Dream of talking to my dead mother: What meanings?

Dream of talking to my dead mother: What meanings?

In principle, it is not pleasant to dream of death, even less when the protagonists are loved ones. Dreaming of talking to my dead mother is one of those dreams where you wake up restless, but maybe even a little relieved. Find out in this article what it means to dream of talking to my deceased mother.


Dreaming of talking to my dead mother: What you need to know

Since we're assuming you don't have any supernatural powers, the only way to talk to the dead is in dreams. It is logical that you are looking for the meaning of this dream in which you are talking to your dead mother, but it is important that you do not give it a meaning that it does not have. Now being able to talk to your dead mother is an opportunity.


A sign of treachery

Since mother in dreams symbolizes unconditional love, you may have this dream where you talk about your deceased mother when someone cheated on you, after a breakup, or when you feel estranged from your social circle. You need a mother's unconditional support and that is why you see her in dreams.


an insecurity

You can also have this dream because the ghost of your mother gives you the security that the living do not give you to express your feelings. If you are one of those people who are afraid to show their weaknesses in public, it is normal that you look for the figure of a deceased person who comfortably speaks about your emotions. He won't tell anyone.


Something to say

There is another interpretation in this dream where you are talking to your deceased mother. It may happen that your mother is really dead and you don't remember it, so you are looking for a way to talk to her. In these cases, the dream gives you this opportunity to tell your mother all those things you have left to say.

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