Dream of gun: What meanings?

Dream of gun: What meanings?

Dream of gun: What meanings?

Dreaming of a gun, at first, can be frightening, indicating that something bad is about to happen. However, in addition to the negative side that a shotgun can convey, there are positive interpretations, which concern professional or relational issues.

It is true that the weapon represents violence, aggression or danger, but it also stands for power and victory, which always depends on how the weapon of war is used. If you are a competitor or have the hobby of shooting, the dream will simply represent what you enjoy doing, with no other information that can be extracted.

What influences the interpretation is what is done with the shotgun or what state it is in, generating needs for observation or action, so its use is more appropriate. So there are specific interpretations worth considering.


Dream of seeing a gun

To dream that you see a shotgun indicates that your feelings are filled with aggression, conflict or discord. There is a problem that can generate violence, whether you are the cause or the victim of the fact.

On the other hand, it indicates that there is a conflict, or an unresolved relationship, with a superior person, who has authority over you, whether in the professional or family field. Respect must permeate your relationships, so that there are no unnecessary conflicts, which can harm you. Pay attention to the people around you.


Dream that you have a gun

To have a shotgun is to be empowered, even deadly. To dream that you have a shotgun refers to having in relationship cycles, having real decision-making power, or wanting to have that power, so you can use it in your favor.

If there are problems in your life, the interpretation carries the indication that you would like to solve them, but you cannot, according to others. If it is someone invested in leadership positions, there is a clear demonstration that he has the power to make the necessary decisions.


Dream about buying a gun

Buying a gun symbolizes that you seek protection from the negative events to come. This way, there is an indication that you might be a victim of a crime, whether material or physical, such as theft, assault, injury, etc.

The dream indicates that you need to pay close attention to what is going on around you, taking precautions and taking all necessary precautions to avoid bad situations, especially when it comes to being the victim of a possible crime. Caution and attention in your life.


Dream that you wield a gun

Wielding means doing what is necessary to acquire skill with the firearm, which indicates that you want to gain authority in a situation or over someone, so that you can solve a problem.

There is a struggle to control what is scattered, and you seek every means to take that control back into your own hands, including learning the rules about authority and power.

Many situations require the imposition of force, because the people in conflict cannot dialogue. This will probably be the path to the solution.


Dream about shooting a gun

When you practice shooting, you aim at a target, and that target is your goals and your desires. To dream that you are shooting a gun reveals that you have to impose force and energy on the defined paths to achieve the goals you want.

It is important to pay attention to the concentration and the right direction of the situation, so that it can be successful. On the other hand, the dream indicates that your self-confidence is high, generating a very optimistic outlook on life and your goals.

Focus is the word that should permeate you at this time, so you can make the most of your energies, set goals, and work hard to achieve them.


Dream about someone shooting a gun 

The dream indicates that someone has negative feelings towards you, which may lead to an argument or conflict, which will generate bad results in the relationship with that person. The violence of using a shotgun reveals that the problem is deep, so that it has reached the level indicated by the dream.

On the other hand, it means that you are looking for a subterfuge to assume your incapacity in this or that area of ​​life, looking at the other as having power, and you lack it. An excuse not to accept that there have been failures or incapacities, by delegating responsibility to the other.


Dream about killing someone with a shotgun

Dreaming that you are killing someone does not necessarily indicate that you want to commit murder against someone else. The meaning of this dream indicates that someone or some situation may cause you problems.

It can be related to the professional or personal field, causing you a lot of discomfort. Often dealing with issues makes us more alive and brings experiences that can be applied in various future situations.

Getting rid of the problem may seem like the ideal solution, but the disappearance can only happen temporarily and it will come back in the future.


Dream that you have a gun pointed at you

There is a situation that you don't know how to handle, which indicates that there is great discomfort with it. To dream of a gun pointed at you is a sign of conflict with current issues, generating feelings of helplessness to resolve them.

It can also indicate that a situation will arise of which you will be hostage, without decision-making power, having to accept what is decided, without the possibility of discussion or seeking conciliation. Pay attention to what is there, or what is to come, so that you can strengthen yourself so that you do not feel like a hostage, but like someone who accepts the adversity that life brings.


Dream about being hit by a gun

To be shot is to enter a state of immobility, without having any freedom of choice. To dream of being hit by a gun represents that someone, or a situation, will take away your individuality and the power to choose, losing control over you and your decisions.

You must observe the attitudes of others towards you, tending to find if there are speeches or acts of manipulation, control, which are practiced to induce you to make a choice only. If it's situational, it's important to observe how you got there so you can find a way out, even if it seems there isn't.


Dream about accepting a gun as a gift

If you receive a shotgun as a gift, it means that you could not, on your own, achieve what you planned to do. There is a need for “help” to accomplish the task. Otherwise, this lack will represent a failure in your life.

On the other hand, it indicates that their practices are at odds with morality or legality, entering thorny ground that can generate sanctions in the future. You need to observe your actions and reflect on them so that you do not get into trouble that will generate many losses, including your freedom. It requires attention and reflection, aimed at the proper transmission of the present, preserving the future.


Dreaming of a gun that does not shoot

To dream of a failure to shoot indicates that there are some last minute problems you are facing, without success, because no matter how hard you concentrate, the shot does not come out. This means that you will have to find other ways to solve what is pending, setting the "mechanism" to make the weapon work again.

You're wasting energy on what won't work, and there needs to be thought and planning in order to achieve the proposed goal. The breakdown can be solved by "repairing" the weapon, requiring a lot of attention to identify the "broken parts".


Dreaming about a shotgun not shooting well

Your efforts are wasted on something that will bring you no fruit. Your time is precious for devoting yourself to what cannot provide you with gains, whether emotional or material.

And why keep trying, if there are no visible results, when the best way would be to focus your efforts on what might work best. Don't waste energy on what doesn't generate results.

On the other hand, if the shot hits someone he shouldn't, it indicates that his innocent acts are causing harm to those who have no connection or carry a lot of bad feelings towards family or friends.


Dreaming of a sawed-off shotgun

Sawn-off weapons represent greater firepower and faster firing, being more powerful. Because of this, dreaming of a sawed-off shotgun signifies that you are able to decide quickly, with great efficiency, especially when the decision involves more sensitive matters.

If the shotgun is in the possession of ill-intentioned people, it means that some decisions you might make are hasty, and there should be more consideration and thought, so that it does not affect you negatively. 

The awareness that you have decision-making skills cannot lead to the belief that you are infallible. There is always common sense and reflection to be had.


Dream about a gun being cleaned

Cleaning the weapon means that it is valued for its reliability, so that it does not break down when needed. To dream of a gun being cleaned represents your caution about things in life, always thinking things through before deciding or acting, in all areas, whether sentimental, material, or professional.

It also means that you tend to protect yourself and your loved ones, taking the necessary measures so that there is no failure and that this protection is effective. Generally speaking, it is a sign of thoughtfulness and protection, which facilitates your journey as a person.


Dreaming about an old shotgun

You manage to hold yourself back so that your most primal instincts don't take precedence over reason, affecting the major areas of your life. This demonstrates that there will be lasting personal development, affecting their emotional and professional side in order to succeed.

On the other hand, dreaming of an old shotgun indicates that you will pay off a debt, personal or professional, in order to free up budget for the execution of other goals. Finally, it might indicate that something that was borrowed for a long time will be returned to you, and you might not even remember what it is, because you already understood it as lost.

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