Dream of a dead person coming back to life: What meanings?

Dream of a dead person coming back to life: What meanings?

Dream of a dead person coming back to life: What meanings?

When a loved one dies, it takes time to come to terms with the reality of that death. Dreaming of a dead person being revived occurs more frequently shortly after death, when the person has not yet fully realized what has happened. It is also a particularly common dream in these cases:

  • The death was traumatic, sudden and unexpected; for example, deaths of children, young people, victims of road accidents, etc.
  • The relative could not see the dead body of this person;
  • The relative was not at the funeral.

The dreamer feels amazed during the dream, he does not expect to see this person, because he is dead; it seems strange to him that she should appear alive to him. Sometimes he also directly asks the dead for explanations; he asks why he is there; the dead person almost always answers something like this: "It's not true that I'm dead, it was a mistake".

Sometimes we even dream of hugging and kissing the deceased; you have very intense and realistic tactile sensations, you can perceive all its warmth, its fragrance, its breath. It can also happen, for a spouse, to dream of having sex with the deceased husband / wife.


Dreaming of a dead person who comes back to life laughing, singing, eating, dancing

The dead person is often dreamed of in good health, joyful, in festive situations (weddings, dinners, lunches); we see her laughing, joking, even singing or dancing; she eats and drinks with great taste. 

Sometimes she runs or rides a bike. In short, she is engaged in very "vital" activities, perhaps those she could no longer do in the last phase of life, due to old age or illness.

These dreams are consoling and liberating, they fulfill the desire to see your deceased loved one feel good, freed from the suffering and deprivations caused, precisely, by illness or old age. Here perhaps the person reliving in the dream is dancing, or riding a bicycle; the person who could not eat eats his fill; and if, on the other hand, she had trouble speaking, sings happily in the dream.


Dreaming about a dead man coming back to life offering food or money

Also quite common is the situation in which the deceased offers something in a dream, usually food (sweets, sweets, fruits) or money. 

This dream has a common origin in some traditions, widespread especially in southern Italy, according to which on the day of the dead children receive small gifts, and they are told that "the dead" have brought them. These are often candy, fruit, toys or small amounts of money.

It can be a deceased loved one who gives you a gift in the dream or a deceased who was just an acquaintance to you. Either way, the gift shows interest in keeping a link: it's like saying “I'm here, I care about you, I want to be remembered”.


Dream of a dead person coming back to life: What meanings?


Dream that the person is pregnant

To dream that she is expecting a child or giving birth to a child may represent that woman's strong connection to her earthly life and the people who loved her; the pregnancy or birth of a deceased person represents his psychic heritage; the child who comes into the world embodies his memory in the real world, the feelings, the love, the teachings, the good works that this person left on this earth; like seeds, they will grow in the hearts of those who loved him.


The contrast with reality helps to become aware of death

Upon awakening, the dreamer feels a sense of estrangement due to having to verify the reality of things: what he saw in a dream is, precisely, a dream.

We all have experience of what the reactions are when someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly. Everyone says, “That's not possible! It doesn't even feel real to me! ".

The reaction is, of course, much stronger among the relatives of the deceased. In some cases, the refusal of death is prolonged in time, so that the person always behaves as if the deceased relative (son, wife, etc.) were still alive: he refuses the reality of death, because it is too painful.

This type of dream comes from these emotions: the dream reproduces the wish that the person is not dead. It is precisely this contrast between dream and reality that helps the mind realize that instead, death is true and real. The dreams in which the deceased appears to us are therefore useful for absorbing the trauma and metabolizing it.

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