Dreaming of his father: What meanings?

Dreaming of his father: What meanings?

Dreaming of his father: What meanings?

The father is one of the most important people who can appear to people in dreams. It is associated with the role of breadwinner and protector. Since the father and mother, as a rule, played an important role in the life of most people, dreaming about his father should always be carefully analyzed:

The father is one of the most ambiguous dream symbols. Generally, it represents control, authority and motivation. Unlike the mother, who represents care and emotion in dreams. In order to find the correct interpretation of the male parent, therefore, special attention should be paid to the circumstances and situation of this type of dream and what relationship the dreamer has with his father.


The general interpretation

If the father appears in the dream, it can signify the close relationship with his own father or the traits that were shaped by the father. However, the biological father should not always be literally understood in the dream, as this dream symbol can also represent a father figure or an authority figure who exerts a strong influence on the dreamer.

If adults dream of their father, he often symbolizes a helpful mediator for serious issues that need to be resolved urgently. Even if he appears in the dream as a patriarch or pasha, this interpretation can be used.

If a young person dreams of his father, this symbol is to be interpreted more as an opponent who represents a generational conflict. However, this only applies to threads; if a young girl dreams of a father figure, it represents the wishful thinking of a first friend.

If a woman dreams of her father, then it is interpreted as a lover or it points to the search for a new partner who must correspond to the desired image shaped by the father.

A married woman longs for the qualities of her father that her husband should have. It may also be that the dreamer has a bad conscience - especially when the father dies in the dream, this interpretation usually applies.


The psychological interpretation

The dream symbol "father" is often interpreted in psychological interpretation as an indication of neurotic disorders that can date back to childhood.

If a son dreams of his father, this dream symbol usually assumes the role of authority figure and role model. However, the old gentleman can also be seen as a rival - that is, an adversary - since he is the mother's husband, who has a close bond with the son.

According to Sigmund Freud, these ties go back to the so-called "Oedipus complex", since, according to Greek myth, Oedipus murdered his father in order to marry his mother. Freud believed that people subconsciously seek partners who resemble mothers in men and fathers in women. These traits can relate to both the appearance and the personality of the householder.

Carl Gustav Jung, a longtime close friend and colleague of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, was of the opinion that the father in the dream also represents the rational, i.e. the intellectual. The mother, on the other hand, being the emotional, the soul.

In summary: If women dream of their father as a protector, this is generally seen in psychological dream analysis as a search for safety and security, but also as an indication that they are looking for a new partner who matches the ideals of their father. The elder in the dream urges order and discipline in his own life.


spiritual interpretation

If his deceased father appears in the dream, this is interpreted as an indication of great help and the solution to a serious problem. This useful intermediary also sometimes appears in the form of an old man who does not necessarily have to look like his own father.

The solution to a complicated situation can also appear in the dream by the fact that the dreamer himself becomes a father.


Dreaming of his father: The most frequent dreams

 Dreams always depend on details and if you dream about your father, the exact meaning will greatly depend on the details, for example, dreaming that his father is angry if he is happy. So without further ado, here are the different meanings of this dream, which is one of the most common.


Positive dreams

Father dreams are often positive, here are all the dreams related to your father that have a positive meaning.


Dreaming of becoming a father

If in a dream a man becomes a father, it may be a sign of a change in waking life. Presumably, the dreamer faces a new beginning in which he must use the qualities that were shaped by his father. Because if he succeeds, this new start will prove positive for him.

Basically, the qualities instilled by your father will be crucial for you to succeed in this change, which can be both professional and personal and is at the forefront of your life.


Dream about kissing your father

In many cases, this dream illustrates the dreamer's desire to be close to his own relative. Also, the affected person may be shown to crave respect or attention from a respectful male person in waking life. The sleeping person has to face this need more closely because he feels the need to be supported by a male figure.

See Dreaming of Kissing

Kissing one's father in the dream can also herald a period of success in the dreamer's life. Also, this dream is understood as an expression of the good and close connection between the dreaming person and this relative. If a dreamer kisses her father in a dream, it may reflect her need for a conversation with the father.


Dreaming of conflict with his father

Not all dreams related to his father are positive, here are the negative dreams related to his father.


Dreaming about quarreling with his father

Arguing with one's father in a dream often refers to actual arguments with one's own father in waking life. The feelings associated with this situation in the dream world reflect the feelings of the sleeper in reality. You are probably feeling angry. 

