Dream about making love: What meanings?

Dream about making love: What meanings?

Dream of making love, what does it mean? The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about sex or making love are pleasant thoughts. If this act is performed with someone we desire or love, pleasant sensations are always felt on a physical, mental and above all emotional level. 

When dreaming of making love, many elements combine and which will be decisive for its interpretation. When it comes to dreaming about making love, somehow the dreamer often has this type of dream because emotional deficiencies, or has been truly without sexual contact for a long time and his dream manifests it as a natural need.

This dream can also be related to accumulated stress from daily work. In the dream sphere, you evacuate these tensions by making love. It is important for you to know that dreaming of making love also shows characteristic signs of your personality, everything will depend on the situation in which the scene takes place. 


Dream about making love in public

You are a person who tends to take risks . You are not afraid to make yourself heard in public because you are very sure of yourself. Scenes where you see yourself on the edge of adrenaline can turn you on.


Dreaming of secretly making love

You like mysteries and you feel good in this situation. The excitement of not being seen is intense and you do it repeatedly. This type represents habits in your life, you often do things behind other people's backs. Cheating is part of your life. (See Dreaming of Deception).


You need to see how your relationship is with this relative, what conflict exists between you or how close you have to this person. This will give you clues as to why you are intimately dreaming about this person.

Dream about having sex with people of the same sex

You may have a real same-sex inclination. In this case, there is no problem or nothing to worry about, because you are having sex with the person you want. 

But if you are a heterosexual man and you see yourself in your dreams having sex with another man, for example, then if you must examine deeply and honestly what is going on deep within your being.

Sometimes some people are opposed to homosexuality and it's just because they fear their own tendency. If this is your case, it is recommended to show yourself without any shame and to openly assume your sexuality. Don't suffer for hiding something so natural in human beings. 



Dreaming about having sex with her boyfriend or her husband

This dream is pleasant and indicative of a great relationship. It is wonderful that you are consolidating your closeness with your partner. Dreaming about her boyfriend or her husband is even romantic and erotic at the same time. Enjoy your potential alongside the person you love. 

If you have spent time without having had sexual contact with your partner, it is also common for you to dream of having sex with her. This need is legitimate and you must externalize it and materialize it. Talk to your partner and meet her intimately. Your subconscious is begging you to do so through this dream. 


Dreaming about having sex with your ex

You still have a vivid memory linked to this person, you have surely spent very pleasant moments with him and you feel in the current moments the nostalgia of reliving this past which no longer exists. It won't hurt if you call that person to say hello, it will minimize the longing and anxiety that their memory produces. (See Dreaming about your Ex).


Dreaming about having sex with an older husband

It is a beautiful dream which symbolizes that even between you love is alive. Age has not diminished his affection and his desire to take care of you and even to touch and value himself. 


Dreaming about having sex with someone from your family

This dream is a sin for our culture. Therefore, if you dream of it, it is that you may want to strengthen the bond with this loved one. It is a weighted interpretation. Now, if in dreams you see something that you really want to be realized, you should go to see a specialist.

In our culture, relationships with cousins ​​are allowed, but not with siblings, much less with parents. This is called incest. This act is also rejected socially, biologically and religiously. 

You need to see how your relationship is with this relative, what conflict exists between you or how close you have to this person. This will give you clues as to why you are intimately dreaming about this person.



Dreaming of making love on the beach

This dream indicates that your relationship is fluid. It is affectionate, romantic and pleasant. The beach is a symbol of stability and at the same time of wisdom as the water flows over you. Take this opportunity to strengthen your relationship and make this beautiful dream come true. Don't let the moment pass. 

Maybe you cannot go to the sea, but in your daily life, relive the sensations and emotions felt in your dream with your partner. It will greatly enrich your relationship. 


Dreaming of making love in the mountains

Your relationship is going through a period of great challenges and you need to know how to overcome them. You love your partner and want the relationship to continue. You fight for it. You experience moments when you feel like you are on a steep path. (See Dreaming of Mountains).

