Dream of snake: What meanings?

Dream of snake: What meanings?

Dream of snake: What meanings?

Dreaming about a snake is one of the most common dreams about snakes, which causes us to wake up with a feeling of fear or unease. Do you want to find out the meaning of this dream and why it is so common to dream of snakes? There are many interpretations depending on the content of each dream and it doesn't always represent something bad. Here are all the meanings according to the dream details.



Dreaming of a snake: What you need to know

According to Freud, the grass snake is the phallic symbol par excellence. Freud recounts a typical dream of young soldiers, separated from their wives for months: a snake in a pond or a lake, which rises and grows bigger and bigger, turns into a dragon and comes out of the water.

If a girl dreamed of the grass snake, it may represent a hidden desire. If the grass snake in the dream attacks the girl, bites her and blood comes out, it probably means that she was attacked by a man. If there was no physical attack, it means that the girl or woman in question suffered other injuries, but always from a man.

According to Freud, the grass snake can represent fear of sex, possibly due to aggression, but also fertility, desire, hatred, danger and much more.

Traditionally, a serpent represents evil, deception and temptation. In the Bible, it is a snake that incites Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The serpent in Christian tradition is often seen as an animal of the underworld, a messenger of the devil who lures people into darkness, depravity and evil. The main method he uses is temptation and seduction. 

It is said that snakes catch frogs by temptation: once a snake finds a frog, it looks at it with its eyes until it hypnotizes it. Thus, the frog finds itself jumping almost by itself into the snake's mouth. 

The snake is therefore a symbol of this kind of power which seduces and hypnotizes. Therefore, in the dream, the snake can represent an evil, cunning or charming person, who could be part of our life.


Dreaming of a snake - interpretation of dreams according to Jung

According to Jung, the snake represents wisdom, when the dreamer is in a phase of conflict and deep thoughts. The grass snake is the animal of the god Aesculapius, and in ancient China it was a sacred animal.

The grass snake, by its shape, is also associated with the spine. In dreams, spinal injuries often come in the form of an injured snake.

The coolness that characterizes snakes also makes them a symbol of a person's emotional indifference. Some species of snakes, such as boas and pythons, grind their prey before eating it. For this reason, the snake in the dream also symbolizes a person who "takes your breath away" or traps you, causing you to lose your independence.


The different snake dreams


Dream of a snake in the water

Dreaming of snakes in the water is a good sign: it means that you are a valued person and that your work will soon be recognized by everyone. To achieve this, you must continue on your own, creating harmony around you. (See dreaming of water).


Dream about being bitten by a grass snake

To dream of being bitten by a snake indicates that you will succumb under the weight of difficulties and that there is someone in your life who threatens your success or your well-being.

To dream of a grass snake biting your hand indicates that you are at odds with the people around you and that many things are difficult or not going the right way, especially in your career. 

Chinese sages in these cases advise taking others into consideration when facing problems, avoiding making decisions on your own.


Dream about being chased by a grass snake

Dreaming of being chased by a grass snake reminds the dreamer to pay more attention to the little things of daily life, like locking the door of the house or the car.


Dreaming of a coiled snake

To dream of a grass snake coiled by your side indicates that you are close to someone who controls you and who will be difficult to get rid of. It could also indicate that there is a health problem that you are neglecting and which may be getting worse.


Dreaming of a snake shedding its skin

To dream of a grass snake shedding its skin reflects fear and discomfort, possibly towards sex, but also a desire or need for renewal and inner growth.


Dreaming of a snake slipping in her dress

A woman dreaming that a grass snake slips into her dress could indicate the mother's fear of losing the baby and therefore it is an urge from the unconscious to be careful with the pregnancy to avoid a painful abortion.


Dream of many snakes

To dream of so many snakes means that you feel entangled in desires that seem unattainable. Your rational part tries to drive them away, but your emotional part is still tied to those desires and hopes to fulfill them. It could be a signal from your subconscious telling you to listen more and accept your emotions.


Dreaming of a grass snake in your bed

Dreaming of a snake on the bed, contrary to what it seems, is an auspicious sign. Luck will soon turn on your side. (See Dreaming of bed).


Dream of killing a grass snake

To dream of killing a grass snake signifies that the obstacles and difficulties you are facing will soon pass and everything will be fine.


Dreaming of a snake leaking

To dream of a grass snake moving away indicates that good news and luck may be coming. It also means making a plan with long-term goals, remembering to include loved ones (or co-workers, for work-related plans).

Dreaming of a snake that does not tell you that you will receive help from friends or relatives to solve some problems that are bothering you.


Dreaming about snakes of different colors

Dreaming of a black snake is not necessarily a bad omen. There are no serious problems, but there can be obstacles when it comes to relationships. A black snake reminds us to be careful with words and actions in everyday life, so as not to hurt anyone and not to attract evil people.

Dreaming of a white grass snake is a symbol of good luck. Good news can come, like a windfall.

To dream of a yellow grass snake signifies that there might be a positive side to life. If there are projects in play, there is a good chance of success.

Dreaming of a green grass snake is a bad omen - it means bad news is coming. If a businessman dreams of a green snake, he may receive bad financial news. If a sick person dreams of a green snake, it means that his condition will get worse. If an unemployed person dreams of a green snake, it means that he needs to start saving.

To dream of multicolored snakes means that everything is fine on the surface, but there could be a potential danger, for example a deception that you should pay close attention to.

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