Dream about being pregnant: What meanings?

Dream about being pregnant: What meanings?

Dream about being pregnant: What meanings?

Dreaming of being pregnant is a very common dream, especially among women in early pregnancy or planning to become pregnant: it can reflect their hopes and fears. But this dream is very common also for women who have no desire to become mothers; in fact, pregnancy in dreams has various meanings, including metaphorical,


Dream about being pregnant: What meanings?

Many women wonder if it is normal to dream of being pregnant often, and yes, the dream can occur repeatedly in certain periods of intense creativity (new ideas and projects), but there may also be other psychological reasons. 

The emotions experienced are very varied, and also depend on the situation and the age in which the woman finds herself. For some, in fact, dreaming of being pregnant can be a bad dream, a nightmare, especially if you are young and it would be premature to get pregnant. See also Dreaming of giving birth


Dream about being pregnant at risk

Some studies have shown that especially women who are expecting their first child, or who have had pregnancies with complications, have dreams with distressing content; it reflects their anxiety about the changes their body is going through, fear of childbirth, concern for the health of the unborn child; Here are some examples of such dreams:

  • Dreaming of being pregnant and losing blood, having bleeding, fear of losing the baby
  • Dreaming about being pregnant and feeling bad, having pain, having a high risk pregnancy, with complications.
  • Dreaming about being pregnant and having an abortion, giving birth to a dead, sick, premature baby, giving birth, losing water, etc.

Some studies have shown that the more distressing (true nightmares) and frequent the dreams are, the more stress is released. In fact, it seems that these nightmares help relieve stress, take away fear, and that's what makes a woman feel more emotionally prepared for childbirth.


Dreaming about being pregnant with a pregnant belly

Dreaming about being pregnant with a big belly, seeing your belly getting bigger, stroking it, touching it and feeling the baby moving and kicking can be a prophetic dream; some women dream of being pregnant and then discover that they really are; the body communicated the pregnancy in the dream, and the woman had a vision of it in the dream before an actual medical diagnosis. 

See Dreaming of Pregnant Woman

The dream can represent your desire to get pregnant, although you may know that is not possible. If, on the other hand, you are not experiencing or planning a pregnancy, the dream can be interpreted in a metaphorical sense:

  • Emergence of new ideas, preparation of new projects.
  • Psychic evolution: this could therefore mean that you are maturing, your personality is evolving. Pregnancy can allude to a renewal: the energy is recovered to be born into a new life.


Dream about being pregnant without the belly

If you are really pregnant (or thinking about it), it may indicate that, perhaps in your subconscious, you reject certain aspects of pregnancy , possibly related to physical changes.

Or it may indicate that the dream should be interpreted metaphorically as a symbol of psychic evolution, of maturity, rebirth; or as an ongoing project, a new idea to implement.

Or that he there is an "invisible problem" inside yous: maybe you worry too much about issues that aren't so important after all. Maybe you are going through a period where you need more affection and attention.

Dreaming of a fake pregnancy, telling everyone that you are pregnant and then realizing that you are wrong, that you are not really pregnant, warns you of having spoken too soon, without being sure. It can also indicate a lack of trust in your partner.


Dreaming of being pregnant and not having wanted it

Dreaming of being pregnant can be experienced as a nightmare, this dream may reflect fear of the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. Young girls (even virgins) can have this dream in conjunction with the awareness of their sexual maturity, experienced with a feeling of guilt and shame. 

Women and girls who have a hidden sexual relationship, which they do not wish to make public, often dream of taking a pregnancy test and having a positive result: this terrifies them because pregnancy makes it clear what they want to keep hidden.

On the other hand, even a guy can dream that his girlfriend is pregnant and panic, because he is not ready to face such a responsibility.

In dreams, an unwanted pregnancy can be a metaphor (for both men and women) for a change you are not ready to face; or projects that you do, but didn't really want to do: there is something you do, perhaps successfully, but which you perceive as negative for you; it's not what you really want, or at least it doesn't convince you completely. Likewise, dreaming of wanting to have an abortion can refer to the abandonment of a project or its non-fulfilment.


Dreaming about being pregnant and not knowing who the father is

Being already pregnant with the boyfriend you love can be a nightmare if you are not ready for such a step; even worse if, in addition to being pregnant, you are unsure of the identity of the father: you may be pregnant by another man, perhaps your ex, or have no idea.

