Dream of falling into the void: What meanings?

Dream of falling into the void: What meanings?

Dream of falling into the void: What meanings?

Dreaming of falling into the void is perhaps one of the most recurring dreams. In general, most people will have dreamed of a similar situation at least once. Like almost everything, it refers to the current emotional situation of the person who is dreaming.

Also, in general dream terms, this type of dream is usually related to changing times in our lives, which can be seen as an alert from our subconscious trying to alert us to certain situations. 

These warnings in the form of a dream could well alert us to moments and attitudes that we must transform in order to be able to come out of this fall, or face the consequences of it. Then we will comment on various interpretations where appropriate, as they will generally depend on the specifics of these situations.


Dreaming about falling into the void and there being an impact 


Dreaming about falling and waking up before impact

Dreaming of falling, but waking up before impact, is perhaps the most common of these dream types. In general, it is related to the stressful and restless situations in which we find ourselves. We can be in situations that we cannot control and we are afraid of getting lost in them.


Dreaming of falling into the void and feeling the impact of falling

It is possible that we experience unclear situations involved in fantasies and parallel realities, which we must begin to overcome and face reality. It emphasizes that we must show greater responsibility in our actions and reactions.

In this sense, it will be necessary to take into consideration the idea of ​​beginning to act with real maturity and responsibility in our lives. Certain situations in which we will be involved will be the proof of our attitude towards life.

In this way, the awakening of the fall brings us to awareness of all that is happening, we are falling from these irresponsible situations that we surround ourselves with. Without forgetting that we will always have the possibility of changing and modifying what is negative in us.


Dream about falling into the void in a vehicle


Dreaming of falling into the void while driving a car

Dreaming of falling into a void while driving a car may relate to some insecurities you find yourself in about losing control of some important situation in your life. You may be encountering situations where you currently have no chance to change things and this leads to losing control of this scenario.


Dream about falling into the void of a car that someone else is driving

But if, on the contrary, you are not the one who drives, but you are the co-pilot, you experience the awareness of certain situations in which you have been caught up in the opinions and expectations of others. In that sense, you have not been able to confront and take control of many things around you, because you have left them in someone else's hands.

Let's not forget that these interpretations can leave us with the awareness that we can make positive changes in our lives. It's never too late to change our lives. If you've lost control, you can regain it.


Dream of falling into the void: What meanings?


Dream about falling into the void with different consequences


Dreaming of falling into the void and dying

A dream like this is very private because not only do you feel that fall which is usually scary, but you also lose your life. But if we think about the meaning of life and death, you would not have to worry, but to occupy yourself; in this case, a transformation.

Both life and death represent transitions from new stages. This is precisely what helps us to move forward in new stages of our life, these can be marked by much joy and success. 


Dreaming about falling into the void and surviving the impact

It is possible that we go through situations that we have to face and that we are afraid of. By dreaming that we are falling and waking up, our subconscious determines that we have some outstanding issues to resolve. In fact, we have something inside of us that we need to resolve.

If, despite this, you are not sure what it is, you may need to take some time for yourself and think for yourself, perhaps from meditation. It is not always about objective situations in your environment, but about your own interior. This kind of dream usually invites us to overcome our fears  


Dream about falling into the void with a particular place


Dreaming about falling from a skyscraper or a very tall building

Generally, buildings and skyscrapers represent the work environment, so if you dream of falling from one of them, it can be related to your current job. On the one hand, it can be associated with possible insecurity around the tasks you perform.

On the other hand, you might just want to leave this work environment and your subconscious has reflected that in this dream. In this case, you may decide to make some changes at work or are looking for another way to earn your income.


Dream about falling from an elevator into the void

Basically, we have two very important situations here, not just the fall inside the elevator, but the mere fact of the confinement itself. So we have two uncomfortable and even terrifying situations. Both relate to very complex emotional situations in which we are involved. 

It is possible that we are in a situation that creates a lot of emotional conflicts that we do not know how to get out of, any emotional, family, professional or even spiritual problem. We are so scared that we don't know how to get out and we fall into the same hole.

It is likely that this situation in which we feel trapped without knowing or being able to change creates greater fears of not wanting to hurt others for whom we have deep affection. The most important thing about this is to become aware of how to make the relevant changes and give peace to our disturbing emotions.


Dream of falling into the void: What meanings?


Fall into the void and into fantastic scenes


Dreaming of falling into the void and flying

Usually, dreaming that you are falling is closely linked to this fear of situations in which you are very stressed or agitated, disturbing situations from which you want to escape or find yourself in a symbolic fall, whose state of dream makes it real.

But flying is a sign that we would leave the force for those situations, in which we flew, with great potential to move forward and transform this worrying situation. Good omens lead us to free ourselves from this problem that has consumed us so much. 


Dreaming that when we fall into the void, our surroundings are distorted

Our subconscious always gives us images of situations that our conscious does not reflect. Butterflies often reflect freedom and change. This mutation that goes from a caterpillar to a butterfly as a symbol of this beauty that she has achieved is a reflection of ourselves. It is to be in the middle of a storm from which we want to escape, but to wake up and see the beauty of the change that is coming. 


Falling into the void with other people 

Dreaming that we fell because we were pushed by someone else

The most general interpretation that we can get from this dream is precisely the idea of ​​seeing ourselves surrounded by people who have bad energy who, perhaps, are jealous of our successes and pretend and / or wait for our failures in the face of all the positive we have. surrounds, be it work, family, love or just social.


To dream that you see someone falling into the void

It is possible that we perceive a person very close to us who is surrounded by great conflicts and our concern is reflected in our subconscious with this dream. In such a way that we perceive a certain responsibility that we want to assume without knowing how and we are simply static seeing such situations occur.


Dreaming of falling into the void and loving


To dream that we fall, but we get up easily

Despite the impact and the sensations as vivid as these dreams, getting up brings as an answer all these struggles in which we engage on a daily basis. We reflect the strength we have to face all the difficult situations that have generated a lot of stress and even bad energy.

It means that a dream like this brings good omens, as it represents the internal strength we have to overcome our misfortunes. In this sense, if you have ever had a dream like this, smile and move on so that everything you have worked on begins to pay off.


Dreaming about falling into the void and being afraid


Dream about falling and clinging to something

If we dream of a fall in which we find a surface to hold on to, we are looking at situations of risk and how we connect to these situations so as not to stop being ourselves. It shows, in one way or another, the people we are, clinging to our schemes for fear of losing control of various situations. 

If, despite this, you slip and fall, paradigm shifts may be unavoidable and you may need to change your own outlook a little in relation to your surroundings. It is not possible to close it, which prevents changes from happening, usually they always bring positive things.


Scientific explanation of the dream of falling into the void

There are three general reasons that can be the reasons for these dreams like poorly developed dreams, due to too much stress or sleep paralysis. Although many aim more at one than the other, all three have in common the decompensation between the body and the brain.

It is quite common that when we lie down we have a small imbalance that occurs between the vestibular system - balance and control - and the kinesthetic system - knowing that we are tall, without the need to look at each other. This means that our body and our brain are not in harmony with each other and this is where the feeling of emptiness occurs and we enter a dream dream.

In many cases, constant stress leads to an imbalance of our brain in relation to our body. Indeed, the brain waves are functioning well above their normal performance, but on the other hand, it is our body that is paralyzed in order to be able to rest. It is precisely this discord that could generate these dreams for us.

In the case of sleep paralysis is a disorder that occurs between sleep and wakefulness. The consequence is the independence of the body and the gray matter, respectively. This is also called hypological paralysis.

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