Dream about fighting: What meanings?

Dream about fighting: What meanings?

Dreaming about fighting does not mean that you are an aggressive person, these dreams imply other aspects. They can occur at any time and at any age to reveal unknown personality traits that are hidden and therefore ignored.

Aggressive states are outbursts caused by certain situations that make us act impulsively wanting to attack the other. Our capacity for reflection is what we have to avoid falling into temptation, but it is often unavoidable for some.

However, these dreams, as explained above, are not just about this type of person, as the standard meaning is frustration of unachieved goals that we can all feel at some point.


dream of fighting

Dream about fighting with someone you know

It means that an unexpected situation will occur that will cause you a big surprise. That doesn't mean it's a good thing, because it could also be a warning that you need to be prepared for something bad. It will be a situation that will make you think about your life and you will want to change it.

This dream is very interesting because it prepares you for good, regular and bad changes and in each case it gives you a clearer view of how you should deal with each situation in your daily life and know how you should behave. include.

Having clarity in each of your days prepares you for anything and this dream provides it. It's just a matter of knowing how the struggle went and with what intensity, so you know how close the change you'll be facing will be.


Dream about fighting with a friend

It is the need and concern to break away from those patterns that control you, for example, the monotony you are currently experiencing that causes you to feel dissatisfied rather than contented.

This dream is a clear invitation to change your daily life. It is necessary to assess the exact point where it is necessary to change. Once this is done, you will surely be able to undertake the rest of the things with a different perspective. 


Dream about fighting in school

It's something very common and more often with people you know. If you identify the person you are fighting with in the dream, it means you need to resolve the disagreements you have with them. School is a place where we have experienced moments that have marked our lives forever. (See dreaming of school).

If you return to that place in your dream, it is because you need to return to something that you have done and need to correct. It is very important that you pay attention to what is happening in the dream, how you are feeling and the emotion you are expressing while standing in this fight in the schoolyard. This will give you clues to identify the things you need to address in your current life.




Dreaming of fighting and being the winner

You don't have to worry, winning is a good thing. This fight dream encourages you not to be left behind and overcome the bad situation to achieve your wishes. If you succeed in the dream, it is because you will succeed in the waking state. This dream puts you in front of your true essence. You fight every day and constantly to give the best of yourself.

If you find yourself in situations of chaos or conflict in the present, be calm, because this dream is expressly telling you that you will make it through this ordeal.


Dream about fighting and losing

It means the opposite of the above. You are in a period of violence, of pain. It's a difficult time in your life. You may also experience physical discomfort when due to the current situation. You need to give yourself a chance to feel better, to meet positive people who can help you deal with the current situation.


Dream about being beaten by someone

This means that you will lose your home or suffer very serious financial losses. Be thankful you dreamed it, because you can make quick predictions. Do not let time pass and act so that disaster does not surprise you. Check your finances and debts. Try to establish a payment plan. This dream is a very important warning to keep in mind, because you can really go through a terrible time.


Dream about having a quarrel in the family

It is a sign that you need to be aware of aspects of your personality that have been hidden. It is very likely that the way you are covers who you really are. Maybe you're trying to be a different public image than the real person you are. You don't like something about yourself and you hide it, but it hurts you. You have to make choices and be honest with yourself.


Dream about being involved in a fight

It refers to problems that are approaching your life. The magnitude of future conflicts will be measured by the severity of the struggle, so you will have to take courage and fight the situation or the obstacle, whatever it is.

This type of dream is always good because it gives you a vision to project what you need to do when faced with an urgent situation. You always have to act, but sometimes you are paralyzed and the dream shakes you to resolve the situation.


Dream about fighting with your partner

These are serious issues you are having with your partner and you need to find ways to resolve them as soon as possible. Unresolved conflict leads to many more serious and damaging issues in the relationship. This is a good time to encourage healthy conversation and to pause. The relationship is likely to be imperfect and there is no way out.

If you start a conversation, you can come to general conclusions about what to do. You cannot live in eternal conflict. You have to heal spiritually, this kind of struggle weakens you.


Dream about fighting with an assailant

It means facing an opponent who intimidates you or disqualifies you. You will learn to have courage and respect for yourself, and at the same time wealth and betterment in your social standing can come your way despite those who try to ruin you. If you find yourself fighting with someone who is a threat to you, it is because you are really brave and also apply a sense of justice and that is your best weapon.



Dream about others fighting


Dream about defending someone in a fight

This is part of questioning and respecting others. You start to listen to the people you love and so this is a shift towards appreciating others. You always want people to like each other, you like harmony. It is an excellent way of being that characterizes you.


Dream about fighting with your boss

It means criticism or correction of the work done, to improve its quality both in the workplace and for professional growth. Don't see this opportunity as an obstacle. Although it is not pleasant to receive corrections, they should be accepted as part of personal growth.


Dream about seeing your friends fight

These are problems and conflicts between friends or acquaintances that you will have to endure. You would like to see your friends happy and in harmony and you are distressed to see them quarreling, then you dream of this situation. It is important that you reinforce this way of being and inspire your friends to be at peace.


Dreaming of a fight without participating in it

It has to do with the work environment. Conflicts will arise at work that are not directly related to you, but which can still affect your pace of work. You are very tense because certain work situations complicate your life. Try to figure out how to find the tranquility you need in this environment. Don't lose your job, be insightful and fair and improve what you need to improve.


Dream about seeing a street fight

This is how the subconscious can warn of a problem or a dangerous situation that is about to occur. Be prepared for all occasions, as fighting in general is risky because you don't know exactly how the other person and even yourself will react to the confrontation. Keep in mind that every dream is an alert for something happening or about to happen, so pay close attention to each of your daily things because you may be able to prevent something unpleasant from happening.


Dream about women fighting

It has to do with some concerns that you are addressing and that deserve your attention. Women usually fight in a way that worries them because they bring out a lot of violence that we're not used to seeing. Check which women in your environment are in conflict and try to cooperate with them to try to solve any problem with words. (See dreaming of a woman).

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