Dream about being cheated: What meanings?

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Dream about being cheated: What meanings?

What does it mean to dream of being cheated? This is perhaps one of the most horrible dreams you can have, and even more so if you are in love. 

Although many people have this type of dreams, or rather nightmares, it generates anxiety and puts them in a bad mood because they think that something bad is happening with the loved one, the truth is that it can have different interpretations, depending on how it is presented.

Contrary to what some people think, dreams are not literal messages; so don't worry about imagining things that didn't happen.

Therefore, so that you do not think ill of your partner and really know what is happening or is about to happen, we let you know the meaning of this dream in this article.


Dreaming of being cheated: What you need to know

Lauri Loewenberg, an expert and researcher on the function and nature of dreams, points out that when you feel insecure, when you don't receive the time, attention or care needed from your partner, you tends to dream of infidelities.

For its part, a study from the University of Maryland concludes that these types of dreams are linked to communication problems that may exist in the relationship.

Sometimes not having overcome infidelity from previous relationships causes you to distrust your current partner.

Sometimes not having overcome infidelity from previous relationships causes you to distrust your current partner.

This dream is related to your insecurity, not that of your partner . So meditate well on what is the origin of your doubts.

It means that your love life has a void and makes you see the problems you may have with the person you love.

If you have dreamed about it several times, it means that you are drawing facts from your past relationships on this subject. Start building trust in your partner and in yourself.

It also tells you that there is some type of gap between the two and you need to fix it.


If in your dream you see your cheating partner, it is a sign that very good things are going to happen, because they will enter a stage of happiness and love will be strengthened, even if it seems contradictory.

If in the middle of a dream you see infidelity but you feel safe, it means that you fully trust your partner.

Contrary to the above, if during the dream you felt sad and anxious, the meaning is not very positive, but it has nothing to do with your partner, but rather with your own feelings.

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