Dream of carrying a baby in your arms: What meanings?

Dream of carrying a baby in your arms: What meanings?


Have you dreamed that you had a baby in your arms and you don't know what it means? Well, unless you have recently kissed a newborn or just become a mother or father (in all of these cases, this type of dream would be understood, since it would only be a reminder what you have just experienced), it is true that dreaming of a baby in your arms generally has a more than positive interpretation, since it symbolizes purity, tenderness and absolute tranquility.

However, as in any self-respecting meaning of dreams, one could also find another negative connotation in it.


What does it mean to dream of a baby in your arms?

Although dreaming that you have a baby in your arms always has a positive meaning, the truth is that it all depends on the feeling and state of mind we are in when we are holding this baby in our dream. One can feel peace and tenderness... but also uncertainty and anxiety fearing that he will fall to the ground.


To dream of a baby in your arms means that you are an innocent person:

A person who is innocent, pure and perhaps with a touch of naivety. But beware: this does not mean that you are an extremely gullible person or that you have not yet lived enough of your daily life, but rather that you have the capacity to be amazed and fascinated by small details.

Believe us: it's wonderful when you realize that you still have the ability to surprise yourself, no matter how old you are and no matter what you've been through. Take advantage of this gift!


To dream of a baby in your arms signifies that you may be experiencing moments of insecurity or anxiety:

And this interpretation takes place when in our dream we are very afraid that the baby will fall. Consider that in reality, you're very unlikely to drop the baby because you're paying so much attention and care to the embrace that your five senses focus on not letting go of the newborn.

The same thing happens at certain times in our lives when we are afraid of not being up to it and where we think that we will end up wasting the opportunity presented to us.


To dream of a baby in your arms means that you are in a very sweet moment:

And this is illustrated, for example, when we not only hold the baby but also hug it. If in your dream you experienced a pleasant, soothing feeling of absolute tranquility, rest assured that you are about to experience a very beautiful moment in your personal life (whether in family, in your relations or with your friendships)

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