Dream of rat: What meanings?

Dream of rat: What meanings?

Dreams about wild animals are often seen as negative in dreams. For example, we can dream of spiders, snakes, lice, cockroaches or even rats. And these dreams make us wake up in turmoil and with negativity due to the rejection and, sometimes, the disgust that these animals produce in us. Do you want to know the meaning of the rat dream?

At first, I will give you the general interpretation of the dream, then I will give you the detailed meanings of this dream allowing a more precise analysis.


Dreaming of Rats: General Interpretation

Dreams come to reflect all our concerns. For this reason, it is normal to endow dreams of rats with a meaning equivalent to what these animals symbolize in our collective imagination. Today, rats are synonymous with filth, subtle danger, toxicity, and above all, deception.

To dream of rats means that you have to deal with the cheating, deception and betrayal of people around you., both in the workplace and with your friends, family and/or partner. This is the message sent to you by your subconscious.

So, a dream with rats is a warning coming from your subconscious, properly investigating the terrain you are walking on and observing the behavior of your loved ones is essential.

Are you surrounded by people who convey peace and well-being or is there someone in particular who is altering your mental calm? This dream comes for you to react and start eliminating toxic people from your life.

And this is not the only negative aspect that dreams with rats bring with them. One or more rats in your dream experience, especially if they bite you, is interpreted not only as a loss of social support, but also as a significant loss of money or serious problems at work. 

In any case, do not be discouraged, because dreams with rodents can also mean many positive messages and lessons, it all depends on the details of the dream.


Positive meaning of dreaming about rats

As in any aspect of life, negative dreams also have their positive side. You might take your dreams of rats as a premonition that something bad is going to happen to you, but you should actually take them as a warning . In this last way, you can prepare yourself to face whatever happens in the future, whether good or bad.

If rats are surrounding you in your dream, it means that you need to be careful with your best friends because they may criticize you. Just as if the rats were dead, it is also about betrayals. However, if in your dream you manage to eliminate the rats, you can be sure that you will soon realize who this person is who is trying to harm you.

The same thing happens if you dream of rats chasing you, which reveals running away from problems. But if at the end of the dream you manage to escape from the rats, this is a most positive interpretation here, because it means that you will manage to get out of any conflict.


Dreaming of black rats

You may have already been able to form an idea that rats bring no good if you dream about them and if they are black, even less so. This type of rats can talk about infidelity on the part of your husband or partner, envy that friend who says he loves you so much, betrayal of an important member of your family or the dirty competition that a colleague is trying to give you.

Either way, that dream with black rats indicates betrayal. Beware of toxic people around you. But at least those rats are already warning you that there's someone nearby who doesn't wish you well. The time has come to end this relationship! 


Dream about a sick rat

You should also look at the condition of the rat. In this case, this dream symbolizes that something is rotten or in bad condition. It means you have to clean up, you have to take out the trash. (See Dreaming of Illness).

And I'm not talking about literally taking out the trash, but removing it from your life. Sick rats invite you to eliminate people who are a bad influence, people who are selfish, bitter, envious, irritated and angry with the world. 

Don't stagnate, now is the time to get rid of bad friends and renew your social relationships. Once you do, rats will cease to exist in your life.

I dedicated an article to dead rats for a more accurate interpretation.


Dreaming of gray rats

In a dream, the gray color of rats symbolizes not betrayal, but negative influence . Your partner may not be unfaithful to you with another person, but may be slowly undermining your self-esteem with certain comments or attitudes. 

Gray rats warn you about those toxic relationships that are slowly taking away desire, illusion and color from your life (that's why they are gray). Now all you have to do is find out who these little gray animals are that won't let you be happy and eliminate them once and for all.


Dreaming of white rats

White rats are not the typical rodents you might find on the street, rather you would imagine them in a lab with scientists around them doing experiments. 

Indeed, the white color of rats greatly alters their symbolism in the dream world. white in dreams represents purity , that purity that you must strive for when you wake up from your dream. 

How? Well, nothing more and nothing less than learning how to interact in a healthier and more authentic way with your environment. Eliminate lies and hypocrisy from your life and you will see how, very soon, you start to be much happier.


Dreaming of little rats

Size matters in dreams. And a lot. You may have already realized that dreams with rodents highlight the danger you are in. 

