Dream about earrings: What meanings?

Dream about earrings: What meanings?

If you are one of those people who, when you dream of something, google what it means, know that you have come to the right place! Dreams have important meanings and we need to know how to interpret them in the best possible way. 

In this way, we can extract meaning from it and it can even help us in our daily life, being a reflection of our subconscious. 

Earrings are one of the feminine accessories most used by most women, earrings are so generic, but at the same time very specific ornaments in the dream. 

But earrings can appear as a secondary or even main element of our dreams. For example, dreaming of that Bruna Marquezine earring or dreaming of losing the earring your boyfriend gave you etc.

There are several interpretations regarding the dream of earrings, so let's look at the most common ones.


Dreaming of earrings

In general, it simply means certainty of success and social projection. It is a sign of wealth and prosperity! Omens of good news.


Dreaming of silver earrings

To dream of silver earrings represents luck. You are noticed for something you love about yourself. Dreaming of silver earrings may mean fortune or success in business.


Dreaming of pearl earrings

Pearl earrings suggest that someone gives you important advice , based on experiences and knowledge that you do not have. 

It could also be a reminder of someone in your life who tends to wear pearl earrings. It might also indicate receiving sage advice that should be followed. Alternatively, pearl earrings can represent the memory of someone in your life who wore this type of jewelry.


Dreaming of crystal earrings

To dream of a crystal earring represents an incorruptible quality in yourself that you want others to notice in you. To see a crystal in your dream signifies integrity, purity, maturity, development and unity.

In general, having this type of dream is a positive sign! If you dreamed of expensive earrings denoting wealth, diamond earrings, sapphire earrings, emerald earrings, then wait for good information on how to get money. silver!


Dreaming of gold earrings

If you dreamed of gold earrings, everything indicates that what you want will come true . The dream also shows that you have the strength to overcome any obstacle, including solving the most difficult problems. A gold earring can also indicate that you will find a very influential person, who will be a cause of happiness and joy.


Dreaming that your earring is broken

Attention! If you had this dream, try to look around and see who you have to do certain things with! To dream of a broken earring means that people close to you envy the way you act and live and this can bring you bad energy.

Always try to keep positive thoughts so that you don't get into the energy of those people who look ahead and look bad. The ideal is also to cut contact with this type of person, because they generally add nothing and can still interfere with the smooth running of your business!


Dream about fake earring

Dreaming of a fake earring is like a warning ... Don't turn away from anything or anyone. A person can give you wrong ideas, which will not be useful for what you intend to do


Dream about winning earrings

If you dreamed that you won someone's earrings, it means that you will soon receive an invitation that should not be refused related to the professional field.


Dream about buying an earring

To dream of buying an earring shows the desire to receive affection and affection from someone you love very much, but who has not yet discovered that side of you. Try to show your affectionate side to receive affection in return.


Dream about losing an earring

If your dream was that you lost an earring, it means that you should not create expectations about someone or something you think about a lot. The results may not be everything you imagined. However, it can also mean that you will soon find new love.


Dreaming of an old earring

Old earrings in dreams mean that you should pay more attention to someone who wants to pass on something important to you. So this person may be afraid to open up to you, try to find out who he is and make him your friend.


Dreaming of a big earring

And if you dreamed of big earrings or maxi earrings, it means a lot of success in your life! large size earrings symbolize that you will soon have a great opportunity to earn money. So don't miss this moment!

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