Dream of a horse: What does it mean?

Dream of a horse: What does it mean?

Dream of a horse: What does it mean?

The horse is an animal that is extremely appreciated for its bravery and its docility, making it a faithful companion of man. horses have also always been present in human societies, having long been used as a means of transport. But what does it mean to dream of a horse? 

The meaning of such a dream is closely related to how the animal is presented in the dream, its details, and the emotions it makes you feel. 


Dreaming of Horse: General Interpretation

Generally speaking, the horse dream is often linked to discoveries, peace, problem solving and the end of a difficult life trial.

Dreaming of a horse is very generally positive, but to be sure to make the most accurate interpretation possible, it is vital to take into account all the details. For this, here are all the meanings of dreaming about a horse, according to the details of the dream.


Dreaming of white horse

White is very positive in dreams and dreaming of a white horse is a sign from your subconscious that you have found an answer to one of your needs. You are probably going through turbulent times and you are finally coming to an end to this tumult thanks to the solutions you have put in place. Here is the article dedicated to white horse dreams for more details.


Dream of riding a horse

This dream represents the arrival of a solution to one of your problems and represents your will and power to solve this problem. You have acquired qualities such as will and perseverance. Riding this horse represents your victory and conquering attitude that ensues from this battle in real life.


Dream about falling on a horse

You are on all fronts and obviously you cannot manage everything at once hence the failure represented by the fall. You don't have to carry all the burdens and manage everything yourself, so it's time to learn to delegate to avoid overwork. Learn to trust and delegate so that everything works out as it should and you don't feel the mental weight of it. (See dreaming of falling).


Dreaming of a brown horse

This dream is synonymous with discoveries to come because brown represents the earth and the path in the dream sphere. Your ideas are in place to move forward and you know how to achieve your goals and which direction to take to reach them. You just have to continue this path to reach the goal.


Dreaming of a black horse

The color black is often negative in the dream world. But in such a dream, she represents the hidden, which combined with the horse is representative of your self-confidence. You are determined to move forward even in the unknown and to overcome your fears.


Dreaming of an angry horse

An angry horse is a sign that should alert you because a dangerous situation is present in your life and you haven't fully identified it. This can concern private life as well as the professional side. Use it as a warning to be more vigilant in everyday life.


Dreaming of a running horse

Dreaming of a running horse is related to your current transformation in real life and and related to solving tangled problems. The dream shows that you need to take control of your life whatever is happening around you.


Dream about a horse chasing you

To dream of a horse chasing you represents the good news coming, it is a sign that it is coming at the right time. Maybe in the next few days you will be surprised by something very positive and unexpected.


Dream of a horse: What does it mean?


Dreaming of a gentle horse

The calmness of the horse in the dream is a sign that you are connected to your natural state and may it bring you intense peace in your current life. The horse is a symbol of gentleness, whether in dreams or in reality.


Dreaming of a red horse

Red is an indicator of passion and love. The power is within you and is reflected there. If the horse is fiery, an inner fire burns giving you the strength to overcome the difficulties of life. This dream is extremely positive.


Dreaming of an injured horse

A wounded horse is a sign that your health is bad and that it is necessary to take it into account, whether physical or mental. A horse is a strong animal and this dream reveals that the wound is deep.


Dream about a horse biting you

Both strange and painful, this dream is an indicator thatthere is a rage in you, like snakebite dreams. If you have feelings of anger towards someone or a situation, try to calm things down, it can only have positive effects.


Dream about a dead horse

Dreaming of a dead horse indicates the end of a cycle. But above all it reveals the beginning of a new cycle which will be entirely made up of peace and love. The burdens you were carrying are now behind you.


Dreaming of horses

This dream is a sign of great joy. Many horses represent positive feelings that can relate to different areas of your life. The projects that you thought were unachievable and unattainable are more and more concrete and now within your reach.


Dreaming of a saddled horse

This is a new phase in your life that is very positive and brings you happiness. It can be a personal fulfillment as something that is due to the circumstances of life.


Dreaming of a horse with a rider

This indicates a harmonious relationship life and satisfaction in the intimate life of the dreamer. The only exception is if he wears armor, a symbol of the fact that you have to protect yourself from someone in real life.