This may reflect your anxiety about having sex you don't really want, that you are not yet ready to have. Or more generally it could be an invitation to be more careful and responsible, not to act lightly, not necessarily in relation to your sexual or emotional conduct.


Dreaming about someone else's pregnancy (friend, sister, colleague)

To see in a dream that another person is expecting a child (friend, colleague, sister-in-law, girlfriend, sister, wife, partner, daughter...): can be premonitory: if you have a strong bond with this person, there may be some kind of connection even in dreams, you can therefore “see” her future motherhood.

Or the other person may represent yourself in the dream: the dream could be centered around you.

Or, in a metaphorical sense, pregnancy can represent a project that you and/or the other person are carrying out.

These meanings are also true when others dream that you are pregnant.


Dream about being pregnant at menopause

To dream of being pregnant at menopause, at 50, 60, means that your psyche adapts to this new phase of your life and the changes it brings. Live in the dream what you know will no longer be possible at your age.


Dreaming about being pregnant with twins (or more)

In light of what has been said so far, try to understand what pregnancy may mean in your dream and what emotions you felt (anxiety, fear, happiness, etc.); the fact that the pregnancy is twin (or multiple) amplifies the meaning of the dream.


Dream about being pregnant as a man

Although it is rarer, a man can also dream of being pregnant: when his partner is pregnant, the man can have this dream, which demonstrates her emotional involvement in the pregnancy. Or sometimes, it's a dream linked to creativity, to a project that he realizes, to an idea that comes to his mind and that he thinks about how to achieve. It can also indicate upcoming news.


Dreams of being pregnant by categories

Pregnancy is a phase that usually brings a lot of good things in people's lives, in the dream world too, and it can have a lot of positive meanings for your life. Dreaming of being pregnant, for dream interpretation, can be understood as a phase of prosperity and newness. Resolving what is pending and an opportunity to make other choices.

It can also indicate the arrival of a phase where you will have a lot of gains, a period of abundance and pleasant times.

Many women think that when they dream they are pregnant it means they are or will be pregnant, but that is not how it works. Pregnancy-themed dreams are not premeditated. So, if you dreamed of being pregnant, it does not necessarily mean that you are.

Pregnancy dreams say much more about thoughts, desires and ideas about life than the pregnancy itself. Read on to learn more about dreaming that you are pregnant.


Dreaming of being pregnant: The sex of babies

Understanding the meaning of dreams requires paying attention to details, so just knowing that you dreamed that you are pregnant is not enough to fully understand what it means.

The characteristics of the dream will be crucial to understand it, so it is important to remember if you dreamed that you were pregnant with a girl or a boy, in order to understand better. Read on for the meanings.


Dream about being pregnant with a girl

For spiritualism, dreaming that you are pregnant with a girl can symbolize your desire to be a mother, reminding you that it does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant, but it can mean that you have a desire for motherhood.

You may have doubts about being a mother or not, and dreaming about it can make you think about the subject more seriously. Moreover, talking to other people about this topic also makes you think more about pregnancy and motherhood and eventually sparks some desire to have this experience.

If you have no intention of being a mother at the moment and you haven't even thought about experiencing motherhood, dreaming of pregnancy can indicate that you are going through a good phase and that you are more likely to achieve your goals. desires.


Dream about being pregnant with a boy

Just as dreaming of a girl represents the desire for motherhood or good things in your life, dreaming of boys also has these meanings, indicating that you are going through a great phase of change.

If you dreamed that you were pregnant with a boy, you can believe that you will have achievements and moments of harmony.

In addition to gender-related meanings, the number of children in pregnancy can also have interpretations that go beyond the theme. Understand the symbology of the number of pregnant children in dreams and see that depending on the numbers the meanings can change.


Dream about being pregnant with twins

Dreaming of pregnancy generates joy, but it can also worry, because it is an important stage in people's lives, And dreaming of twins? Even more intense, because they are two children at the same time. However, dreaming of twins does not mean that you will have twins, but that you will have a very good financial phase.

Understanding this, this period is good for making investments or profiting from your business. Thinking more deeply, it is also recommended to invest in important things, of your interest, because you will have great chances of success.


Dream about being pregnant with triplets

Dreaming of triplets can symbolize a whole range of things. Generally, it is more related to the intimate themes of the person, and can be linked to certain achievements, to chances of professional or personal growth, or to problems related to self-esteem.

What you've been wanting for a long time may come true, but in a different way than you expected. So, the dream of triplets might indicate you need to be fully aware that what you want will happen, but it might not be exactly as you imagined.

