Dream of argument: What meanings?

Dream of argument: What meanings?

Dream of argument: What meanings?

To dream of an argument means that you feel insecure or that you are afraid of not being understood. You have to find an emotional balance. Know that you are a competent person and able to get what you want.

Getting into an argument for sport or pleasure is an indication that you will experience moments of great peace, harmony and tranquility with family and friends; however, entering into a dispute for sheer vanity is a warning against serious trouble and misfortune. 

Winning a victory in a dispute is a sign that a stroke of luck will bring a lot of money to those who dream of a dispute; however, being defeated in a dispute in the dream is a sign that your efforts will not be rewarded

To dream of disagreement means that you are very insecure and let this insecurity dominate you in every day-to-day situation.

The dream also predicts discussions and conflicts with loved ones at work and in personal life. Perhaps these disagreements are due to jealousy or the failure of certain projects.

The meaning of dreaming about dispute is also auspicious, as it indicates that you will experience many happy moments alongside special people.

Another meaning is related to the type of dispute in your dream, for example: if you dreamed that you were arguing about something with a relative, it is a sign that you will overcome all the obstacles that come your way; but if the dream was for a business dispute, then another good time will come and you will find items stored with relatives that are worth a lot of money.

Dreaming of argument for fun

To have this type of dream means that you want to get someone's attention because you feel needy or just because that person doesn't understand you on any subject you are interested in.

The dream also indicates that he will experience great moments of harmony, happiness and pleasure, in addition to achieving that tranquility he so desired among his friends and family. Enjoy the moment and enjoy everything with great joy!

Dream about a serious argument

To dream that you are in a real conflict is a sign that you need neutrality in your life, you also need a balance between the emotional and the rational.

This dream proves that you are a person worthy of good things and that you are skilled enough to plant and reap excellent fruits of your labor and efforts.

If in the dream you really fought with your partner, it means that you will be very happy together.


Dream of argument: What meanings?

Dreaming about an argument related to vanity

To dream that you get into a dispute over vanity is not a good omen, as it indicates that unpleasant events may take over your life. You have to be careful in your thoughts and think for a long time before a decision is made.

Getting into a vanity argument in a dream can also mean restlessness and anger; it indicates that changes will occur in your life and that you will go through turbulent times. But don't worry, because if you act cautiously and make wise decisions, a reversal could occur.

The dream warns you to ask for help if you are going through a difficult time; make sure it's the best solution!

Dream about winning an argument

Dreaming of winning an argument is an excellent omen in the financial field; indicates that you will earn a lot of money and can enjoy it as you have always dreamed.

Another meaning is related to professional life; it means that the uncertainties that you have in relation to your work will be lifted and that you will be able to stick to the objective that you seek professionally, that is to say that the opportunities will appear to you.

If you dreamed of winning a dispute, it means that you are a very hard person on yourself regarding your goals and you really give 100% to achieve something.


Dream about losing an argument

The dream of losing an argument does not always mean a defeat. In this dream case, losing an argument indicates golden times, happy and harmonious days.

To dream of losing a dispute also means that all past efforts to achieve something will be rewarded very soon. If you are looking for a higher position in the company, keep working hard and you will get what you want and need.

The downside of this dream may be lack of self-esteem. You may need to believe in yourself more and try harder to achieve your desires and goals. Try to have more determination, express your opinions and your emotions with more confidence, to get what you want.

Dream of watching an argument

To dream of watching an argument is a sign that you need to be more active in life, that is, you need to pursue what you want and what you really want, and not be passive in your life.

The dream also indicates that you may be spending your money lazily, foolishly, wasting it on superfluous and fleeting things, which you may regret in the future.

If you like to travel, get ready, because this dream indicates a trip in sight.

Dreaming about a legal dispute

To dream of a legal dispute signifies that you will succeed in a problem you are facing today.

If the legal dispute involves money, it means that in the near future you may suffer from a health problem, so take advantage of the dream signal and get a checkup as soon as possible.

The dream also indicates that the dreamer will face a battle, perhaps a competition between colleagues, or a rivalry with a friend due to contrary ideas.

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