Choosing an eve mattress: opinions and recommendations for quality sleep

Choosing an eve mattress: opinions and recommendations for quality sleep

The Eve mattress brand is recognized as the one that meets the expectations of all sleepers. Its range is made up of 6 models, each with its own characteristics and intended for various profiles.

The Eve mattress also stands out with an exceptional offer: you have 1 year (yes, 365 days) to try the product for free at home. You can also acquire it by opting for payment in 3 or 4 instalments. 

But with 6 models available, how can you find the one that's right for you? We've designed this guide to help you choose the perfect Eve mattress for your needs. 


Consult the reviews eve mattresses established by the comparators 

When browsing the internet in search of this British leader in bedding, you will surely come across a page of eve mattress test. These are the results of tests carried out by experts on the brand's different bedding models. The purpose of these tests is to evaluate the mattress on the various important points: welcome, support, hygiene, breathability, sleeping independence, etc. 

The purpose of the tests is to determine the qualities and defects of each model. They also make it possible to determine which is the most comfortable, the one with the best value for money, etc. And above all, they allow you to know the model that meets specific needs (couple, back pain, allergic person, etc.). The opinions are impartial and objective, they also take into account the feedback from users. 

These tests will be of great help to you in your quest for the ideal mattress to sleep well. Comparators do not work for specific brands. 


Determine your needs to find the model you need 

After consulting the different characteristics of each model, you must choose the one that meets your needs. This implies that you must know your specific needs. To do this, you need to ask yourself a few questions. 

  • How is your build? An overweight person needs a firmer mattress. A person of average build needs a softer bed. 
  • Do you have back pain? If so, you should choose a model with better back support. The comparator helps you find the bed that helps you relieve pain that can wake you up or keep you awake. 
  • Do you sleep together? The couple needs a mattress that is both spacious and has excellent sleeping independence. So you can sleep peacefully without being disturbed by your partner's movements when he gets up, changes position or fidgets during the night. 
  • Do you have allergies and respiratory problems? Eve mattresses are all healthy, hygienic, breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic models. 
  • Do you have a budget to stick to? Some Eve mattress models are less expensive than others. 


Discover the different Eve mattress models 

The Eve brand offers 6 mattress models, 3 of which are equipped with hybrid technology, 3 others are equipped with memory foam technology.  


Eve memory foam mattresses 

This type of bedding helps your rest and your falling asleep thanks to the ability of the mattress surface to envelop the contour of your body. 

  • Eve Classic mattress: this is the best-selling model in the range. 
  • Eve Light: this is the refined version of the Eve Classic. 
  • Eve Premium mattress: this is the top-of-the-range version of memory foam models. 


Eve hybrid mattresses 

Hybrid mattresses are those that are suitable for all types of sleepers, whether a muscular athlete or an elderly person with low back pain. 

  • Eve Hybrid Light mattress: made of pocket springs and new generation foam, with 5 comfort zones. It has a more toned welcome. It stands out as being the cheapest of the entire Eve range. 
  • Eve Hybrid Classic mattress: made with a combination of high density foam, memory foam and an EveComfort overlay, a material whose technology belongs exclusively to the brand. This model is distinguished by the excellent ventilation of the bedding. 
  • Eve Hybrid Premium mattress: it is the most comfortable with its 1 springs, its memory foam and its cooling technology. This is the model that is recommended for those who want to sleep on a luxury mattress. 


You now know all the tips for choosing the Eve mattress of your dreams. After reading the tests and reviews, go to the brand's website the next time you are looking for a new mattress.



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