Dream of going down the stairs: What meanings?

Dream of going down the stairs: What meanings?

Dream of going down the stairs: What meanings?

The stairs represent a modification of the habits of life that we have. It is for this reason that they are generally associated with the idea of ​​an obstacle or a test to be overcome. It can happen to dream of descending the stairs, or on the contrary of climbing them. Here are the meanings that can be associated with these dream experiences.


The meaning of dreaming of going down the stairs

In general, the presence in a dream of stairs that descended, represents a kind of road to a change of life. Descending them uphill makes it easier to climb stairs.

The staircase can also represent a moment of change on a spiritual level, of inner transformation which as such can be experienced with some trepidation. In the latter case, the dream can be read as a need to rethink one's life path.

Those who dream of going down the stairs are therefore trying to reach some kind of starting point, from which to rebuild their lives and priorities.

This dream can include a series of aspects of life to rebuild: the affective sphere, but also family, professional, etc.


Dreaming of going down the stairs: what to consider

For a more accurate interpretation of the dream, then there are details to refer to explicitly.

It is necessary to take into account for example the type of staircase, which can be old, mobile, spiral, wooden; the obstacles that populate them; their characteristics in general.


Dreaming of going down a spiral staircase

The presence in the dream of a spiral staircase represents and symbolizes a slow ascent , to which attention must be paid but nevertheless safe; the escalator, on the other hand, indicates that on the one hand someone helps us on our journey, on the other hand conditions it in a more or less conscious way.


Dreaming of going down a stone staircase

If the staircase in the dream is made of stone, it refers to a notion of domestic intimacy, solidity, support but also coldness. If, as often happens, the scale that appears is very long, sometimes infinite, it is possible that the subject realizes that his objectives are too far away. See Dreaming of Stone


Dreaming of going down an old staircase

In any case, if the stairs are old and unsafe, it is possible that obstacles are about to threaten the dreamer, which does not happen if the stairs that appear are luminous, a symbol of the trust that the subject has in others and in himself . . .


Dreaming about getting them down easily

If in the dream you go down the stairs fearlessly and with firm steps, indeed it is possible that at the end of the change a beautiful and radiant life awaits you; it is not the same in cases where the subject proceeds by uncertain stages or worse still with a feeling of inadequacy and fear.

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