Dream of being bitten by a dog: What meanings?

Dream of being bitten by a dog: What meanings?

Dream of being bitten by a dog: What meanings?

Dreams with dogs are among the most common dreams for all people, including those who love other animals more than dogs. But do you know the meaning of dreaming of being bitten by a dog?

Dogs have been on our side since very ancient times, so it is not strange that we dream of these animals.

As you know, dogs are considered our best friends and this is happening in many societies around the world.

If you dreamed about a dog, you might be wondering what message this dream carries.

To get the exact answer, you need to remember as many details as possible; the meaning is not the same when one dreams of a cute puppy and that one dreams of an aggressive or wild dog for example.

Of course, it is important to remember what you were doing in a dream and how the dog behaved.

Here are all the dreams related to being bitten by a dog.


Dream of being bitten by a dog: What meanings?

Before continuing, I want to introduce you to the basics of dog dream symbolism in general, as this is an important prerequisite to better understand the meaning of dreaming about dogs biting you.

Dogs are present in almost every mythological, spiritual and religious system around the world. They are present in the symbolic and real life of human beings. These are some of our favorite animals.

Our four-legged friends have always been associated with positive concepts and ideas. In many traditions, dogs symbolize loyalty, friendship, support, unconditional love, prosperity, and fortune.

The ancient Chinese were very fond of dogs. The dog is also one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs and is considered a good and lucky animal. The Chinese especially love their symbolic Fu dogs.

The ancient Celts, to take another example, viewed dogs as magical beings with healing powers.

Christians have always loved dogs too. In Christianity, dogs were linked to ideas of grace, loyalty, love, and a good future.

For many people, dogs are wonderful and loving animals; today, they are among the most popular pets.


Dream of being bitten by a dog: What meanings?


Dream about a dog biting you - General meaning

To dream of a biting dog is always tied to your relationship with the people in your life, but it is possible that there are different meanings, depending on a specific dream and the personal life experience of the dreamer.

People don't usually dream of being bitten by a dog very often. However, this type of dream is common among those who are very afraid of dogs, those who don't like them very much and, of course, people who have been bitten by a dog.

Dreaming of being bitten by a dog may symbolize disloyalty, disobedience, disappointment, broken friendship and general discomfort with various things in life.

The exact meaning depends on the severity of the bite, the person bitten, and many other factors.

When we talk about dog bites, we usually think of people being bitten by an aggressive dog, but you can also be bitten by a friendly dog ​​while playing with it.


Dreaming about a dog biting your hands

Here the meaning of the dream varies depending on which hand is bitten, for example, if it is the left hand, it is about the fact that your soft and generous side that you have is attacked, if it is the right hand then the attack is on your feminine side.


Dreaming about a dog biting your fingers

Fingers symbolize skills, if a dog bites you in the dream, then you are losing them in reality.


Dream about a dog biting your arm

The arm is the representation in the dream world of the efforts and the fact of having it bitten in the dream by the dog means that your efforts are being sabotaged in the real state.


Dream about a dog biting your leg

Legs are the symbol of balance and this dream shows that you are losing what constitutes the balance of your life, perhaps too much work that jeopardizes family life to take a common example.


Dreaming about a dog biting your foot

The feet are the reflection of the basics of your life, so these are attacked in your real life. (See dreaming of feet).


Dreaming about a dog biting your shoulder

A symbol of strength and responsibility, having a dog bite your shoulder in the dream shows that youYou are getting overwhelmed with responsibilities.


Dreaming about a dog biting your neck

This is the sign of a inner conflict, because the neck represents the connection between the body and the spirit.


Dream about having your eyes and ears bitten

You lose your ability to see things clearly and to hear them in real life, in the spirit sense of course.


Dream about being bitten by a dog and killing it

Death in dreams is often positive and in this case symbolizes that you put an end to a complicated situation. For example, if he bit your shoulder before you shot him, then you have regained control of your responsibilities.


Dream about being bitten by a giant dog 

The size of the dog determines the size of what is attacked in real life. If a giant dog bites you in the dream sphere indicates the magnitude of the problem in your life. For example, a giant dog biting your fingers shows that you are losing great abilities.


Dreaming about being bitten and killed by the dog

The more damage the dog causes in the dream, the more you are affected in reality by what is attacking you. If the canine kills you, then you are extremely affected. My article on dreams of being killed can teach you more.


Dreaming about being bitten and running away

Running away is always bad in dreams, because it shows your cowardice in dealing with problems, which is never the solution to get rid of it.


Dreaming about getting bitten and fighting

Certainly the difficulties are imposed on you but you are ready to fight them and put the situation back to how it was before because you are fighting in the dream.


To dream that a dog bites you and runs away

Here the attack is very loose and reveals a betrayal in your life from someone you believe to be loyal and represented by the dog in the image in this dream.


To dream that the dog biting you is aggressive

To dream of being chased, injured and bitten by an aggressive dog is quite frightening for any dreamer.

This dream means that you feel threatened and in danger in reality, and the dog is just a metaphor for the things you care about in life.

This angry and scary dog ​​can represent your inner fears. But also external factors that affect your life in a negative way.

Usually, dreaming of a dog biting you represents some kind of disappointment and loss.

It could mean that one of your friends betrayed you or left you in need. It can also mean that someone you trust has turned their back on you.

Maybe someone took advantage of your failure or something bad happened to you.

This dream indicates breakups, relationship failure, fear or sadness that arise.

These dreams often reflect a situation where someone you have always trusted and who has been too nice turned out to be disloyal and bad to you.

You gave them no reason to and you feel broken, deeply disappointed and sad.


Dream of being bitten by a dog: What meanings?


Dream about being bitten by a sick dog

To dream of a sick dog biting is a negative and frightening dream. Such dreams are always unpleasant and cause fear in your life.

This dream means that there is toxic people in the nearest vicinity, but you don't realize it.

This dream also suggests that your mind and soul are intoxicated with negative energy and negative emotions. (See dreaming of illness).


Dreaming about a nice dog biting you

You must dare to try new and exciting things, but try not to overestimate yourself. A lot of people do this and end up getting hurt.

Decide on your priorities and enjoy your life at an orderly but not too strict pace.

This dream also suggests that you should probably be a bit more organized. If in the dream the dog bit you during the game, it could also mean that you have gone too far by teasing someone you really know and love.

Maybe you've hurt someone unintentionally, without realizing it, because you're usually too teasing and think everything you say or do is completely innocent to other people.


Dream about a dog biting someone else

If you dream of a dog biting someone else, especially if it's someone you love and care about, this dream comes to reflect your feeling of helplessness.

You are concerned about someone and concerned about their well-being, but you don't know how to help her.

This dream can also be a reflection of your frustration and guilt for not taking action when times were tough for someone else.

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