Dream about a horse with a carriage

This dream indicates a lot of work and effort to achieve the desire for independence and freedom and is a very good sign for your current goals. If the carriage falls though, then be careful not to rush to reach them.


Dream of a horse: What does it mean?

Dream about fleeing with a horse

You tend to remove fears and conflicts rather than confronting them face to face to find solutions. Running away in the dream is a reflection of running away from something unpleasant in the real world.

If you get caught up in the dream, it is a sign that your fears and conflicts are catching up with you even if you try to run away from them, facing your problems is the only solution.


Dream about being afraid of a horse

You are not fine comfortable with certain parts of your character and would like to change certain aspects of your personality. In this dream, the horse is a reflection of your own personality.


Dream of petting a horse

Harmony is symbolized through this dream, it is usually the couple relationship that is represented in this way, but it can be another type of partnership that you have in the waking state.


Dream about having a horse as a gift

You are at the dawn of a new positive phase in your life or the circumstances are favorable to you. What happens to you is not the consequence of your actions but of external facts. (See dreaming of a gift).


Dreaming of your own horse

Having your own horse in the dream world is the reflection of your inner world, and the fact that your subconscious represents it to you as the horse in the dream indicates a free spirit.


Dream about catching a horse

You have some financial success and which offers you a higher standard of living. The harder you catch the horse, the harder the struggle was to achieve these goals.


Dream about being chased by a horse

Your repressed feelings come to the surface and you need to become aware of these emotions so that you can deal with them properly. (See dream of being sued).


Dreaming of getting kicked

You have been hurt by a loved one and now hold resentment against it that prevents you from moving forward in life. This article will give you more details about this dream.


Dreaming of a dying horse

The dreamer feels overwhelmed by something in their life, is at the end of his tether, being able to experience a crisis in one aspect of his life. The dream is thus very different from the horse which is already dead, because the symbolism changes completely.


Dream about a drowning horse

You feel overwhelmed and you see no way out of your problems. the horse is the reflection of your psychic sphere that the subconscious sends back to you through this dreamlike image. I recommend the article on dreaming of drowning which will allow you to refine the analysis of the dream.


Dream about killing a horse

You want to end some of your cravings, often linked to freedom and change. You will have to think carefully to make the right decisions. Consult the dream of killing to get a clearer idea.


Dream about buying a horse

You want your wishes to be granted, you are the only one who can achieve them.


Dream of selling a horse

You want to free yourself from certain fears and put an end to an overflow of emotions in real life.


Dreaming of a gallot horse

Power and dynamism are at the heart of this dream, which reflects that you are experiencing a strong desire for freedom and adventure and put an end to the current constraints.


Dream that the horse ran away

The running away horse in the dream signals thats worries and fears overwhelm you in real life and that you cannot evolve as you would like.


Dream about a horse attack

There is a problem in your interpersonal relationships and you may have been hurt by what someone close to you said or did to you.


Dream of a lame horse

A lame horse is a sign of physical weakness and exhaustion and shows that you are exhausted by a stressful situation that absorbs all your energy.


Dream about a falling horse

Pay attention to pride and arrogance which can make you fall into the precipice even if the direction has so far been well followed in your projects. Falling in dreams is always linked to a problem moving forward in life and often due to overconfidence.


Dreaming of a lying horse

If the horse is down, his state of mind mirrors your waking state. For example, if he is serene, so are you in person. You will need to see the horse's health condition to form an accurate opinion of what this dream means.


Dream about the birth of a foal

Like every birth in a dream, it represents a new phase of your life. The birth that goes well is always positive in the dream sphere.


Dreaming of foal

Foals in the dream sphere are synonymous withenergy and vitality that reflect your life force in the real world and who rises to all the challenges that come his way.


Dreaming of a tamed horse

You have all your emotions under control and are well liked by people around you in waking life.


Dreaming of a huge or on the contrary small horse

The size of the horse is proportional to your qualities relative to the freedom of spirit and the desire that you have in you.



What conclusions can be drawn?

Every dream is an indication of our subconscious and perhaps valuable in making the right choices in life. So take the opportunity to make your dream your guide and you can only go forward!

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