Dream about someone dying: What meanings?

Dream about someone dying: What meanings?

Dream about someone dying: What meanings?

It is quite common and common for death to be the protagonist of your dreams, both yours and those of your loved ones. But dreaming about someone dying doesn't have the negative connotations you might expect, so rest assured that it's not a prophetic dream and it doesn't necessarily have a negative interpretation. Here is the exact meaning of your dream about someone dying according to the details of the dream.


Why do you dream of someone dying?

The tradition says that if you dream of someone dying, it is because you are injecting more life into them. It is hard for us to believe that with a dream we can prolong the life of another person, but what is clear, it is that dreams about death do not have a negative meaning as we think. 

Of course, it's not a dream that's going to come true, and it doesn't fulfill the dark or evil desires of your subconscious. Death is the only way to be reborn and precisely this dream concerns a vital renewal, a change of cycle, a new stage.  Like death-related dreams in general.

Change sometimes scares us, but it's almost always for the best and brings you one step closer to happiness. That is why it is normal for you to dream about the death of people you love when you know they are going through a difficult time. You don't wish them death, you wish them another life. 


Meaning of dreaming about the death of your loved ones

Dreaming about your father dying

As with any family member's death dreams, it's normal for you to want to think that it's not prescient. And no, it's not. The most common interpretation is that you feel quite great lack of maturity and that you do not feel secure enough to have too many responsibilities in your life. In the end, you are not ready to take on the role of your father. 

It is also a recurring dream when you feel weak, unprotected, vulnerable, when you need someone to hold you at a difficult time in your life. You need your father's protection, that's why you dream about his death. I wrote an article about the meanings of dreaming about his father for more details.


Dreaming about your mother dying

To dream that your mother is dying goes in the same direction as the previous meaning. This dream reflects the fear that a situation will change, that unconditional support, like your mother, will disappear. It can also mean that your relationship with your mother is not the best right now, that you distance yourself a lot and that in your subconscious you don't want this to happen. 

It can also happen that you dream that your mother dies because you know that your way of life does not please her and you are afraid of making her unhappy. See Dreaming of your Mother.


Dream about your child dying

This terrible dream, that of the death of a child, does not speak as much about your child as about yourself. Your child may be reaching adolescence and you fear losing that child he was before, or maybe your child is growing up and you're worried they'll change the way they talk to you. 

You don't have to look for hidden or premonitory meanings in this dream, but accept that life passes, that your child grows and that your role is to support him unconditionally, no matter what. 


Dreaming about your grandmother or grandfather dying 

Despite the fact that the death of your grandparents is something natural, because of what we are all going to go through, it is still a very hard and quite difficult event in life. 

In case you dream about the death of your grandmother, vYour subconscious speaks to you of moments of suffering, of loss of yourself and of your values. Your grandmother is a vital reference, and that she dies in your dreams means that you are lost and, perhaps, it is time to find your way in life. (See Dreaming of your Grandmother).

The case of your grandfather is quite similar, as he is also a vital reference without which you feel lost if he is not there. This dream also speaks of the fear of loneliness, the lack of protection you might have with your grandfather, and the fact that you are at a time in your life where you need help. The support of your loved ones will improve the situation in your life and, consequently, in your dreams. 


To dream that a sister or a brother dies 

Normally when you dream about the death of a sister or a brother, it indicates that you are excessively worried about him/her . It seems that the problems are overwhelming him and you don't quite know how to help him, you just want him to be reborn or resurrected. 

But it is also a sign that you have distanced yourself and that you are afraid of losing him, you are afraid that when you want to find this brother or sister, it will be too late. Take advantage of your dream to strengthen your bonds and wish the best to this very important person in your life. 


Dream about your aunt or uncle dying 

In the case of dreaming about the death of your uncle, your subconscious is testing you. What if he really dies? How would you feel? Surely very sad, because he is still an important person in your family. 

And this dream speaks precisely of family, because you may move away from it, that you have lost the support of the family and you want to find it again. But it is also a dream that speaks of new life, transformation and change.

In the case of your aunt or fairy godmother since birth, the meaning of dreaming about her loss speaks to you feeling alone. You may have had a fight with friends, family, or your partner and feel like you need unconditional support from someone as close as your aunt. He also talks about the need to reinvent oneself, to reappear with much more strength to be happy again. 


Dream about your daughter-in-law or son-in-law dying

The death of your daughter-in-law or the death of your son-in-law in a dream brings you several messages that you must try to listen to carefully. It can be a simple distancing with one of these people and you want to fix it somehow, or you may also know that they are having a bad time in their life and you want a rebirth for them, a resurgence of all that is bad so that they begin to be happy. It's not a prophetic dream, but you want the best for your daughter-in-law or son-in-law.


Dream about your brother-in-law or sister-in-law dying 

As we have seen for a long time, dreams of death speak of renewal or rebirth. Therefore, when you dream that your brother-in-law or sister-in-law dies, you may want a rebirth in them or in yourself. 

But it is also a dream that speaks about your family relationships, because maybe you had a fight with them or with a family member and you feel that it is too late to fix things.

Pay attention: it's never too late to make peace with someone you love. It is also possible that you are worried about your sister or your brother, for the relationship they have, and that is why your sister-in-law or your brother-in-law are so important in your dreams. 


Dreaming about your mother-in-law dying 

Have you ever dreamed of your mother-in-law dying? Surely you woke up with a strange feeling, usually of guilt, and you want to know what the meaning of your dream is. 

You may not be in the best time of your relationship with her and this dream serves to open your eyes, because despite the fact that mothers-in-law will always be mothers-in-law, you yourself have the possibility that there is at least cordiality between you. 

