Dream of loose tooth: What meanings?

Dream of loose tooth: What meanings?

Dream of loose tooth: What meanings?

Dreaming of a moving tooth, or several teeth that seem to be rocking in their gum region, is not such a rare phenomenon. During the non-deep sleep phase, in the so-called REM phase, it is not strange to find yourself having dreams that appear bizarre and meaningless or that leave an unpleasant feeling when you wake up. 

Dreaming of a loose tooth or wobbly teeth has happened to everyone, at least once in their life: many have dreamed of feeling the unpleasant sensation of having a loose tooth in the gum, or even dreamed of lose her. The feeling, especially when waking up, is often anxious and worried because the first thing that comes to mind is of course that this can really happen.

Having an unstable tooth in a dream, or dreaming of one or more teeth moving, is certainly an unpleasant experience that should never be underestimated because, beyond the classic interpretation given by Grimace, it can be an indicator of a real problem, even if only related to a lack of attention to his teeth.

But what does it mean to dream of a loose tooth according to the interpretation of dreams? Usually, the dream scene appears anything but positive, so the feeling of teeth moving is associated with anxiety and negative feelings that indicate a problem to be solved in real life. 

Often, dreaming of a moving tooth is even associated with the fear of losing the granite certainties of one's life, since teeth are unconsciously associated with an idea of ​​stability.


Dreaming of a tooth that moves: The different causes

So what are the causes of dreaming of a loose tooth? They are in fact multiple. We go from psychological causes, associated with an unconscious problem of fear or uncertainty in daily life that affects nocturnal sleep, dreaming of a loose tooth, to possible real reasons.

Among the real reasons it can give the impression of a loose tooth in a dream, there is especially the bad care given to one's teeth. Everyone knows how important it is to take care of their teeth, to what extent the use of the right products for daily cleaning, but also and above all the recourse to periodic visits to their trusted dentist, are essential to ensure healthy and durable teeth that do not have problems with the passage of years.

If these good intentions fail, it is possible that these lacks are somatized and then lead, during nocturnal sleep, to emerge from the unconscious of the person who dreams of a loose tooth.

Obviously, we must also distinguish the frequency with which dreams of this type are made. If a loose tooth once appeared in a dream, then there is certainly no cause for concern, especially if you have healthy teeth that do not cause special problems. 

If, on the other hand, it happens repeatedly to dream of a loose tooth, then the problem may need to be investigated in more detail. In fact, it is not excluded that the organism, and in this case the mouth, wants to communicate a real discomfort that during the day is masked by daily commitments and that, on the contrary, at night, during sleep , finds a way to work its way into alert consciousness.

Therefore, if the loose tooth in a dream becomes an unpleasant constant, it is advisable to contact your trusted dentist who will take care of the health and stability of the teeth. It is not excluded that after a thorough dental examination that checks the stability of all the teeth, the problem will pass on its own as it happened.


Does this dream indicate a problem?

In fact, teeth appear frequently in dreams and almost always their appearance is interpreted depending on what you are dreaming of: you may dream of a tooth moving or falling out, teeth crumbling or breaking, or even dreaming to be at the dentist and someone pulls a tooth out of us.

In fact, teeth have always symbolized many of our deep roots, so dreaming of them can be an indication of many things. To dream of wobbly teeth, so to see a tooth that moves in a dream, is undoubtedly synonymous with uncertainty or failing in certain certainties acquired over the years. 

It is therefore a dream that can easily occur at certain periods of one's life, especially during phases of great change, when one feels the most vulnerable, and this translates into the dream of a tooth that moves.

Therefore, having dreams of this type is not a true indicator of a problem, unless the dream is frequent and leads to waking up from a series of genuine ailments. 

For example, it may happen to dream of a loose tooth and then wake up with sore teeth and jaw, typical signs of nocturnal bruxism. Or dream of a loose tooth and then find inflamed gums during the day when you hadn't noticed the problem before.

Therefore, it is important to always be attentive to the signals that our body sends us, even the most irrational ones - as happens in the case of dreams - remembering that any diagnosis, however, must be made only and exclusively by a dentist.



Dreaming of a loose tooth is therefore not in itself a worrying phenomenon, but it can indicate the need to pay more attention to the care of your teeth. It is as if, by showing us a moving tooth in a dream, our unconscious wanted to suggest that we pay more attention to the health of our mouth. 

In fact, the problem of loose teeth is not uncommon and, in reality, it is always an indication of a non-trivial problem, which must be evaluated by the dentist and treated in the most appropriate way. In fact, it can be neglected cavities, gum problems or real pathologies, such as pyorrhea, which cause the teeth to partially protrude from their natural gingival seat, thus becoming weaker and less stable. The trusted dentist will be able to reassure the person who has dreamed of a loose tooth about everything that needs to be done.

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