Dream of betrayal: What meanings?

Dream of betrayal: What meanings?

By having many close people, we will always be afraid that they can betray us in many ways, now if we dream of betrayal it is because we doubt someone's loyalty or their actions.

If we dream about someone in particular and we see all their actions, we should be very worried since our subconscious does not warn what kind of person could be a friend, relative or acquaintance, we could also doubt the actions it has towards us or interferes with our goals.


Meaning of dreaming of betrayal

If you dream of being betrayed, it means that you will lose someone close to you. If, on the other hand, you dream that someone betrays you, you can interpret it as this person envy you in real life.

Some dream scholars and analysts, also called dream dreamers, claim that dreaming of betrayal indicates that we are ready to overcome the obstacles that arise throughout our lives.

Logically, we all change as our life and time progress but, despite this, we do not understand that someone close to us can betray us and is capable of harming us.


Dream about betraying your country

This can be synonymous with doubt, because we are between a rock and a hard place when we make a decision concerning our own interest or that of the community. Or it also refers to having lost self-respect and doing things that the dreamer did not think he was able to do before.


Dreaming about partner betrayal

This is the most frequent or the most common dream, it shows some concern by always wanting to control the activities of our partner.

If it is a husband who dreams that he betrays, this can portend illnesses that can be related to stress and worries. If it is a woman who dreams that she is betraying, it may refer to economic setbacks.

To dream that we betray our partner with a stranger can indicate that we do not know what we really want. It can cause us to seek the happiness we truly desire in fleeting and sometimes even forbidden pleasures.

If, on the other hand, it is someone we know, it can insinuate that we appreciate certain things or people in the wrong way, it can lead us to make wrong or inappropriate decisions and it will put our emotional stability at risk.


To dream that you betray someone

It can be interpreted in a way that we leave out certain aspects of ourselves as people, those aspects are very important, it can be our spiritual side, maybe our customs and values, or things that we should really appreciate.


Dream about betraying someone you know

It can be interpreted as a prediction that we will receive an unexpected inheritance, or that we will have an unexpected income like winning the lottery or maybe a raise in salary.


To dream that we betray a brother or relative

It may mean that we should value ourselves more as people. Love yourself and give yourself the respect you truly deserve, whether it's in a workplace or being mistreated by other people.


To dream that we are witnessing a betrayal

It can mean that there are conflicting or toxic people around us, and that later there could be problems, whether they affect us or not.


Dreaming of betrayal frequently

If one dreams of betrayal several times a month (4 or 5 times a month) this can symbolize the dreamer's insecurity. Maybe because he has already been betrayed once and has lost trust in others and is on the defensive.


Conclusion of dreaming of betrayal

Dreaming of betrayal can also mean that you have stopped trusting some people close to you, who previously occupied a special place in your life or who were in agreement with your way of thinking and acting.

The dream of betrayal can be interpreted as feeling dirty inside for having acted inappropriately against someone, having cheated on them, because being a person who acts well by doing it incorrectly, his subconscious l warned that this action was wrong.

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