Dream of hairdressing: What meanings?

Dream of hairdressing: What meanings?

If you dream of hairdressing in your dreams, you are changing your attitude or expanding your ability to see life differently. Associated with the hair and the head, the comb can be a symbol of ideas when you "comb" your thoughts to see a situation from another angle.

Brushing and combing your hair is also linked to vanity and changing self-image. As hair grows and is styled over time, your ideas and thoughts are adapted to better support your self-esteem.

This symbol captures both female and male symbolism, which is why it can appear in dreams with the same message for both genders. A dream about brushing some sort of thing can also symbolize sweeping problems under the rug or brushing something important.

The correctness of the explanation of these dreams depends on the condition the hair was in and to whom it belonged. In most cases, such a dream is perceived as a warning about the commission of frivolous acts and monetary expenditures in real life.


Dream about combing long hair

Combing long hair in a dream predicts the commission of a fatal mistake in reality. Most likely, excessive credulity and myopia will lead to making a fatal mistake.

You may have to deal with the consequences of these mistakes for a long time. You have to be very careful about all the decisions you make.

The dream book explains what the dream of combing tangled curls means. Having seen such a plot in a dream, think about the fact that you can be too suspicious of people. This mistrust only adds certain problems to you in life.

Dr. Freud considers combing your hair in a dream to be a sign of regret for some missed opportunity. If you suddenly break the comb while brushing your hair, you should be prepared for real trouble.


Dream about combing a dead

According to dream books, combing the dead person's hair predicts benefits. Especially if the hair was long, beautiful and healthy. If the dead person was brushing their hair, this dream can also bring unexpected news. News can also be negative and bring trouble. (See dreaming of death).


Dream about combing her daughter's hair

Combing your daughter's hair in a dream is a sign of romantic love stories in your life. If the girl already has a boyfriend, he can propose to her soon. The longer your daughter's hair is in the dream, the longer these relationships will last.

The dream foretells big changes in life if a hairstyle dream is seen. Another version of the interpretation of this plot is the loss of things.


Dream about adding curls to a hairstyle

Putting curls in a hairstyle or gently combing and braiding them in a dream means that you will successfully overcome all obstacles on your life path.


Dream about combing your hair in front of a mirror

Combing your hair in front of a mirror in a dream predicts strong shame and humiliation in real life. Another option, which a dream like this can indicate, is the urgent need for quality care for your hair.


Dream about combing someone else's hair

If you are combing someone's hair in a dream, it may be a sign that you are bothering someone in real life. Dream books recommend tempering your ardor, otherwise you will be left alone.

Dream Interpretation reports that combing other people's hair in a dream means getting rid of troubles. In addition, exactly the person whose hair you combed will help you solve problems.


Dream about someone combing your hair

If another person combed your hair in a dream, it means that you don't like him very much. It is capable of seriously harming you at work and in your personal life.


Dream that you are using a special brush

If you weren't using an ordinary hairbrush, a good comb symbolizes the rapid transition from sorrows to joy. The prettier the comb, the happier the moment.


Dream about combing wet hair

If you combed wet hair in your dream, dream books predict health problems. In order to avoid a serious deterioration in well-being, you should consult a doctor and undergo a preventive examination.


Dreaming of a man painting a woman

If a man combed a woman's hair in a dream, this is a symbol of his warm feelings for her. If there is hair left on the brush, you need to be prepared for shedding.

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