Dream of being attacked by a dog: What meanings?

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Dream of being attacked by a dog: What meanings?

Dreams about being attacked by a dog are never pleasant. It doesn't matter if you dream about being bitten by a dog, running away from a pack of dogs, or maybe having a fight with one or more dogs, it's not something we want to experience even in dreams. Especially if you like dogs in waking life. 

So what are these dreams for? Today we will try to help you find the right interpretation for your dog attack dream. 


What does it mean to dream of being attacked by a dog?

One of the most common causes of dreams involving dog attacks is emotional disorder. While some people are afraid of dogs in waking life, many of us can agree that a dog is man's best friend. And after all, dogs have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. 

Therefore, when a dog attacks you, it can certainly be confusing. Seen this way, it should come as no surprise that dreams about dogs can represent mixed emotions. The line between love and hate is thin. Yes, we can feel both attraction and disgust. Sometimes dreams about dog attacks point to such feelings. 

When we are dealing with a complex range of emotions that seem to arise at the same time, the process can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes our subconscious tries to help us cope with the situation through dreams. Dreams about dog attacks can be such dreams. 

Your mind is trying to help you through your inner turmoil through these dream images. A common problem when such dreams occur is that we refuse to accept some new facts that we have discovered and are trying to escape the inevitability of change. 

This was the main meaning of dog attacks - the one that is connected with problems in yourself and internal conflicts. 

However, there is another important possibility when it comes to interpreting dog dreams: dogs can represent friends or other people close to you. The dream might tell you that you are getting involved in dangerous relationships. If not, it could just be a symptom of some problems in your existing relationships. 

As you can see, both of these interpretations are related to conflict, and this is the main meaning attached to dog attack dreams: some conflict, trouble, or confusion. In the first case it was an internal conflict, in the second it was a conflict with the people around us. 

In any case, we must not forget that dogs are not aggressive by nature. They weren't born to attack humans. Even wolves do not do this without an urgent need. What teaches dogs to attack is their environment or the humans who train them. Always keep this idea in mind when interpreting dog attack dreams. 


Dreaming about the teeth of an attacking dog

Dog's teeth are a particularly strong symbol in dreams. Did a dog's teeth have a good place in your dream? Maybe you were bitten and felt and saw the teeth. On the other hand, the dog may not have ended up biting you in your dream, but just showing you its teeth. 

Either way, it doesn't bode well. Dog teeth in dreams are usually a sign of pain and suffering (see dreaming of teeth). This suffering can come from within or from someone else. Someone you considered a friend might be showing you their teeth in a figurative sense. 

An alternative interpretation of dog teeth in dreams is to see them as a symbol of the wild and untamed side within us. Understood in this way, dog teeth in dreams could indicate an aggressive attitude. Where does it come from and is it justified? The dream makes you think about this question. 


Dream about a dog biting

In dreams about dog attacks, someone usually ends up being bitten. However, not all bites are the same, especially when it comes to interpreting your dream. 

The most common situation with dog bites in dreams (both in dreams and in waking life) is being bitten on the leg. If you dream that your leg was bitten by a dog, it represents a loss of balance in life. You are not standing on your own two feet. It's time to try to regain the lost balance and regain your footing. 

When you dream of someone else being bitten, the meaning is very different. This kind of dream image is usually synonymous with treason. Someone you trust might betray you in the future. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily the person who was bitten in the dream. 


Dream about being attacked by a pack of dogs 

Dreaming of being attacked by a pack of dogs is truly frightening. Your dream could actually be a representation of your feelings in waking life. Sometimes life seems to throw all possible challenges at us all at once. 

When it seems like everything around you is falling apart and there is no way to fight it, you might start dreaming about a pack of dogs attacking you. However, there is a positive message to take from this dream: a pack of dogs is scary, but not invincible. 

You should treat the problems in your life the same way. Don't lose faith in the face of trouble. You have the power within you to overcome them. 


Dream of killing a dog 

Dreaming about killing a dog can be very uncomfortable, and the meaning of this dream is not very pleasant either. These dreams are not very common, but when they occur they convey a strong message. 

As we have already mentioned, a dog represents above all a friend. When you dream of killing a dog, it usually means the end of a friendship. 

In this dream, the dog is usually a symbol of someone you trust, platonic love towards someone. To kill a dog is to lose a faithful friend. This does not mean that your friend is going to die, but that your relationship is in danger. 


Dream about being chased by a dog 

When you dream of being chased by a dog, it relates to some friendship in your life. Most of the time, the dog in your dream represents some form of friendship in your life. 

When you are chased by a dog, it usually means that you are the one who betrays a friendship. You may not have been loyal, and the dog chasing you is literally that relationship coming back to bite you. 


The Psychology of Pets in Dreams

When we want to understand dreams, we often refer to various traditional dream dictionaries. However, there is also a basis in psychology for understanding our dreams. Sigmund Freud was one of the first to take dreams seriously. For him, our dreams are a reflection of our subconscious. 

In the Freudian understanding, animals in dreams are also strong symbols. When we dream of a pet or other animal, we must first try to consider what that animal means to us - and this can vary a lot from person to person. 

Do you think the animal in your dream represents you? Animals are also connected to our instincts, to our animal side. Therefore, in dreams they can often be an expression of our most animalistic desires and impulses.

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