threatening to lose his freedom in the things he does. 

These dreams often also signify a strong determination to carry out the same ideas and projects because you feel very mature and you are developing in a positive way, not only materially but also mentally and spiritually.

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