Dream of marriage: What meanings?

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Dream of marriage: What meanings?

The wedding dream can be related to changes in your personal or professional life, possibilities for new beginnings or even a change in your routine. But dreaming of marriage can also indicate that you have to make an important decision or resolve an internal conflict.

Sometimes dreaming about marriage can be a result of anxiety, as it is normal to be nervous and worried if you or someone you love is about to get married. However, the meaning of dreaming about marriage can vary, depending on the context of the dream and how your life is at the moment.

We have made a complete list to help you better understand what it means to dream of marriage:


Dream about being asked to marry

To dream of this means that your friends will help you in your professional future. But if in your dream you say the long-awaited "yes", then most likely you will encounter difficulties in your life. It's a negative change, but don't be shy, get ready and head for this new course and resolve your desires and disagreements!


Dreaming about your own wedding

The meaning of dreaming about your own wedding depends on his feelings and marital status:

If you were happy, single and dreaming of marriage: you have a desire (even a hidden one) to get married. It can also mean that there will be very positive changes in your life.

If you were happy, dating and dreaming of marriage: this could be a sign that you intend to take the next step soon. You want to get married and the chances are very high, especially if you are in a relationship.

If you dream of marrying your current spouse: you are happy and satisfied. This dream symbolizes the strong commitment you have. Could this mean you're ready for a new phase, maybe a move or even a baby? Congratulations!

But if you dreamed of marriage and you felt sad or angry, you probably have an unresolved issue or do not accept your current status.



Dreaming of a wedding invitation

If you dreamed that you received a wedding invitation, it means that you have a good relationship with the people around you. Congratulations, everyone loves you!

But if in this wedding dream you just invite someone, analyze how you behave in your social circle. Maybe you don't pay attention to people like you should. You need to ask yourself if you are being neglectful to someone you love.


Dreaming of a wedding dress

Dreaming of a wedding dress can be a warning.

If you wear the dress, your life may not be very good. Is there a problem that needs attention?

If you just saw the wedding dress, keep an eye on how you are doing with people. Do you treat everyone well, being careful of your friends and family?

And if you see someone wearing the dress, you may miss something important in your personal or professional life. No change is the end of the world, but be prepared!


Dreaming of wedding preparations

Dreaming of a wedding and making preparations indicates that you are experiencing a moment of harmony and inner peace. The meaning of dreaming of marriage, in this case, shows that you are a dedicated and balanced person and that you work with love on your projects.



Dreaming of wedding planning

Dreaming that you are planning a wedding brings a similar interpretation to the wedding dream meaning above. You are in balance with yourself, there is peace of mind and harmony between your emotional and rational side.


Dreaming of a wedding party

Dreaming of a wedding party is a good sign! If you are in a serious relationship, the dream shows that you can get married in the future! If the dream of marriage is with your own party, it's up to you to do not give up on this important project, because it will be realized quickly. And if the party is from someone close, even better, good things will happen in a heartbeat!


Dream about attending a wedding

This type of dream does not have only one interpretation, it all depends on how you feel, whether it is joy, sadness or anger, because feelings are important when interpreting and understanding the meaning of the wedding dream.

If you were happy, this dream bodes many opportunities in your life! Many good changes are going to happen. If you dreamed of seeing or attending a wedding party, be on the lookout for changes in occupation.

But, if you were sad, you cannot be resigned to your current marital status. But don't be discouraged! Remember that life is yours and you can always change and start over!


Dreaming of a church wedding

Dreaming of religious marriage indicates a new commitment and the beginning of a prosperous phase. If marriage was yours, you will go through a period of great progress, you will achieve favorable results in everything you do. If someone else gets married, you will also succeed, but you have to constantly fight to accomplish everything. 


Dreaming of wedding on the beach

Dreaming of a wedding on the beach suggests that you and your partner need to organize yourself financially and spiritually. But at the same time, it means that both of you are compatible in everything in life.


Dreaming of a wedding from a friend

Dreaming of a friend getting married is a very good omen, meaning that you will be able to fulfill an old dream or wish. Also, the feeling you have in the dream when you see your friend getting married is a reflection of how you feel in real life.


Dreaming of a family wedding

To dream of marriage in the family means thata good opportunity will arise for you, but that you need to be calm and patient so as not to “put your feet in your hands” and ruin everything. If you were happy in the marriage, the opportunity will be the best, but if you are feeling sad, be careful not to be fooled.


Dreaming of an unknown person

This wedding dream bodes well: it is very likely that a new family member will arrive soon! The meaning of this wedding dream is quite specific: a family member is getting married and chances are a baby is coming.


Dreaming about a bad marriage

To dream that your marriage is not going well or that it is ending means that you need to take courage, make changes in your personal or professional life. Is there anything that needs to change? Take a deep breath and fight for your happiness!


Dreaming about marriage from your ex

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband getting married does not necessarily mean that you still have feelings for him, but it does mean that you have learned from all the mistakes. However, if you had this dream and you are dating someone else, it can symbolize some similarities between the two relationships. Be careful not to repeat the same mistakes.

Danger!! If you are married and dreamed of marrying your ex, you may never have forgotten him, or in your subconscious you still have feelings for him


Dream that an acquaintance is getting married

To dream of a marriage with another person you know means that changes will occur in your life in an intense and rapid way. 


Dreaming about his daughter's wedding

To dream of your daughter's wedding means that you have discovered your children from a new angle, because they are growing up with autonomy and serenity. This dream also means that you need to be more present in the life of your children. (See dreaming of his daughter).


