Dream of key: What meanings?

Dream of key: What meanings?

Dream of key: What meanings?

To dream of a key signifies mysteries and secrets, since it is the key that turns a lock, allowing us to pass through a door or see inside something. Therefore, this dream has immense mystical symbology.

There are other aspects to consider in this dream. For example, the setting and context in which it takes place, as well as key shapes, sizes and designs. It's also important to consider what you find when you open something with the key.

 On the other hand, you may just have the keys in your hands but you don't know what your lock is. If so, that's quite interesting, because there are mysteries and secrets to reveal to you. However, you should pay more attention to your surroundings to find these mysteries.

Anyway, this dream in general is very interesting, but the details make all the difference. Read more details about the dream with a key below. If you can't find your dream, leave a report in the comments for our analysis and interpretation.



If you find a key in your dream, it means that you will be freed from an embarrassment that has been worrying you lately and that your new projects will bring you new opportunities, especially in your love and financial life.



Receiving a set of keys in a dream is considered a good omen. Such a dream suggests that you will find good opportunities in waking life. Moreover, this dream also recommends to be always attentive, because opportunities will arise at any time. Just be aware of what's going on around you.



A key ring or key ring is an object made to store and facilitate the transport of keys. Based on this, we can conclude that you carry many keys, which hide many secrets and mysteries. Therefore, dreaming of a keychain means that you have a lot of surprises in your life.



To dream of a car key signifies that you are maturing and gaining wisdom through life experiences. Alternatively, car keys symbolize movement and progress, especially in a personal and financial context.



To see a golden key in a dream indicates that you will have the freedom to make an important decision in the future. Furthermore, it also indicates wealth and prosperity, and demonstrates your ability to change any waking life situation for the greater good.

This dream reveals your generosity and the satisfaction you feel in helping others to progress. Now if you use the golden key to open a door, it means you are on the verge of achieving great things.



Seeing a child holding or playing with keys suggests that you may be very inattentive. Daydreaming like this can trigger bigger problems if you're not careful about overthinking.

On the other hand, dreaming of a child opening a door indicates that you can learn a lot from people younger than you. If you have issues related to children, this dream brings out the learning you can gain by developing a more relaxed side.



To see a silver key in a dream indicates that you will discover a secret capable of giving you a very acute perception of reality. Therefore, the dream signals the need to meditate and raise awareness.

However, the silver key can also indicate divine protection or a lack in the cultivation of faith.



To dream of a key and lock together represents how close you are to a revelation. Good news is on the way and very soon you will find out what it is, but it takes calm and correct choices. Because it's not enough to be close to big news if you make the wrong decisions. The trick is to eliminate any harmful attitude that might delay the manifestation of this mystery.


DREAM of opening a door

To dream that you opened a door with rain signifies that your intentions and goals are in line with your destiny. If you feel happy, you will soon be even happier.

But if you feel depressed or distressed, then just stay calm, because it is important for you to experience this phase. Since what awaits you after the door, you must have an experience and a perception of life.

It could also mean that you are probably involved in confidential matters and need explanations and clarifications to feel safe.


DREAM of bent key

Seeing a bent key symbolizes your vices and daydreams. This dream signifies that you are missing a huge opportunity by your disorganized thoughts. If you want to receive the abundance you've been waiting for, it's time to balance yourself and eliminate all addictions. Don't miss this opportunity that will bring you a lot of happiness for simple addictions that can cause a lot of damage to you and your health.

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