Is it time to make a phone call to tell him that you will be delighted to eat paella on Sunday? Pick up the phone and do it, your sanity will thank you. 


Dream about someone dying: What meanings?


What does it mean to dream that your boss dies?

It's normal that he's not your favorite person in the world. It happens to everyone. But that doesn't mean he has to die far from it, that's why you wake up so distraught when you dream that your boss died. Why does this dream occur?

This dream experience speaks precisely of your work. Maybe your professional life needs an urgent change, but it's also possible that your relationship with your boss needs to improve as well. It is also a dream to remind you that your well-being and happiness are above your professional career, and that you should be happy whatever your job.  


Dream that your ex dies: what is its meaning?

Dreaming of an ex is quite common because he is a person who was part of your life and who was important at one time. But what if you dream that he dies? In this case, there can be several interpretations. The first of these is that vYou haven't forgotten him completely and want to get back to him, or at least you want to tell him things that were pending. 

On the other hand, maybe your subconscious tells you it's time to move on once and for all. Whether you bury your past, your love life with your ex, and focus on your current partner (if you have one) or meeting someone new who can make you very happy. Are you ready to do this?


Interpretation of the dream that your partner dies

Have you ever dreamed about your partner dying? Or the death of your husband? Anyway, its meaning has a lot to do with the interpretation of the death of your loved ones that we saw a few lines above. 

This unfortunatly may well indicate relationship problems , like a distance between the two of you because you had a fight or you're going through a bad streak, or it can mean the opposite. 

The second case shows your concern for him and how much you love him. You dream of his death because you want him to have a new rebirth, a new life in which he is much happier, much more fulfilled. You want his problems to be over and for him to be as happy as before, if not happier. And, of course, have him by your side. 

In the event that you dream that your partner is killed by a car, you should ask yourself if you are really making the most of your time with him. You have to appreciate what you have, because in a second everything can change, and you have to extrapolate this dream not only to the couple's area but to all areas of your life. 


Dream that a friend or your best friend dies 

In the case of dreams of death from friends, both mutual friends and your best friends, they usually bring a pretty clear message. For one, your relationship may be on the rocks lately and you may not be in the same deal as before. 

You might have taken different paths in life and your subconscious brings you this dream for you to remember that in life, you have to leave more space for this friendship. 

Dreaming about your friend or best friend dying also has a positive meaning, like the dream with your partner or loved ones. Maybe that person you are dreaming about is having a bad time and you want it to end, you want it all to end and come back to life. But for a happier, purer life without as many problems as you have. 


What does it mean to dream of the death of children or babies?


To dream that a friend's son dies 

The interpretation of the dream that your friend's son dies has nothing to do with death itself, so you should be more than calm: this is not a premonitory dream. The subconscious sometimes exaggerates things so that we realize that something is wrong, in this case, something is wrong with your friend. 

Maybe your friend is going through a terrible time in her life, she lost something important to her (not necessarily a child, it could be a job, a partner...) And you dream about it yourself- even because deep down you know she needs your support. 

When you wake up from this terrible dream, you should keep in mind that it is time to help your friend, lend her your shoulder and do everything possible to deal with her problems. 


To dream that a child you don't know dies

What is the meaning of dreaming that a child you don't know dies? No child will die, we emphasize that these types of dreams are not prescient. But it has a message you need to pay close attention to: end of childhood and entry into adulthood. 

And as you enter adulthood, you will have to take on many responsibilities and obligations, right? But, in addition, this dream is a reflection that with the end of childhood your illusions have come to an end and you are at a stage when negative emotions have settled in your mind. It seems that that illusion of when you were a child has disappeared and your subconscious is asking you to take control of your life. 


Dream about a baby dying 

When you dream of being pregnant or giving birth, it is something quite positive, since it is the announcement of new projects or new illusions. But what if you dream that a baby dies? It's just a clear indicator of failure, that those new projects you're involved in won't bear fruit and deep down you know it. 

It is a dream indicating you to recognize that these new paths are not as successful as you thought at first, and maybe you have to face some new and different challenges. (See Baby Dreaming).


Meaning of dreaming that your animals are dying 

When you dream that your animal dies, it is a sign that something is wrong with you. You feel alone, frustrated and helpless. You are afraid of loneliness and you have a certain dependence not only on your pets, but also on a partner or a friend. You have to think about everything that makes you vulnerable in order to react and not let yourself be hurt. 

Did your dog die in dreams? Dogs symbolize loyalty and fidelity, which is why this dream indicates problems in your closest social circle. You can also talk about infidelities within the couple or any insecurities you may have with regard to a partner.

On the other hand, if you have ever dreamed that your cat died, it is a clear indication that you are losing your independence. Also, cats are a symbol of seduction, so in this matter something is wrong when you dream that this animal dies. 


What does it mean to dream that a famous person dies?

Don't feel guilty dreaming about the death of a famous person you admire because you wish them nothing bad. On the contrary, you may want it to change course, to renew itself. Or maybe it is a symbol of vital renewal in which your subconscious alerts you that, perhaps, it is time to have new idols.

 Deep down, you know that you love things other than that idol and that you're moving forward in life. Therefore, you need to find your new favorite idols or celebrities. 


Dreaming of your own death: general interpretation

When you dream that someone dies well, it can mean a distance from that person or that you wish them a new rebirth. Therefore, if you dream that it is you who dies, this rebirth you wish for yourself. Dreaming of your own death is a symbol that you need to open yourself to a new life, much happier and much more full of everything you love. 

This dream can also signify the end of a stage that has been important for you, the beginning of a new one that you have to face with integrity and joy. Do not be afraid when you have this dream experience, because it serves more than anything to reflect on our own life and the things we want to do in it.  

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