Dream of hugging: What meanings?

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Dream of hugging: What meanings?

Dreaming of hugging or kissing has a meaning and an interpretation that depends on the meaning of the dream: the gesture of kissing someone or being hugged, allows you to relive those feelings of protection and security that you felt children, when the parents, especially the mother, protected you.

Dreaming of hugging shows very clearly that you need affection, friendship, love or protection. You probably want to go back in time to when you were a child and carefree.

This dream can also be done when someone starts a new adventure or project, they “embrace” an idea. When this action appears in dreams, it can also mean that a new idea or project is being born within you.

The dream of hugging is very common among shy or introverted people.


Dream of hugging: General interpretation

When a hug appears in dreams, whether you give it or receive it, it can mean that you feel the need to be able to control a person or situation that you find difficult to handle or elusive.


Dream about hugging a friend

The dream where you hug a friend could reveal that you feel attraction, interest or affection for him/her.

Getting a hug, being dreamed up by a friend you haven't seen in a long time, reflects the nostalgia you feel for not meeting or having a good time with that person.


Dream about hugging an ex

Dreaming about kissing or being hugged by an ex reveals that you still have memories and nostalgia from the past. Even if only subconsciously, you miss the warmth of that person, that relationship, or perhaps in the relationship you have, you are reliving emotions similar to the past story. (See Dreaming about your Ex)


Dream about hugging a dead person

To dream of being hugged or hugging a dead person means that you miss him, you have longings for him or maybe you still can't come to terms with his passing. Getting a hug, being hugged by a dead man, reveals very clearly that you would still like to have this person close to you, to still have their affection and love. (See Dreaming of a dead person).


Dream about hugging your partner

To dream of kissing, being hugged by your partner, boyfriend, husband or lover signals a possession on your part towards that person. Or it indicates that your partner knows how to provide protection and security to you.

Often dreams reflect scenes experienced during the day in real life, therefore hugging or being hugged by the person you love or love might just make you relive scenes you have already experienced in real life.

Dreaming of hugging your partner, boyfriend, husband, etc. it can also mean that you are probably feeling elusive, difficult to manage, or that you have changed for some time or recently.



Dreaming about hugging parents, children or another relative

The dream where you are hugging or hugging your parents, your children, a relative or a family member, reveals that you would like more affection or attention from the person in the dream. You probably can't express or show how you really feel about him in real life. This dream can also simply mean that you miss your original family.


Dreaming of hugging a little boy or girl

Hugs children in dreams means that you still cannot let go of some childish aspects of your personality. Or maybe you love children and, like them, you still need love and protection.


Dream about hugging a stranger

Hugs, being picked up in your dreams by an unknown person, could signal that you are dissatisfied in your relationship or in life in general.


Dream about hugging an animal

Cuddling an animal in your dreams signifies that you love and respect animals very much. This dream might also reflect having a desire to have yours.

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