Dream about giving birth: What meanings?

Dream about giving birth: What meanings?

A childbirth is always a new beginning: the beginning of a life or - for the parents - of a new phase of life, which is generally accomplished with the help of a midwife or a doctor. . The future mother is usually in the delivery room, some women prefer their own home for the time of delivery.

The umbilical cord and later the navel, which connected mother and child via the placenta for nine months, reminds a person of their own origin for the rest of their life.

Birth also means "to produce something of your own" and can also refer to the development of ideas or projects in a figurative sense. The concept of birth always implies that something has grown and the achievement is related to an effort.

Even in dreams, the arrival of a baby represents a new beginning.

Birth dreams are mostly related to the question of who was born in the dream. In addition, the dream symbol of childbirth often appears. Here are all the meanings of dreaming of giving birth.


Dream about giving birth to a girl

If someone dreams of giving birth to a child and it is the birth of a baby girl, this dream makes the person who is dreaming understand that there is currently the possibility of a new love. Keep your eyes peeled, you might meet your future partner in the near future!


Dream about giving birth to a boy

Behind this dream, if one has experienced the birth of a baby boy in the dream, hides strength and success, but also the presence of new experiences within the life of the dreamer. Also, the boy can be considered a positive dream sign of happiness and success.


Dream about giving birth to twins

Have you dreamed of giving birth to twins? If so, it can have different meanings depending on the dream situation. These range from the genuine desire to have children, a fresh start, and the threat of conflict. When interpreting your dream, pay attention to its exact details.


Dream about giving birth to triplets

In general dream interpretation, triplets are often seen as a symbol of unexpected financial or professional success. So, giving birth to triplets in a dream can indicate that a positive and carefree future is ahead in this regard.


Dream about giving birth to a stillborn

The symbol of this dream calls into question future plans and important projects in dream interpretation. The dreamer has probably used a lot of time and effort to achieve his goals, and now fears failure.

Maybe the dream can still take some improvement measures. The birth of the dreamed death can also mean that an event affects the dreamer in a particularly emotional way - but only rarely is it about the death of a child. In general, a dream in which a dead baby is born should be understood as a warning.




Dreaming of Birth: The General Interpretation

In general, birth, that is, the beginning of life, represents in dream interpretation a new beginning in your life. You may have changed your life, acquired new knowledge, learned a new skill, or set a new goal.

You may also have realized that something has come to an end. So the birth in the dream is the expression of a farewell.

If one has anxiety before birth in a dream, this feeling reflects worry in the waking world. Birth pains are seen symbolically as an emotional burden that these worries place on the dreamer.

Most of the time, the birth dream is interpreted positively: You are at the beginning of a creative phase of life that promises enrichment and personal success.


Of course, a moving birth dream can also be an expression of pregnancy or the desire to have children – or some other long-cherished wish that is now coming true.

Maybe your birth dream also indicates that you will discover and use new opportunities for self-realization. A career change, a new partnership or a move may be announced.

Especially when a man gives birth in a dream, this should be understood symbolically: he will probably soon have the chance to realize an idea - professionally or privately.

Depending on how the act of childbirth takes place in the dream, it can indicate what efforts are needed to enter the new phase of life. Severe labor pains during the birthing process represent the pain of letting go and separating from the transition to the new phase of life.

Pain can also illustrate the inner suffering from which the new personality is born. The more specific circumstances of birth can symbolically refer to what is about to change in your life.


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