Dream about your parents getting married

If you dreamed about the wedding of your parents, it means that disagreements between you and your family may soon arise. However, if it comes to fruition, stay calm and try to calm the situation, because this moment will be fleeting.


Dreaming of gay marriage

To dream of a same-sex marriage signifies that changes full of conflict will occur. It can happen in your work or in your personal life.


Dreaming of a marriage without a wife

This dream means that you have everything to start a project, but you are missing something important to take the first step. So it is good to look for a suitable and reliable companion to start this business.


Dreaming of a wedding at home

Dreaming of a wedding at home signifies that you will soon witness moments of love, union, respect and serenity in your home. So enjoy!


Dreaming of a secret wedding

To dream of a wedding celebrated in secret and in an unknown place means that your relationship is affected by lies. On the other hand, this dream also indicates that lies will be revealed about your relationship with that person.


Dreaming about a canceled marriage

To dream of a canceled, interrupted or postponed wedding signifies that your insecurities are preventing you from achieving your dream. Because of them, something you desperately want won't happen. Faced with this, believe more in yourself!


Dreaming about a failed marriage

To dream of a failed marriage indicates that what you thought was a strong and healthy project is slowly sapping your strength. It's time to re-evaluate if it's worth clinging to that burden you've been carrying for some time. On the other hand, this dream also indicates that your marriage or your relationship with someone close to you will come into conflict.


Dream of wedding witnesses

To dream of witnesses at a wedding means that you will have to be a guide for yourself or for other people. For this reason, your friends and family will need your shoulder to lean on. On the other hand, if you were the witness of the dream, it indicates that moments of fragility may appear in your life.


Dream about marrying your brother

Marrying one's own brother for life in a dream certainly induces uncomfortable feelings in the dreamer and may even bring up the idea of ​​incest. However, there is no need to worry, because the dream event symbolizes above all a phase of increased self-reflection as well as the examination of masculine character traits.

Dream about marrying a father

Marry my father? What kind of dream is this? - This question will probably be asked by someone who said yes to the father in a dream. Such a dream only wants to make the sleeping person realize that there is a very close relationship with his own father. If there was a recent dispute with him, it can now most likely be resolved.

Dream about marrying a dead man

Have you dreamed of marrying a dead person? If so, there is a chance that changes are happening in your life that can create problems. However, it is still not too late to recognize them prematurely and thus avoid them.


Dream about marrying the wrong person

If someone married the wrong person in a dream, it may mean to that person that they were wrong about a certain thing in the real world. Additionally, getting married to the wrong person in the dream can also indicate uncertainties.

Dream about marrying a prince

To enter into a marriage bond with a prince, especially in women's dreams, represents the desire of a man who has the qualities of a prince—reason, strong will, and the demeanor of a gentleman. If a man dreams of marrying a prince, he may want to have exactly these qualities in himself.


Dreaming of getting married: the general interpretation

Marriage is the symbol of the will to establish a relationship and to assume the obligations that flow from it. From this symbolism of marriage, a reconciliation of opposites can be signified in dream interpretation, for example a rapprochement between two conflicting parties. However, the dream of getting married may also simply reflect the desire to marry the loved one.

Changes of a general nature are also expressed in the dream symbol "to get married": a change in the place of residence or work, for example.

A dream in which you marry yourself often means that you know people in your environment who are planning a wedding. If you are already married, the dream indicates a change, maybe in the relationship or in the way of life.

If the dreamer himself wears a wedding dress with a long train, the dream symbol "to get married" shows the attempt to analyze his own emotions and expectations in a relationship. The feeling of missing out on life and always standing beside it is expressed in the dream symbol "to get married" when another person appears in a dream wearing a wedding dress.

The person one would like to marry in the dream says a lot in the dream interpretation about the expectations the dreamer has of his life partner. Because it is his characteristics that he would like to see in this one.

The dream symbol "to get married" is to be understood as a warning if the dream scene is particularly chaotic, the celebration is canceled or postponed. Maybe the relationship isn't that strong and needs time to forge a lifelong bond.

Dream of marriage - the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol "to get married" is a symbol of the beginning and end of certain phases of life. The dreamer is at a crossroads. He leaves something behind and takes a new direction. In the dream symbol, the awareness manifests that a new path has now been travelled, a new connection is being made.

In the interpretation of dreams, marriage is also a symbol of the union of opposites. Potentially conflicting personality traits of the dream must be brought into conformity by marrying in the dream, for example the emotional side with the rational.

Marrying in the dream someone other than one's own partner is in the dream interpretation a possible indication that the dream is looking for variety and tension in life. The dream symbol represents the unconscious desire for more dynamism.

If one dreams of marrying the loved one in real life, the need for a deepening of the bond arises in consciousness. The dreamer should wonder why the relationship seems too loose to him, and whether the partner is ready for a stronger bond.

If the clothes one wears in the dream during the wedding are dirty, the dream symbol in the dream interpretation may signify doubts about the true partnership, which inhibits the decision of a possible marriage.

If the dreamer has positive feelings at the wedding in the dream, it is a sign of trust in the existing love relationship. Accordingly, negative feelings associated with the dream symbol "to get married" indicate dissatisfaction and repressed fears.

If the wedding ceremony is connected with a sacrificial ritual, this represents in the dream interpretation the dreamer's wish to give up some of his independence and autonomy.

Dreaming of marriage: the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol of marriage embodies in the interpretation of dreams the indispensable fusion of the female and male part of the personality. This is the prerequisite for the material side and the spiritual side to result in a spiritual whole.

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