Dream about having surgery: What meanings?

Dream about having surgery: What meanings?

Dream about having surgery: What meanings?

For most of us, the thought of having surgery is terrifying. We hope to wake up from anesthesia and we have to put our life in the hands of a stranger - the surgeon - and hope that he will do everything right and thus help us recover.

However, when possible, surgery is often performed under local anesthesia on the affected area. A simple operation is, for example, the removal of a suspicious mole or a small cyst. Slightly more important is the extraction of several teeth under general anesthesia or the drilling of the jawbone by the surgeon.

Whatever the type of anesthesia, an operation is always a risk that should not be underestimated. The number of outpatient surgeries alone has more than tripled in the past ten years. 

How is the dream of having surgery interpreted and what does the dream symbol say about you as a dream? Here is all you need to know.





Dream about preparing for the operation

Sleepers often experience the preparations the clinic staff make for the operation before the dream of the actual operation. The instruments and the scalpel are sterilized, the operating table is cleaned and the towels are laid out. Gowns and masks are ready in advance for the operating room. Such measures symbolize the dreamer's concern for himself and his state of health. The person is probably worried about getting seriously ill.


Dream about having brain surgery

The brain is a vital organ and surgery is usually very dangerous. In popular dream research, brain surgery symbolizes possible misfortune. At the same time, the patient can become aware that a change is necessary in the watchmaking world. It is about the fundamental importance of feeling and reason in matters of opinion and decision-making: one should not rely solely on one's heart, nor exclusively on one's head.


Dreaming about having facial surgery

The entire area of ​​the face below the scalpel on the operating table in the dream world indicates the dreamer's self-image. He may feel flawed and not beautiful enough.

Weaknesses are brought to the fore. In particular, a crooked nose , which is straightened in a dream operation, indicates low self-confidence. Only if the operation in the facial area is medically necessary in the dream does the dream symbol show that the operated person can cope well with his obligations.


Dream about having eye surgery

If you had an eye operation in your dream or were watching such an eye operation, you need to change your perspective in waking life so that you don't overlook what is really important in life.

Many things have probably been forgotten lately due to a lot of stress or pressure. The sleeper should stop and think about what makes him happy and motivates him in life.

If a special eye clinic plays a role in the dream, it may be a specific person or object that should be paid more attention to in reality.


Dreaming of dental surgery

In the worst case, toothache may require dental surgery, for example if inflammation and cavities have destroyed large parts of the tooth and jawbone. Many people have already undergone wisdom teeth surgery, this operation is quite typical.

If the sleeping person recognizes themselves in a dentist's chair during a dental operation, an important decision in waking life is likely imminent.


Dream about tonsil surgery

If the pharyngeal tonsils are cut out in the dream, dream interpreters see this as a reminder to live more in the present than in the past. At the same time, it is important to express your opinion instead of accepting every decision made by others without complaining.

Since almond surgery is often performed in waking life and is part of routine procedures, it is more the day-to-day decisions that are symbolically signified.


Dreaming about having neck surgery

An operation performed on the neck during a dream often clarifies some fears of the sleeping person. The affected person may feel restricted and worry that they cannot say what they really think. Since an operation takes place in the dream, that is, a grievance is resolved, this indicates a possible positive change in the watch world: soon the dreamer will be able to develop again.

If one becomes a doctor by performing a throat operation in his dream, one is able to solve problems. The dream removal of tonsils in the throat reminds us to live more in the present. If a pathologically enlarged goiter has to be treated surgically, a fraud can actually be discovered.



Dream about a heart operation 

The heart is said to be the seat of deep feelings, and in fact general dream research says that heart surgery is a symbol of difficulties in the emotional world. Open heart surgery can predict problems in the home environment. Ideally, there should be no argument at all, but if there is, you should take the first step and suggest a discussion.


Dream about an abdominal operation

If you have belly surgery in the dream world, it often represents a great fear of real pain and health problems. The dream about the operation on the abdomen may indicate that the sleeper needs to reconsider and correct his attitude when he is awake, even if it is painful for him.

If you are due for abdominal surgery while you sleep, it can also warn you about unhealthy eating. If the operation is performed on the intestines, it may be an indication of real problems with digestion. The person concerned should bear this in mind.



Dreaming about having hand surgery

If the sleeper has injured his hand, and this is operated on in the dream, worries and difficulties can be intercepted in reality and solved faster than you think.

The dangerous, bloody cuts on the hand that must be stitched up in an operating theater illustrate business gains - but only after a loss that must be endured. Usually after dream hand surgery something bad usually happens in waking life before it turns into a good thing.


Dreaming about having lower body surgery

The walking device often causes problems not only in waking life. Many fractures and sprains occur in the legs or feet - even in the dream world.

Legs, knees and feet symbolically represent progress in dream analysis, progress on one's own life path. If an injury occurs in the dream world, this development is disrupted - but the operation resolves the blockage again. Failures are mitigated and external circumstances are improved in one's own favor.

If knock-knees are operated on, the interpretation of the dream is special: it is advisable to change the life situation. Obstacles that still cause problems today can thus be circumvented in the long term.

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