Dream about the death of your child: What meaning?

Dream about the death of your child: What meaning?

Dream about the death of your child: What meaning?

Even though dreaming about death is something that is received very negatively by the person, associating the dream with some sort of prediction and premonition and starting to fear for your child's life, dreaming about your child's death however, does not always have a bad meaning.

To dream of the death of one's child can be both a simple manifestation of the dreamer's fear of losing such a person, in this case the child, as well as an indication that possible periods of transformation are underway in his life, since death is a sign of renewal and transformation.

Therefore, the first meaning that this dream can bring is just a simple fear, of losing your own son who is such an important person for you. Some parents develop such deep emotional ties with their children that the idea of ​​losing them one day becomes something terrifying, and that justifies the dream.

But, the fear cannot be only of the physical death of the child, to be able to lose to a symbolic death, that is, the dream can represent the fear that the parents have that the children grow up and stop dying. be what they are today, or they will live far away and end up moving away.

And, the other interpretation of this dream is that of transformation. This dream could represent the arrival of a period full of renewals, the beginning of a new phase, which could be in the life of the parents or the child, being a period of a lot of maturation and therefore change.


Dreaming about the death of a child that does not exist

To dream of a child you don't have, dead or dying, indicates that you are failing because you don't know how to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Several opportunities to improve your life passed before you, but because of your fear, you ended up letting it pass.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention and put fear aside, in order to be able to seize opportunities wisely. This dream is a warning that those opportunities will end soon and you will probably regret it all your life if you don't take advantage of them now.


Dreaming about the death of a baby

To dream of a baby dying can indicate flaws in your life, a winding path in the middle of the journey. Analyze better this situation that makes you sad and makes you lose your calm in the face of life, after analysis, try to improve yourself and you will see that this bad cycle will end and a good phase is coming. (See Baby Dreaming).


Dreaming about the murder of his son

To dream that your child is killed signifies that you are afraid that you cannot protect your child in a way that leaves him to die. This dream is very common, especially with the increasing violence in France and around the world, so we will never know if the people we love are really safe or not.

In this way, the parents who had this dream end up feeling helpless and the dream symbolizes just that, compared to the real ability to protect those we love, especially our children, who need us even more.


Dream of a dead and then alive son

There are two interpretations for this type of dream, the first of which is that you will be able to overcome the difficulties you are facing. The second interpretation, on the other hand, is not as positive as the first and may be a warning that old problems that had been overcome are coming back with new vigor. Also, this dream can have another meaning, that someone who is no longer part of your life wants to come back.


To dream that his son died and came back to life

If you have dreamed that your child died and came back to life, know that this dream signifies a new beginning phase for something that was still beginning. This dream represents an opportunity, the possibility of resolving something before it becomes a problem.


Dreaming about his son in the coffin

To dream of a dead child in a coffin can mean that you have lost something very important in your life lately. This dream occurs to show how you feel, although you may be trying to convey the idea that everything is fine.


Dreaming about the death of a small child (newborn)

If you dreamed about the death of a small child, you should know that this dream signifies that your mind is trying to tell you that you have been very disappointed and upset lately and this is hurting you.


Dreaming about the death of someone else's child

This dream could represent the advent of a period full of accomplishments and renewals, the beginning of a new phase.

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