Spiritualism reminds that for the person who dreamed of being pregnant with triplets, it is important to pay attention to matters related to spirituality and also to be attentive to thoughts, seeking to focus more on positive things.

You may be going through difficult times regarding your faith, your spirituality, so try to do activities that you enjoy, connect with yourself and seek good things for your life.



Dream about being pregnant by someone

Now that you have learned the meaning of pregnancy dreams related to the baby, you will now see the symbology referring to the parents of that child in the dream, because this small detail can completely change what the dream represents.


Dream that you are pregnant by someone you don't know

Dreaming that you are pregnant with someone you have never seen can be something strange, but it can happen and there will be representations behind it. A dream about an unfamiliar person might indicate a need to deal with some situation, unresolved issues that may prevent you from achieving prosperity and enjoying happy times.

Nevertheless, it might indicate that you are having problems in resolving certain situations with more humility. So, having this dream can be a warning for you to deepen your thinking, and also for you to get closer to people and really get to know them.


Dream that you are pregnant with your husband or partner

Dreaming about your partner, your husband, the love of your life in general is gratifying, and dreaming that you are pregnant with that special someone is certainly very positive. However, this dream has more meaning for the dreamer than for the person you dreamed of.

So dreaming that you are pregnant with your husband or partner will indicate that joys, achievements, positivity and harmony will be much stronger aspects in the dreamer's life when love is present.


Dream that you are pregnant with your boyfriend

As much as your boyfriend isn't your husband yet, he's also someone you love and is special in your life. Therefore, the dream of being pregnant with your boyfriend will indicate positive things, the fulfillment of dreams, and the fulfillment of ideas and desires.

As much as the dream refers more to the person who had it, it can somehow indicate a closer union and strength for the couple.


Dream that you are pregnant with your ex-boyfriend

People like ex-boyfriend and ex-husband mean past. Therefore, dreaming that you are pregnant with an ex may indicate that you need to forget about this history, leave this relationship in the past, because dwelling on previous relationships will not allow you to move forward. So let go of past relationship issues, live your present, and focus on your future.

Even so, this dream might mean the exact opposite, indicating that you might meet your ex-boyfriend again and suddenly resume the relationship. For this to happen, you need to be connected to your feelings and thoughts to make sure this is what you really want.


There are many details to fully understand the meaning of dreams. Pregnancy is related to gestation, to being involved in a process of developing something, the generation of new life. Thus, pregnancy is able to provide a mixture of feelings and dreams that are also related to it.

The way you feel and appear in the dream will also give clues about how you feel or show some aspects you need to pay attention to.


Dreaming about being pregnant in a certain context


Dreaming of being pregnant without being

Dreaming that you are pregnant, in addition to being able to indicate that you want to have a child, wanting to experience motherhood, it can also show your worry after sex. It's normal after physical contact with someone to feel anxious and tense about being pregnant, if that's not what you want at the time. So dreaming that you are pregnant in this type of situation is common.

But, in addition to these problems, dreaming that you are pregnant, when in real life you are not, can be related to your professional or personal life.

As pregnancy is involved in the act of generating, you may be going through a time of creating or developing a project, an idea or plans for a new activity.

It should be seen as a positive thing, that is, you have to go deep, move forward and devote yourself to your projects, but you can also have some insecurity, have difficulty getting started. This dream can be a message for you to take courage and start.


Dreaming about being pregnant while being pregnant

The woman who is pregnant and ends up dreaming that she is pregnant can be related to the fact that this mother is worried that her baby will be born soon, but this dream does not mean anything negative.

Being a mother, fathering a child, awakens countless feelings in a woman. Because you live in this situation, it is normal to dream about pregnancy when you are pregnant, because the thoughts of this woman are immersed in motherhood, so this type of dream is normal.


Dream about trying to get pregnant

If you dreamed that you were trying to get pregnant, the dream might indicate your true desire to be a mother, the desire to become a mother and have a child. However, it can symbolize that you are going through a time when you want to do something new and you are afraid of it, worried that your plans are not going as planned.

To dream that you are committed to getting pregnant, trying to achieve it, also indicates that you are committed to achieving your desires, plans and ideas. You pursue what you want to do.


Dream about being afraid of getting pregnant

If you dream that you are afraid of getting pregnant, you may be afraid of starting something new, you do not feel safe to move forward yet. That doesn't mean you won't make it, just that you're scared of what's to come, which is completely understandable.

