Dream about playing football: What meanings?

Dream about playing football: What meanings?

Dreams are the only activity of our brain that allows us to semi-consciously see what is happening through our unconscious, every time we sleep we dream of something, but we don't always remember it. 

When we sleep and remember what we dream, it means that at the time we got those images from our subconscious, we were closer to wakefulness than unconsciousness.

Have you recently dreamed that you were playing football or watching a game? Do you want to know what this means? Well you have come to the right place: today we tell you everything about football dreams, its general meaning and the different interpretations you can get depending on the form the game takes and its elements in your dream. . Join us!


Dreaming about football: general meaning

You don't have to be a football fan to dream of it, football, along with other sports, is part of our daily lives in the news or in the conversations of family and friends, often associated with scores, competition and victories. . ; It is therefore not necessary to think too much to understand that football is linked in some way, in our collective unconscious, to the achievement of an objective, to the achievement of goals, to success.

However, dreams about football can have different meanings depending on how they are presented. You dreamed of a game? With things that are used in football? Here is below the meaning appropriate to your dream according to its main elements:


Dreaming of a game

If you dreamed of a football game, especially a game in which goals are presented, your subconscious is trying to convey a positive message: it means that you feel comfortable with what you are doing (whether in your profession, work or main occupation) and your goals. is the achievement of goals, the goals that you accomplish or are about to accomplish.

Of course, on the other hand, there is also the possibility that you dreamed about football because you saw a game that day or you recently played a game, in this case the football dream is probably the producer of your memories and has no symbolism.


Dreaming of a balloon

Prominent appearances of certain game elements can give us even more detail about what the subconscious is telling us; For example, if in your dream the main thing is not the game, but the emphasis is on the soccer ball, then this means that you have a clear goal that you want to achieve or that you are working hard for.


Dreaming of goals

As we mentioned before, one goal is getting points to win a match, right? When you dream of goals, they symbolize the goals you have in your life and the game is nothing more than the path you have to travel to reach them. How many goals you score and how the game ends depends on your performance.


dream of a goal

Dreaming of a goal, whether defending a goal, or dreaming of goalkeepers, tells us to be alert to what is coming. It means that you are expecting an event and you want to have the necessary preparation to face it ; It also means you have strong abilities to deal with it, so take it easy.


dream of stadium

Stadiums are where the main football event takes place, right? This dream tells us that we are waiting for a very important event in our lives , but also when we see the empty stadium it tells us that it is a moment of reflection just before the main event, where we must concentrate and think about our abilities, as well as the best strategy to exit successfully.


Dreaming of penalty shootouts

Penalty kicks are perhaps the most tense moments that can be experienced in a football game. If you dream of penalty shootout, it means that you feel pressure about how other people's decisions and actions affect you, but you know you have to wait. 

If you are the one to shoot, it means you are aware of your responsibility and you need to focus 100% to get a win.

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