It also symbolizes that your relationship is in the best of times, that you are going through challenges together, that you are united despite the difficulties. As you can see, it's a contrast. Everything will depend on the true qualities of your current situation.


Dreaming of making love on the street

You are a person who loves urban spaces. You enjoy the street, the architecture of the buildings, the sidewalk, the traffic, the smoke from the cars, etc. This is why in dreams you see this as a perfect setting for making love. You may be a born artist or poet. Explore these qualities in yourself.

It can also mean that you don't really care what they say. You are a very free person in your actions and therefore you do not care about the eyes of others. Your life is full of freedoms.


Dream about making love in an elevator

You like to test yourself in risky places. You are looking for strong sensations, because what you want is to satisfy yourself and fly away. You like risk and you look for places with some danger, not only for making love, but for your daily activities. You are one of those people who always seek to be in the heat of the moment without worrying about the consequences. 


Dreaming about making love in your bed

You like comfort and safe places that give you comfort and confidence. You don't like risks, you consider that making love should be an act of maximum respect and intimacy, which is why you take advantage of it in your most precious space. (See Dreaming of Bed).


Dreaming about having sex in your office

You are daring and you like to explode your adrenaline level, you know that others can discover you and this would have many consequences depending on the image you have in your workplace. You may dream about it because you are having an illicit relationship. Maybe you are cheating on your partner and the subconscious puts you in an illicit stage to have sex. 


Dreaming about being caught having sex 

You are a person who protects himself from being seen in your private affairs , you are reserved in all your affairs. You consider that being seen in something intimate would affect you psychologically, so you avoid that. Maybe in your home you currently don't have much privacy because you live with your children or other adults. 

Your intimate space may not have a good lock. And every time you make love with your partner, you do it with dread. That is why you dream of getting caught.


Dreaming about being censored for having sex 

Maybe your sexual relations are not well regarded for good, either because they are of the same sex, because they are a relative (cousin), because they are your neighbor, or because it is infidelity that you are committing. That is why in dreams these images of censorship come to you.


Dreaming of being watched while having sex

Perhaps do you tend to be too open in your personal affairs , you like to leave many doors open for others to come into your life. You are one of those who tell everything and do not keep enough to yourself.

You should review this behavior. It is advisable to always keep a scene of your choice. Not everyone is worth knowing about your intimate life. Some people might hurt you with your own information. You should take a little more care to do your things a little more alone. 


Dream about seeing sexual organs

This dream symbolizes that your affairs in general are very well managed.- It depends on how you saw the genitals in your dream, whether you saw them with envy, aversion, disgust, desire, pleasure. Each of these characteristics defines how you view something that is closely related to your life. 

If you have shown your genitals it may be related to a desire to show your innermost self to many people with complete freedom, perhaps you feel very limited and let your own actions fly in order to be yourself. even more authentic.


Dream that you are making love to the person you love

To dream that you are making love to the person you love has two possibilities in meaning. In the first, if he is pleasant, it means that you are satisfied with your relationship. In that case, relax, roll over and see if you can pull off the act you just dreamed of.

In the second, if it's not a good relationship in the dream, it's because something is wrong. Arguments, mistrust or a feeling of imbalance undermine your relationship. It's time to think about what's between you and the other that you don't like.

Be sure to sincerely share how you feel with your partner. It's possible that he just needs good communication. 


Dream about making love to someone you know

The meaning of dreaming that you are making love to a known person refers to envy and ostentation. This person has physical, material or behavioral characteristics that you aspire to have.

On some level, it can literally mean sometimes hidden sexual desire. However, the dream uses the surrender that the act represents to illustrate your desire to possess what is part of the other.

Meeting inspiring people is healthy and, most of the time, necessary. But the world doesn't need a copy of someone who already exists. Let yourself be inspired yes, but consider your individuality as a unique human being. It's possible that you also have characteristics that cause this person or other people you know to have erotic dreams about you.