New situations generate anxiety and distress, your thoughts and feelings turn to this situation. So your dreams end up reflecting that.


Dream about being pregnant while being married

The dream of pregnancy indicates changes, so if you are married and dreaming of being pregnant, you are probably unhappy with your relationship and are thinking of ending it. The dream can be an indication for you to take action and go in search of your happiness. Interpret the dream as a message to pay attention to what you really want.


Dreaming of being pregnant while being single

If you are single and dreaming about being pregnant, bad things may happen. An outrageous situation can arise and you will be hurt, if you are the cause of the action, it is better to apologize so that you have no remorse and can proceed with a clear conscience.

Now, if you're a victim of the situation, it's time to put things in the past and move on, without hurt or resentment, put a stone to the disagreements and focus on the future.


Dreaming of being pregnant while being a widow

The dream of pregnancy, if you are a widow, will bring you good news. It symbolizes that a new love can arrive, that you are ready for new paths and that you must venture into this new stage of life.


Other dreams of pregnancy according to spiritualism

Dreams can be very complex, dynamic and with different details and meanings, so there can be several issues involved. Pregnancy dreams may have common features regarding gender, marital status, and desire for motherhood, but they may have other aspects that will bring other meanings. Check it out below.


Dream about a pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests can have a positive or negative result, so the interpretation of this type of dream can also have more than one meaning. First, you may be very worried about being pregnant, apprehensive about the very idea of ​​it happening.

If you are a man and a pregnancy test appears in your dream, it will indicate that you are worried that your partner is pregnant.

Also, it symbolizes that you are looking forward to something new, a job, a relationship, something that will bring you change, but you really want it. So, if you had this dream, grab the next opportunities.


dream of abortion

A miscarriage is the end of a life, so if pregnancy ends in your dream, it could mean that you are suddenly about to experience the end of some project. Stay tuned, think about the pending issues in your life, because problems may arise and you better be prepared for them.

If you are aware of the situation, you already know what is going to happen, and if there is nothing to deal with in this situation, you can begin to practice detachment and focus on new plans.


Dream about unwanted pregnancy

To dream of an unwanted pregnancy indicates that you are unhappy in your current relationship and do not want to move forward in this relationship. Think about it and see what you can do, but remember to think before you act, think of the dream only as a warning that you need to review your priorities.


Dreaming about a successful pregnancy

If in your dream your pregnancy is going well, successful, it shows that your projects, ideas or plans are going as you wish and will be successfully implemented. So keep working and focusing on what works.


Dreaming of pregnancy in the family

To dream of pregnant relatives brings only good things to the family, union at home and the arrival of harmony and tranquility, the good things that pregnancy brings. The relative who looks pregnant in your dream will have prosperity and good things in your life. It also indicates that you have great affection for that person.


Dreaming about a friend's pregnancy

If you dreamed that your friend is pregnant, but in real life she is not, then this dream concerns you, indicating changes in your life. Changes that will bring you positive things, so stay tuned for upcoming events, good things are coming.


Dreaming of a pregnant man

Dreaming that a man is pregnant can be very unlikely, but it can really happen. The meaning is simple, indicating that you need to pay attention to some aspect of your life. You may overindulge or act arrogantly, be more humble, and take care of your attitudes.


Dream about hugging a pregnant woman

The meaning of the dream in which you are hugging a pregnant woman will depend on how the pregnant woman is in the dream. If the pregnant person is happy to see you, this will indicate that she knows how to enjoy life, enjoy the good times.

If the pregnant woman is unwell, sad or in pain, be aware of her surroundings, pay attention to personal and professional matters. You may be eager to achieve dreams that are still pending, do not miss future opportunities!


Dream about the birth of a baby

The birth of a baby indicates that your plans and projects have been born, or have already matured. You are almost realizing your dreams. If the baby is born prematurely, it could be a rush and something is hindering the fulfillment of your wishes.


Dreaming that you are pregnant, is it a positive or negative sign?

Pregnancy brings great challenges for those involved, but it is also a miraculous time full of joy. The generation of a life points to new paths, new choices, new dreams.

Summing up pregnancy in one word, it would be transformational, because when a woman discovers that she generates life, her life will change forever. A new stage, a new cycle.

Pregnancy dreams can be considered very positive, they are a sign of changes. Babies can reflect what we expect, generally positive things. If you are a man and dream of pregnancy, you can be sure that a lot of good things will happen to you, expect prosperity and joys.

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