The fact that these rats are small means that this danger is not too great , that you can easily overcome it. Of course, when you wake up, you will have to discover and detect where these little rats are before they grow much bigger and become a bigger problem. 

A track? Look for those people who seem like your friends, but are actually hiding something that doesn't make them completely sane.


Dreaming about big rats

Rats can be small, but unfortunately they can also be large. And how is the dream interpreted in this case? Because if the little rats warn of minor problems, tall people report much more serious problems . The bigger the rat, the bigger the obstacle you will have to face. 

And these obstacles, in general, refer to the sphere of love. Is this dream a premonition of a big crisis with your partner? It's not, but you have to be mindful of the differences between you and try a little harder to take care of your relationship every day.


Dream of thousands of rats

In your dream, a single rat or millions of them may appear, and its interpretation will also depend on this. The more rats in your dream experience, the more dangers you will have to face

We are not going to deny that this dream is a real nightmare, you are living a turbulent stage, full of adversities that can be affective, economic or professional. But keep calm because after the storm calm always comes and all those rats you see now in your dream may disappear until there are none left.


What does it mean to dream that a rat enters the house?

SOS! The rat dared to enter your own house. And what does your house symbolize in dreams? Your refuge, your space, this place where you feel fully protected. This means that the rodent has crept into your deepest privacy and therefore you have the enemy within the walls of your house .

This basically, while it may seem like a nightmare, is good news because you won't have to go to great lengths to find the person trying to betray you. You have it at home! Your partner? Your parents? From now on, monitor who enters your home and with what intentions.



Dreaming about a rat in your bed

You can find rats in many places: on the street, in a sewer, running around the kitchen of a restaurant... All these situations cause a lot of repulsion, but, without a doubt, the worst place you can find a rat is in your bed, which represents many things in the dream world.

The bed is that place where you sleep, rest, disconnect ... And a rat appears there symbolizes all those worries that don't let you sleep . What things do you have in your head that won't let you fall asleep? This dream experience comes for you to prioritize, to prioritize the problems that threaten you and try to find solutions little by little.

These issues can range from a relationship crisis to conflict at work or financial difficulties. Either way, you'll beat him by throwing the rats out of your bed!


Dream about a rat on your head

This dream experience has a similar interpretation to the rest of the dreams with rats (the danger), but with a peculiarity: the rat is on your head! It symbolizes that the damage done to you is already evident and that it doesn't take too much effort to recognize where they come from. 

You just have to think about that person that you can't get out of your head. There you go! All you have to do is remove her from your life.


Dreaming of rats running

Dreaming about rats running is a dream experience that does not bring very good signs, but its message can be very useful in making you aware of the obstacles you are facing. 

There is something that makes you feel uncomfortable: maybe an argument with your mother, maybe a misunderstanding with your partner, maybe trouble paying the bills for the month...

The fact is that this situation generates a lot of anxiety and stress. And what should you do? Well, take advantage of the fact that all these problems (rats) are running around your dream, wake up full of energy, grab the bull by the horns and start solving them as soon as possible.


Dream about a rat biting you

It is one thing to see rats in your dream and quite another for one of those rats to come up to you and take a bite. That wouldn't be funny for you, would it? Well, now transfer that discomfort that you are feeling, that pain, into the real world. That rat that bites you represents that person in your environment who hurts you.

You are in control of your life, so only you can stop them from hurting you, stepping on you, or biting you. Only you can detect toxicity and stop it! You can prevent rats from biting you.


Dream about killing a rat

As disturbing as this dream may seem to you, you are lucky if you manage to beat a rat in your dreams. As we mentioned, rats represent toxic people, danger and conflict and that you manage to kill them means that, in a symbolic way, you managed to eliminate all these problems . Dreaming about killing is very often positive in dreams.

You finally got rid of this person who was hurting you so much. You broke up with that toxic partner, walked away from that envious friend, or managed to ignore your boss' evil attacks. And all this killing a rat in a dream. Either way, you heeded your dream warnings and now you are so powerful!


Dreaming of dead rats

Just as you can be the one who kills the rats in your dream, you can also find them directly dead. And the meaning is just as positive. Whenever rats appear lifeless in the dream world, it means you have succeeded in neutralizing all that they represent: the problems, the betrayals, the negativity. You managed to get out of a difficult situation because you are strong and powerful. Don't forget it when you wake up! (See Dreaming of Death).

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