Shoulder pain when I sleep on it: Causes and solutions

Shoulder pain when I sleep on it: Causes and solutions

Certain factors cause shoulder pain during sleep. In this article, we will discover the causes and all the solutions to this problem so that you can sleep without pain. Shoulder pain when I sleep on it: Causes and solutions.


Shoulder pain when I sleep on it: Causes

Shoulder pain during sleep is usually caused by problems with the rotator cuff, which is the group of tendons and muscles attached to the bones in the shoulder joint. It is responsible for allowing movement of the shoulder and keeping it stable.

The pain, therefore, may be due to tendinitis of the rotator cuff , which means that the muscles and tendons become irritated and the protective layer inflamed. If a tear in the sheath is occurring, the tendons are separating from the bone. The latter condition is usually due to overload or injury.


Other reasons may explain the pain:

  • Bad postures while sleeping
  • Use of an unsuitable mattress (too firm)

Therefore, it is very important that in addition to knowing the best sleeping position. you take into account the mattress you sleep on. 

Keep in mind that side sleepers should bet on a medium or medium-high firmness mattress so as not to injure their joints. And the choice of material is also important, because you need to choose one that adapts well to the shape of the body so that the shoulders do not suffer unnecessarily. Memory foam is ideal here.

The ideal is to choose a memory foam pillow that is ergonomically adapted to the painful shoulder, allowing you to sleep on it without pain.




How to avoid shoulder pain while sleeping?

Shoulder injuries usually appear when playing sports or due to the type of work performed.

Athletes can protect their shoulder joints by gradually increasing their workload , rather than increasing the level. Also, when practicing a sport where the shoulder is a key element, such as football, athletics, swimming or baseball, it is interesting to measure the efforts, taking specific control to avoid injuries. chronicles.

On the other hand, those who for professional reasons make regular efforts with their arms, such as those who load and unload materials, clean windows, etc., it is advisable to reinforce gradually the zone, with specific exercises for the shoulder. In addition, it is interesting that they dose the work, change tasks from time to time and avoid repetitive tasks as much as possible.

Also keep in mind that stress and anxiety often cause a buildup of tension in the shoulder muscles, so reducing these factors reduces the likelihood of neck and shoulder pain.



What is the best sleeping position for sleeping with a sore shoulder?

In case of pain in the shoulder, at bedtime it is best to lie on your side on the mattress, leaving the injured shoulder up, so that the shoulder that is in contact with the mattress is the one that does not have the injury. But when you sleep, the upper shoulder may fall forward due to the weight of the arm itself, which can also cause pain, so it is better to place a memory foam pillow below the shoulder. sore shoulder while sleeping.


Shoulder pain when I sleep on it: Relieve the pain

In addition to adopting the side pose with a memory foam pillow, there are other options that can help reduce shoulder discomfort while sleeping and relieve shoulder pain.

For example, a good idea is to sleep in a recliner or articulated bed . Indeed, a semi-sitting position, that is to say a 45% inclination, can relieve pressure on the shoulder. The idea would be to adopt the aforementioned lateral posture (including the pillow) in a hinged or reclining bed.

Moreover, if the injury is recent , it may be interesting to apply cold for 15 or 20 minutes every 4 or 6 hours. 

If, on the contrary, the injury is chronic , studies say it is better to apply heat or cold.

You can also perform a massage the painful area to reduce pain before going to sleep.




And patience is a virtue. On many occasions, shoulder inflammation goes away on its own over time , that's why we recommend to sleep in the position we have proposed, with the pillow that best suits the needs of each sleeper and to have patience.

Although, of course, if the pain persists or worsens, it is essential to go to the doctor to assess the condition of your shoulder and follow his recommendation as a health expert.


You now know how to act in prevention, how to sleep with a painful shoulder and how to relieve this pain.

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