Dreaming of candles; What meanings

Dreaming of candles; What meanings

Dreaming of candles; What meanings

To dream of a candle generally signifies that luck and hope will come to you in small doses. Here are the main meanings of dreaming about candles.


Dream about lighting a candle

To dream of lighting a candle suggests that you are well on your way to discovering the truth. You are looking for intellect, enlightenment and being more aware of yourself.


Dream about not being able to light a candle

If you dreamed that you tried to light a candle, but you couldn't because the candle was wet, it means that you are suffering from some problems in your life.

You deny the previous events and cannot accept the results.

If you find it difficult to light a candle due to external factors such as wind, it means that you are going through spiritual difficulties. It is difficult for you to find your way.

Consider finding a mentor or asking others to help you through dark times.


Dream about blowing out a candle

If you blow out a candle in the dream, it means you are giving a significant aspect of yourself. Something that was important to you is out of your control.


Dream about buying a candle

Buying candles in a dream means that you need to spend time and effort investing in your intellect and spirituality. Consider following masters or books to improve your thinking skills.


Candle wax dream

Candle wax in dreams signifies the passage of time. It could signal regret for lost time that he can never return.


Dreaming of a candle holder or a container

Dreams about a candle holder or container without a candle represent feelings of rejection or disappointment. You may feel a void in life that needs to be filled with light and warmth.


Dreaming of birthday candles

To see or use birthday candles in a dream represents a new beginning or rebirth. You may find new ideas or ideologies.

Do you have thoughts or wishes for a better life? You look forward to the future and what it can offer you.


Dreaming of an extinguished candle

An extinguished candle in a dream means that you are not using your full potential. You may need to equip yourself with the proper knowledge or tools to achieve your goals.


Dream about a completely burnt candle

If you dreamed of a completely extinguished candle, it means that you are afraid of growing old and dying. You may have heard that someone passed away recently.


Dreaming of a bright candle burning strongly

If the bright candle is burning strongly in the dream, it means it is a good time to seek spiritual enlightenment or other areas that can enrich your soul.


Dreaming of scented candles

If the scents of the burning candle in the dream are pleasant, it means that your hard work will be rewarded. However, if the smell is unpleasant, it means that your work can bring you negative results.


Dreaming of many candles of different colors

If a dream contains a lot of burning candles and they burn in different colors, it means that there is too much activity going on in your life. Perhaps you should slow down, inhale, and reflect before continuing.


Dream about a white candle

White candles in a dream represent the spirit guide you encounter on your life journey.


Dream about a black candle

Dreams of a black candle or a dark flame can be a mixed sign.

This dream signifies the unknown and mystery. Think about the context of the dream and the environment to get a better idea.

Your mind can prompt you to explore the mystery and the unknown when things seem safe. You may uncover hidden secrets you never thought possible.


Dream about a red candle

To see a red candle in a dream symbolizes an intimate or romantic relationship.

You may not give the relationship a fair chance and leave before you have time to learn more about the other person. On the other hand, you may just not feel any chemistry or passion.


Dreaming of a blue candle

Blue candles in a dream represent the tranquility that comes from conformism and lack of individuality.


Dream about a green candle

A green candle is a good sign that refers to health and vitality. Better health may be on the way.


Dream about an orange candle

If you dreamed of an orange candle flame, it means that happy times will come into your life. Expect good and long friendships.


Dream about a pink candle

To dream of a pink candle signifies restoring a relationship with family members after a long period of time or an argument.


Dream about a purple candle

A purple candle in a dream means that your goals and plans will be realized. You can expect prosperity and authority if you light purple candles


Dream about buying candles

To dream of buying candles means loss of strength and insecurity in achieving your goals. You feel defeated and dissatisfied. You feel empty and emotionless.

Unfortunately, it's hard because you don't know where you're going in life.

Buying candles in a dream is an aspect of yourself that is unfamiliar or alien to you. It takes a little effort to be successful.

You can impose your thoughts and feelings on others. You may go through the same problem or the same situation several times without any conclusion.


Dreaming of candles; What meanings


Dream about eating candles

To dream of eating candles is a sign of your desire to dominate and command others. There's something about your past that you don't want to admit.

