Dream of saving a baby: What meanings?

Dream of saving a baby: What meanings?

Dream of saving a baby: What meanings?

Dreaming of saving a baby is a dream associated with the natural need to be strong and meaningful and to decide the fate of others. The explanation for dreaming about saving a baby is based on the dreamer's values. In fact, this type of dream often happens in the dream world of people who aspire to an honorable position in society, which they consider fundamental.


Dream about saving a baby regularly

If it is not the first time that he happens to dream of saving a baby, perhaps even with very heroic deeds, the dreamer could be tormented by the fear of losing his positions.


Dream about saving a baby in a dangerous situation

If you have ever dreamed of rescuing a baby from a dangerous situation that also affected you, then the dream says that your situation in business is not very reliable.

Careful consideration is required for your projects, as there is a high probability of an annoying error occurring that threatens to destroy them. You may have this type of dream even in the case that one of your friends is in a problematic situation and is about to come to you for help.


Dream about saving a baby from death

Dreaming of saving a baby from death by risking your own life could, on the contrary, warn you of serious danger. Another interpretation of saving a baby from death in your dream is that the good things done in the past will come back to you soon.

If you have seen someone else save a baby from death, this image predicts high honors for that person. If you were saving baby from someone else, the symbol reminds you that it's time to take care of yourself and your psychological well-being. The esoteric interpretation also foresees the presence of unresolved childhood issues, the effect of which is dangerous if underestimated.


Dream about saving a baby you know

Dreaming of rescuing a baby you know portends a pleasant surprise from loved ones, something that will make you grateful and happy. If you dreamed of seeing your baby in danger and having time to act and protect him, it means that you will have big gains, good news and an unexpected happy event.


Dream about failing to save a baby

If in a dream the dreamer could not save the baby, this portends the possibility of exposure to serious risks. The salvation of the baby, on the other hand, testifies to the great abilities of the dreamer and his goodness.


Dream about saving a baby from drowning

Dreaming of rescuing a drowning baby has a very important element in it in the dream world, i.e. water. Generally, in dreams, water is seen as a purifying element capable of cleansing our person and our aura with its energy.

But in this case it is a threatening element, something that takes your breath and life away, so the dream could indicate you or someone very close and dear to you are in great danger and soon you will you may not be able to recover from it.

Try to pay more attention to the context in which you are immersed and try to understand what situation your dream refers to, only then you can understand how to move to solve this difficult period.


Dream about saving a baby from a fire

To dream of saving a baby from a fire denotes great courage. Fire is a destructive element both in reality and in the dream world. Throwing himself into the flames to save a little girl indicates that the dreamer always has an eye on those he considers the weakest and most defenseless, to the point of taking their side and fighting for the injustices they can undergo.

Sometimes those who have this dream may sin a bit of naivety and not be able to separate the truly needy people from those who just want to enjoy its goodness and fame. Selfless behavior is always a good attitude, but learning who to help is key to helping more people who really need it.


Dream about rescuing an abandoned baby

Dreaming about rescuing an abandoned baby could be a dream that also affects the inner world of the dreamer. The abandonment of a baby in dream contexts is always experienced with great anguish and represents a kind of feeling of loneliness in the person, who feels fragile and lost.

Saving an abandoned baby could indicate a desire to get out of that negative situation, to make new contacts with other people, and to feel appreciated and loved again. So the dream read in this key is really positive because it indicates a willingness to react, you just have to apply it to your real life to be able to achieve what you want.

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