Dream about kissing your ex: What meanings?

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Dream about kissing your ex: What meanings?


Dreaming of kissing your ex is indicative of an emotional imbalance. It is possible to perform a more punctual interpretation by analyzing the details of this dream.

Below we list different meanings based on these details. Discover them and take the opportunity to know exactly what was the message conveyed by your dream!



Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend kissing you

This is a dream that indicates you still have feelings for someone from your past. It can be anything from your ex-boyfriend, husband, to a friend who is no longer present in your life.

If this dream happens again, it serves as a warning that you are still stuck with this person, who is preventing you from moving forward and having new, exceptional experiences.

Take advantage of this alert to try to let go of the past for good and open up to the new, which will allow you to meet wonderful people who will really make a difference in your life.




Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend kissing you and making love to you

The dream is an indication that you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend, which hurts you, without giving others a chance to get closer.

In this case, the dream works as a warning to better analyze your feelings and adopt a decisive attitude in your life, leave the past where it is and move forward in search of new experiences.

If you're having trouble managing your feelings and making the first move, it's worth getting help from close friends or a professional who can help you better manage your emotions, such as a psychologist.


Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend kissing you and asking to come back

It is a dream that means someone from your past will come back and resurface in your life. It is possible that it is an ex-boyfriend or a husband, or even a friend or a family member.

The unexpected return of this person will unbalance your emotions, because he has long been someone important and representative in your life. This will be the time to face old ghosts and relive emotions.

This type of experience has great potential to hamper your performance in basic daily activities, such as work and study. It may seem like an impossible task, but try to keep your focus and emotional balance, so you don't hurt yourself in other areas.



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