Dream that you are making love to an unknown person

To dream that you are having sex with an unknown person indicates your desire for novelty. You feel that you have fallen into monotony and you want to change this situation. However, insecurity keeps you from moving forward to conquer the life you want.

The ideal is to look at the way you treat yourself. Analyze how self-care is, note self-criticism and understand which attitudes will help you grow. If there has been no fusion between these positive attitudes and your daily life, it is time to achieve this union.


Dreaming that you are having sex with a friend

When you dream of having sex with a friend, it is because you have some admiration. The dream indicates "well-being" for that person. This "wanting" can be the desire to look like him, without any sexual attraction. Moreover, it can be a "desire" motivated by characteristics that contribute to a literal erotic desire.

Focus on the qualities you like in your friend. Ask yourself if these are aspects that you would like to see reflected in his character or if these are things that make him sexually attractive to you. If it is in fact about sexual desire, make sure it is reciprocated before investing in a possible real relationship.


To dream that you are making love to someone who has passed away

To dream that you are making love to someone who is already dead signifies a deep attachment. You have an intimate relationship with the past. Situations that have marked your life, but which are not part of your present. Whether positive or negative, they are evident in your current feelings.

So you have to be aware that what's been, is gone, is over. You must focus on your life now, if you have the desire to grow personally or professionally.

Use the past only to learn in this process of evolution. Realize who is by your side now and what responsibilities lie with you. The present demands your presence, but in your absence it is bound to happen.


Dream about making love to a colleague

To dream that you are having sex with a colleague indicates that you are bored in your professional life. You want to do new things and you feel capable of much more than what you have already achieved. However, the routine does not give you space to move on.

Dreaming that you are having sex with a colleague sends a message to you that it is time to invest in a partnership with this colleague. Instead of seeing him as a potential competitor, bring him closer to you. Try to understand how he can be useful, as a person, in your professional goals and projects.


To dream that you are making love to someone you hate

You notice something about your character that you don't like, so you dream that you are making love to the person you hate. A characteristic that he hates and sees in this person has been present in his behavior.

Know that what you see in others that bothers you is usually something that you carry in your personality and that you do not accept. Face this side of you with maturity to welcome it with self-love and learn to manage yourself better. No one can model the other according to his ideal. However, anyone can be the change they wish to see.


Dream about making love to a celebrity

Those who dream of making love to a celebrity have a desire for fame and recognition. A huge desire to gain status, to go beyond what the dreamer himself often believes he is capable of. Yes, fame and glory are possible goals to achieve. Therefore, dreaming that you are having sex with a celebrity may be a premonition.

However, you need to consider what you did to achieve your goal. Above all, you must seek to develop your emotional intelligence. This wisdom will be useful to you in case of success, or if it turns out to be different from what you want.


Dreaming that you are having sex with your boss

You seek professional and financial fulfillment when you dream of having sex with your boss. You don't have to be embarrassed when he approaches or talks to you. 

To dream that you are having sex with your boss is asking for your improvement as a professional and as a person. Invest in courses and learning that go beyond office hours.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to bond with colleagues and exercise your leadership power independently. Before you reach the top, your biggest commitment is to take care of the person you want to put there, which is yourself.


Dreaming that you are having sex with the teacher

The dream in which you have sex with the teacher indicates your need for wisdom and guidance. You miss knowing how to manage your life. You also feel confused about which direction to take.

The teacher figure provides the support and guidance you need to be more confident in your decisions. To dream that you are having sex with the teacher shows that you need to stop waiting for help from outside forces.

The decision of what is best for your life is up to you. If you feel unsure about your knowledge, the first thing you need to know is you. So you'll find that you already have everything you need to get where you want to be.



Dream that you are making love in threes

To dream that you are having threesome love means that you are integrating your masculine and feminine side. As we know, both genders have male and female parts. What happens is that these poles generally coexist in the person in disharmony.

So, if you've dreamed of participating in a threesome, don't worry! This dream is auspicious, because it indicates that you will achieve inner harmony, which represents the merging of these opposite sides. In other words, you are prepared for personal growth.

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