Dream about a man who attracts us: What meanings?

Dream about a man who attracts us: What meanings?

One of the most common dreams is the one in which that special someone appears who can make us feel butterflies in our stomach. When we are in love or attracted to someone, most of our daily thoughts focus on that special person. 

His beauty, his way of being or the way he treats us. There are many factors by which we may have been captivated and it is normal that everything he makes us feel is transferred to our dreams. Remember that these are the best reflections of our most daily thoughts and feelings.

Dreaming of a man who attracts us is most often positive and in some cases it is even a reflection of our desires for this person. In this article, we explain what it means to dream of this person, especially if this person is kissing you, not talking to you, being with another person or if you are making love to him.


Dreaming of a man who attracts us and embraces us

Dreaming of the man who attracts you and who kisses you does not suggest that this kiss is going to happen, because it may never happen. It is likely that your inner self wants to tell you that if you love this person and are looking to perform any act to approach them. 

This dream refers to the desire to create a bond with this person. For example, do you approach her, talk to her, smile at her? Actions that can sooner or later lead to the long-awaited kiss.


Dreaming that the man you are attracted to is with another person

If the person you are attracted to in a dream is with another person, it is possible that your subconscious wants to tell you that you should forget about this love, close this door and look for new horizons. 

On the other hand, if the person you love seems sad or bad with the other person, maybe they want to let you know that you can be the one to help your love out of that reality or everyday situation that accepts it.


Dreaming of a man who attracts us and does not speak

What does it mean to dream of the person you desire who does not speak to you? It is possible that you have the certainty or the belief that the person you love does not reciprocate you. You feel that you have already tried everything to love him, that he is attracted to you and that he thinks of you as much as you with him.

Even so, you realize that all efforts are wasted because this person has other intentions with you, doesn't want to fall in love with you, or maybe doesn't love you enough. In this case, the best thing is that you try to forget about it, remember that there are many fish in the sea and soon the indicated one will appear. 


Dream about making love to her

It is obvious that dreaming that you are having sex with the person you desire is a clear reflection that you feel a deep desire to be more intimate with them. So dreaming about the man you are attracted to and making love to him can mean that you are looking forward to your first kiss. 

But this dream can also reflect a part of your personality, which is free from prejudice or, on the contrary, an obsession you feel for this person. 


Dreaming about being pregnant with the man you are attracted to

A pregnancy in a dream synonymous with new projects and a future full of success. Therefore, having this dream has nothing to do with your desire to be a mother, but rather a new life that you wish to have or that will come to you soon.

Dreaming about dancing with the man you are attracted to

It's about your desire to do well with that person and to have a full and happy life.

Dreaming that the man you are attracted to has an accident 

You may be worrying too much about this person's problems lately.

To dream that the man you are attracted to declares his wife

Although you may believe that by having this dream it will come true, the truth is that this dream is not at all prescient. The only thing he wants to convey is that you are happy in love with a loved one, smile at life and be happy to live.

To dream that the person who attracts you rejects you

Nor is it a presentiment. It is linked to a lack of self-esteem and security. Don't think you're not good enough for someone. This person is no more valuable than you. You are worth a lot and everyone knows it. You just need to trust and believe in yourself more.
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