Dream about being arrested by the police: What meanings?

Dream about being arrested by the police: What meanings?

Dream about being arrested by the police: What meanings?

Dreaming of being arrested by the police is very common among people. In the meantime, we must try to understand that generally seeing civil guards, policemen in our dreams is not a bad symbolism, although the message that our subconscious wants to launch and make understood can be very important. 


Dreaming of being arrested by the police: Sign of guilt

In the meantime, to understand these dreams, you always have to start from real life. In everyday life, a person's arrest coincides with a crime. An individual can be arrested, tried and imprisoned for committing a minor or serious crime. 

A person may have robbed, killed, robbed someone or may have committed crimes against monuments or even committed financial crimes. In any case, being imprisoned or simply being investigated for something is always bad news.

The key word, therefore, to understand this kind of dream is: guilt. For what reason are we not calm and it is possible that we feel guilt for something that we have committed in our life.



This type of dream does not just mean feeling guilty for something we have done. Indeed, we must not forget that the civil guards, the police are people who help. They are the symbol of justice and try to bring security to citizens. 

 In our life we ​​probably feel protected by someone or we live a period of great economic security, but above all of internal security. When we are in a very mature and very effective phase of life for our progress, we can, it should be noted, dream of policemen and civil guards. 

It is clear that it is not easy to analyze this type of dream but we never forget that in our dream world no detail should be omitted. Objects we see, places we visit, people we meet, colors, sensations and emotions we experience. 

All these things are essential to better understand the meaning of our dreams which can often be really very tangled. For some people, being unemployed is always a bad omen and it is possible that after having such a dream bad news will also come, but there is no need to be fatalistic in life. 

Meanwhile, although it may seem strange, being arrested and imprisoned can be a positive thing if during sleep we experience beautiful sensations. Well, indeed, these dreams can have a third meaning and that is, be related to another key word: freedom. 


A need to change your life

These dreams could indicate the dreamer's need to change his life and look elsewhere for unattainable happiness or serenity. Then the desire for freedom, independence,


But what do we want to escape? Why do we want to change our life and above all who do we want to get out of? This is the importance, in dreams, of analyzing every detail.

If in a dream the police arrest our mother or father, then this is an excellent indication to try to understand that the relationship with our parents needs to change. Perhaps we want to flee parents who are too oppressive, severe and who do not allow us to be free, to demonstrate all our qualities. 

Seeing them in a dream, policemen and civil guards arresting a relative, almost certainly means that some relationship in our family is about to change. What if we dreamed of having our boyfriend or wife arrested? If we dream of being next to the person we love? 

It is clear that these dreams indicate difficulty on a sentimental level and since the arrest often represents a sense of guilt or a desire to renew our life, it is very easy to understand that we are facing or are about to face a period of our love life, into something he has to change because we are not satisfied. Dialogue is rare.

The misunderstanding is obvious, either we know that we have done something and we regret it, or our love partner has made a mistake and we perceive an inner malaise that manifests itself in the dream world with the arrest of the person we are love. 

There is no need to be afraid and fear that something ugly may happen in our life, when we dream of being arrested, tried in court and found guilty. All this means that after a difficult and perhaps very painful period, we can finally see the light on the horizon, the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Indeed, if instead of being arrested we manage to flee or we are found innocent, then the meaning of the dream is very favorable and can indicate a beautiful event, a beautiful joy that is about to come. And very often we have noticed that when we dream of the arrest of a person we know, it is possible to receive excellent news just from the person arrested and harmed in prison. 

Before concluding the article, we would like to remind that the prison in dreams and therefore being locked in a prison, is almost never a negative event but it indicates the possibility of paying for our sins and finding the right street in our life because prison is also a place of re-education.

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