Also, the symbolism of this dream may indicate that the dreamer should be careful not to have problems created by their own fault. Those who were struck by their father in a dream should check their relationship with those around them.


Dream about being beaten by your father

If there were indeed blows in the real world, these may reappear in the dream world. This is where a treatment process begins. Anyone who has or had a loving father who would never raise a hand against the child he was still having that dream. This is triggered by the characteristics of the father: one must accept them as part of one's own personality.


Dream about arguing with your father

If there is an argument with the father in a dream, it often expresses real arguments with the father or another person of respect. The symbolism of this dream can on the one hand refer to a real experience in the past. On the other hand, such a dream may invite the sleeper to accept the parts of the personality influenced by the father. Because that's probably how his expectations will be met in the future.


To dream that his father beat his mother

This type of dream can in certain circumstances evoke a real experience from the past. If this is the case, the dream should deal with it in detail and in depth, if necessary with professional medical help, and deal with the violence experienced between the parents.

If there is no such experience from before, the beating father symbol often represents the general fear of authority figures such as teachers, doctors, bosses - and the actual father.


Dreaming of his father: What meanings?


Dreaming about bad experiences with your father

Your near may have bad behavior in the dream, here are the main dreams related to it:


Dream that the father is crying

If you see your father crying in the dream, it is time to realize his sadness about some past events, in which the right choices were not made. (See Dreaming of Crying).


To dream that his father is unfaithful

The dreamer's subconscious would like to draw his attention to the fact that the parts of the personality shaped by the father are neglected in the waking world. The sleeper wishes to be able to use these traits as desired. Often the father also symbolizes in the dream the energy of the dream. Father's deception in the dream can usually indicate fear of loss of these qualities.


To dream that his father is cheating on his mother

Dreams in which a father cheats on a mother can alert the sleeper to traits in his own personality, which in reality have been strongly influenced by the father. It is with these qualities that the dreamer should study in more detail and not neglect them. At the same time, this dream image may also indicate the sleeper's real fears of losing these character traits.


Dreaming of hurt father

If the father is physically or mentally injured in the dream, the symbol usually represents similar issues in the waking world. There may be concerns about the well-being and health of the father. Unresolved emotional conflicts or wounds can also cause this dream.


Dream that his father is in prison

If the dream is visiting his father in prison in his dream, he often has to realize that he has a guilty conscience in the waking world. This remorse is mainly found in the paternal relationship. The person concerned must therefore deal with it more closely.


Dream about seeing his father drunk

Anyone who has this dream usually faces disappointments in waking life. Your own father is probably responsible for it. If the dreamer sees his father even as a drunk in his sleep, then in reality he fears possibly a bad influence of the parts of his personality formed by the father. (See Dreaming of Alcohol).


Dreaming of his father: What meanings?


Dreaming about your father dying

If one dreams that the father is dead, it usually indicates a process of development in real life. In the waking world he needs to be aware of his personal development. Also, the dead father can refer as a dream image symbolic of the dreaming person's detachment from the father image. (See Dreaming of Death).


Dreaming about his father dying again

If the father is already dead in reality and you experience his death once again in your sleep, you can consider yourself lucky! The dreamer can expect unexpected support from friends or family members. You may also be surprised by a small gift. A family change can also be expressed through the dream image of the father dying again.


Dreaming about a fatal car accident

When the father is injured or even dies in a traffic accident in the dream world, there are often real fears and worries about the welfare of the next of kin. Is the living father currently ill or did he suffer long before he died? The dreamer is very concerned about these and similar questions. The accidental death of the father also indicates an internal processing process and warns against reckless and thoughtless actions.


Dream about killing your father

If the sleeper kills their own father in a dream, it sometimes expresses a desire to end their relationship with him in waking life. If the dreamer himself is the murdered father in the sleep experience, there is someone in his daily life environment who wants to harm him.


Dreaming about your father trying to kill you

If the dreamer sees that the head of the family wants to assassinate him in a dream, this may indicate a real conflict. Often the sleeping person finds himself in an inner conflict with character traits related to the father in the waking world. Since these problems are of great concern to him, they appeared in his dream world.


Dream about your father killing your mother 

If the father commits the murder of the mother, this dream situation can symbolize the deep desire of the sleeper to change. In waking life he may unconsciously yearn for change. If the father defeats the mother in the dream world and she dies as a result, the dreamer may begin a new phase of personality development in which he strives for spiritual progress.

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