Eating candles in a dream is a sign of death and rebirth. You wait for a sign to take the next step. You feel like the target of criticism.

This dream can represent happiness. You are in tune with your conscience or instinct.


Dream about blowing out candles

Blowing out candles in a dream is a sign of anger, hostility, and an outburst of some strong emotions. You have a solid understanding of a situation.

This dream signifies longevity and stability. Success and reputation are within reach.

To blow out candles during your dream represents your ability to combine pleasure and excitement with productivity at the same time. You will be involved in a legal case.


Dream about broken candles

Broken candles in dreams represent sexual impotence, and especially fear and worry about it.

You feel trapped and you don't know what to do or where to go. You need to take time to nurture the child within you.

This dream indicates your desire to find a solution to the problem. You don't allow people to come into your life easily.

The dream of a broken candle alludes to your desire for instant wealth or fame. You feel limited in expressing your ideas and feelings.

Don't judge people on their appearance. The dream refers to your struggle with a career, relationship, or some other issue. You shouldn't rely on anyone.


Dream about holding a candle in your hand

If you dreamed that you held a candle in your hand, then a difficult task awaits you. You may not be able to express your feelings effectively.

You feel insecure and aware of your appearance. You need to be more objective when assessing the situation.

Holding a candle in your sleep indicates action, urgency and completion. You are prevented from fully expressing yourself.

This dream is an illustration of your vengeful nature. In a way, others are undermining you or smothering you.


Dream about lighting a candle in a church

The dream of lighting candles in the church indicates a long and happy romance and marriage.

You like the results of your work. Your dream suggests a positive attitude combined with some luck.

Lighting a candle in the church in your dream signifies clarity and truth. You seek to bring joy into your life. This dream signifies love, beauty, protection and happiness.


Dream about someone giving you a candle

To dream of someone giving you a candle shows your leadership skills and your ability to shape the minds of others. You must take responsibility for your actions.

You have to commit to and respect that. A dream is a signal of objection. Others talk about your private relationship.

This dream signals your inner strengths and weaknesses. You are completely lost.


The dream is a sign of the path to your life goals. You must learn to rely on others, not to do everything alone.


Dreaming of the scent of a candle

The dream of the scent of candles is a metaphor for enthusiasm, creativity and talent. You progress in life with great confidence, availability and integrity.

Seek peace and quiet. It indicates an obstacle that is hindering your progress and goals. Seek recognition for your work.

Scented candles in the dream are an indicator of beauty, harmony and serenity.

Look for some form of comfort. You must learn to recognize the beauty within you. The dream refers to a high level of consciousness.


Dream about receiving a candle

The dream in which you receive a candle is a sign of a potentially dangerous situation or relationship. Your hidden potential will also be revealed. Your dream signifies commitment in the relationship.

You have to learn to be freer and more open. To receive a candle in the dream is proof of the obstacle between the two states of consciousness. You feel helpless, anxious or frustrated.

You have difficulty with your feelings. It signals the fruits of your labor and life experiences. You are immune to a disease or virus.


Dream about eating candle wax

To dream of eating candle wax means that you may be overprotective. The dream is a sign of your feelings of guilt and remorse over some situation.

Something is too good to be true. Eating candle wax while dreaming is an indicator of your ability to reach out and care for people. You need to be more flexible in your thinking.


Dreaming of lots of candles

The dream of many candles is a sign of emotional freedom. You are in a relaxed state in your relationship. It means growth, development. You need to relax.

Many candles in a dream symbolize where you came from and how you came to be who you are today. Maybe it's time to start over.

Someone holds you tight despite your best efforts to get rid of an unhealthy relationship. You need to make drastic changes in your life.


Dreaming of a candle flame

To dream of a candle flame is your need to recognize your sensual side. You want to explore and experiment.

You are able to overcome difficult obstacles and overcome obstacles successfully and easily. This dream lists things you discover and aspects of yourself that you keep to yourself.

You have a haughty sense of power. Dreaming about a candle flame is a harbinger of strength and courage. You refuse to face the problems of the past which affect your present life.

You will finally get what you want in life. It is the sign of a feeling of freedom. You are adaptable and open to change.

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