Dream of getting married: What meanings?

Dream of getting married: What meanings?

To dream of getting married may represent the potential for resolving internal conflicts. At a symbolic level, marriage suggests the union of conscious and unconscious contents, favoring decisions that have been sources of anguish through the balance between reason and emotion.

Interpretations may vary depending on the circumstances. It is important to observe them in order to make a good interpretation.


Dream of getting married: What meanings?

As a rule, the meaning of dreaming of getting married is positive. After all, marriage is one of the most promising scenes to experience in a dream, because it represents the union of opposites, which Jung called Coniunction (referring to the alchemical process in which one sought to unite corpus and spiritus). That is to say the union between the body and the spirit.


How to understand the dream of getting married?


  • Are you going to get married? Or just watch the wedding?
  • Are they from unknown people? Or a couple you know?
  • Is the marriage interrupted?
  • In what environment does the union take place?



  • When making a decision, are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?
  • How do you usually evaluate the pros and cons of a particular problem or relationship, in a more emotional or rational way?
  • If you're in the mood to get married (or even embark on a romantic relationship), ask yourself how this might reflect your desire for a more harmonious, balanced, and mature life.
  • Identify your own internal differences, such as what you want and need to do, how you feel and what you think about something or someone, for example.


The different meanings

As said before, what dreams of getting married can have several meanings. Here are some of the main ones:


Dreaming of getting married to your spouse

If in the dream you are getting married, chances are you are really involved in the process of development and expression of certain salient characteristics of the person whom you dream of marrying.


Dream about marrying someone you know

If in the dream of marriage you unite with a person you know (famous or not), you will be easier to identify the attitudes you are addressing and let them be part of your life.


Dreaming about getting married to someone you don't like

If you do not like the characteristics associated with such a person, take care in your daily life not to reproduce this way of being his in your activities. In other words, if you marry a very boring and judgmental person, be careful not to act the same way.


Dream about marrying a stranger

If you're marrying someone you don't know, you may not be very aware of a particular way of expressing yourself, thinking or reacting to situations in your life.

This part represented by such a person is a facet of you whose power you are not yet clear about. Hence the importance of redoubled attention to certain emotional reactions that you have adopted in your interactions with people.


Dream about seeing your marriage interrupted

If while dreaming the marriage is interrupted, it may be that the decision you are about to make is influenced by an event.


Dreaming of preparations

Dreaming of wedding preparations, such as the environment in which the ceremony will take place, can show in which area of ​​your life your ability to make a decision to resolve a conflict (internal or external) will actually be exercised.

If the wedding took place at the grandparents' home or farm, for example, the resolution of disputes that troubled you may happen in the family.

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