Cat sleeping on me: What are the reasons?

Cat sleeping on me: What are the reasons?

Cat sleeping on me: What are the reasons?

If you are the proud owner of a cat, you know very well that your feline companion is always trying to manage to settle near you and sometimes even on top of you. Every cat owner must have wondered: Cat sleeping on me: What are the reasons?

Especially since you can offer them all the comfort possible for sleep, they will often decide that you are their pillow person.

That's why we've listed all the reasons why he sleeps on you at night and even during the day when you're not in bed and are fully active.


Why does my cat sleep on me?

There are several reasons for a cat to choose you as its regular pillow. Here are the main ones that lead him to do this, and your cat sleeps on you for at least one of the following reasons:


The heat

Cats are sensitive to cold and prefer to live in warm or temperate places, which is why they often sleep near heat sources during the winter. But it's not necessarily for comfort but sometimes for health reasons because too low temperatures can catch him cold and he can even risk hypothermia in the worst case.

As the nights are generally cooler, especially in winter, he will prefer to find a source of heat than to favor the comfort of your bedding. Your body is often the best solution it has found to keep warm.

You may notice after getting up that your cat is sleeping where you were sleeping because the place is still warm.


For the safety

Despite their very independent temperament, cats also feel a bond of trust and affection with their owner and sleeping on you may be a high sign of trust on their part.

We must add to this the fact that cats feel more vulnerable at night, so they sleep very little in the deep phase to be as alert as possible and avoid any potential danger.

A cat that sleeps on top of you may do so for its own safety knowing that you are there and nothing can happen to it.



The complete guide to a harmonious relationship with your cat Cat sleeping on me: What are the reasons?


For comfort

Cats never neglect their sleep and will always look for a very comfortable place to sleep. It will then often find your body comfortable, whether by its texture or its warmth. Sometimes the back and forth of your breathing also helps him fall asleep easily.


For the smell

The cat is a naturally territorial animal and this is what allows these felines to survive in the wild. Felines appreciate their territorial surroundings and enjoy their surroundings and stick to a routine to protect themselves from predators. 

Even if yours is not wild, he will always keep his instincts in him and this will be reflected in his behavior.

And the smell is strongly linked to territoriality, it urinates to mark its territory in the wild.

With you, it is your smell that marks his territory and he can directly sleep on you to feel this smell.

If you have other pets, it's essential to socialize them with your cat so that relationships don't turn into turf wars. This goes for adult cats as well as kittens.


A sign of affection

If you work, you often notice that when you come home from work, your cat runs towards you to be by your side and starts following you until you sit down. Sometimes he'll go so far as to fall asleep on you when you're on the couch out of affection.

This condition can release oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, in him when he is in contact with you.


Why your cat sleeps on a specific part of your body.

A cat that sleeps on you but always chooses the same area, discover below the different causes that lead to this behavior:


My cat sleeps on my head

A cat that takes your head for a cushion does so for one or more of the following reasons


your head is hot

The head radiates heat all day and is uncovered indoors. It is thus a perfect place for the sleep of your cat.


Your head is shaking

Do you move your legs or arms? Nothing will stop your cat and he will choose your head to sleep comfortably.


You smell good

Cats love body odor but also the smell of your hair and your shampoo. Their highly developed sense of smell can lead them to sit on your face while they sleep.


My cat sleeps on me at chest level

The chest is very popular with cats, firstly because your heart rate soothes them and also because it is a place that they can find very soft.


Your cat sleeps on your lap

The knees are very popular for naps and they also know that it is the ideal place to receive hugs.


Cat sleeping on me: What are the reasons?


Should I be worried?

If your cat sleeps on your body it's usually nothing to worry about, it's normal behavior and if he doesn't bother you, there's no problem, unless he spends all day to sleep.

If his behavior is sudden and unexplained, it may be a sign of an underlying disease, which is very rare but still possible.


Is it dangerous to let my cat sleep on me?

Overall no, but pay attention to the following points:

  • If your cat tends to move during his sleep and potentially scratch you, then yes he must not sleep on your body and in no case on your face.
  • Also watch out for diseases if your cat went to the litter just before, especially if you are pregnant.
  • Your cat should not sleep on top of a child under the age of 5 who they can smother in their sleep.


How to make him sleep elsewhere?

It is normal to want your cat to get used to sleeping without you, the following solutions will allow him not to spend his time sleeping on your body:

  • Buy a heated bed if the cause of him sleeping on you is heat.
  • Leave your clothes for the day on the sofa or in the place where he sleeps, so that he can smell you.
  • Get them to eat well before sleeping and leave some food for the morning so he doesn't jump on you in bed for his food and end up sleeping on you.
  • Set up a soothing environment, which will allow him to sleep easily without you being present.


Cat that sleeps on me: The final word

A cat sleeping on top of you is generally a good sign, but if it bothers you, you will have to get it used to sleeping elsewhere.

If you want to understand everything about your cat, then the book below will be a real bible to find the answers to your questions and allow you to have a harmonious relationship with your cat.



The complete guide to a harmonious relationship with your cat Cat sleeping on me: What are the reasons?


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