Dream of missing your train: What meanings?

Dream of missing your train: What meanings?

Have you ever dreamed of missing the train? Know that this is a much more common dream than you might imagine, especially in Western culture.

Today we are going to understand where this dream comes from, how to read and interpret its presence in our nights and therefore on what numbers to rely on to use it to try our luck.


The meaning of the dream of missing your train

Many psychologists associate the notion of collective and social life with the image of the train. In view of this association, missing the train would actually amount to missing appointments, appointments, meetings, events that society imposes on us.

These tasks (or in any case the events that are perceived as such in the dream) can have different origins and can in fact arise and develop from school, work, family, sports environment or any more or less large group in which we find ourselves living. and operating.

Losing the train can therefore have two different, although quite related, meanings. On the one hand, the dream could show and make real the subject's fear of a commitment that will come soon after.

Sensation could therefore arise from this incapacity (real or much more frequently presumed) which makes us doubt ourselves and therefore makes us live anxiously in the moment of preparation or expectation.

The view that this type of dream experience is related to the emotional investment that the expected moment or situation represents for the dreamer is different.

In this case, in fact, we can say that the more we are prepared, the more the subject can be afraid that something will go wrong and therefore find themselves living the waiting phase with maximum anxiety. It is good to say that these are often unreal and unmotivated but nonetheless human fears.


Possible variants of the dream of missing your train

The dream takes on more precise characters and connotations depending on the details that delimit and characterize the dream itself. Let's go into the detail of the different case studies to better understand what can be hidden behind this dream.

If the loss of the train is related to an accident (crash, derailment for example) it is possible that an unforeseen event is about to hit your path and is therefore about to interrupt your journey or journey.

If, in the dream, the train leaves without you but you can see or feel it in the distance, it is possible that your subconscious puts you in front of an opportunity that you lost in spite of yourself by your "fault".

Finally, if you arrive in the dream and the train has already left, without you having seen or heard it, it is possible that you will become aware later of a missed opportunity, of something in your life that only now , after a long time elapsed, you recognize the value.

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