Dream of telephone: What meanings?

Dream of telephone: What meanings?

The telephone as a means of communication has become an integral part of everyday life for many. It enables worldwide conversations and ensures that you can exchange ideas with other people in a direct conversation, regardless of the distance.

When we dream of the telephone, we sometimes find that we are unable to make calls. We can also have conversations with other people in the dream world. 


Dreaming of telephone: The most common dreams


Dream about the phone ringing

Whether it's a cell phone or a smartphone, everyone knows when a call comes in and the phone rings. When the phone rings, most good news is announced. However, hearing the phone ringing can also mean that you are currently a bit nervous in the waking world. (See dream of receiving a call).


Dream that the phone is not working


Dream about a broken phone

If the phone does not work in the dream, the dreamer has difficulty establishing contact with other people. The dream symbol "The phone does not work" symbolizes inhibitions and lack of self-confidence in this context. Don't be afraid to connect with others!


Dream about not being able to make a call

The call can't be made not in the dream? First you need to ask whether the call itself or whether the reasons may lie in the fact that in the dream situation does not allow talking . In the latter case, it can be seen as an invitation to express your opinion more strongly.


Dream about not being able to dial the number

Not being able to dial the phone number, according to the interpretation of the dream, expresses among others the desire for a stronger exchange with other people. The inability to dial a number in the dream can be particularly dramatic if it is the emergency number. Behind this sometimes hides the fear of being alone.


Talking to other people on the phone in dreams


Dreaming about a phone call with your ex

If the ex is on the phone in the dream, the person who is dreaming should think about the feelings they have towards this person. There may still be certain emotional ties with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that you like to remember. (See Dreaming about your Ex).


Dream of calling your crush

If you are on the phone in a dream with your crush, that is, the person you hold positive and loving feelings for, a conversation with that person may actually be foretold in the waking world. In general, this dream symbol represents a balanced exchange with friends and family.


Dream of calling a deceased

The dream world has many surprises in store for us and it is therefore not surprising that there is the possibility of talking to the dead during one's dreams. Behind such a dream hides, among other things, seeking protection and help in a difficult life situation.



Other phone dreams


Dreaming of an old telephone

To whom an old phone appears in a dream, in the future can meet or talk to someone with whom he or she has not had contact for a long time. In addition, the dream interpretation sees in this symbol an indication the persistence of the dreamer's social contacts.


Dream about looking for the phone

If the dreamer goes in search of a lost phone in his sleep, the interpretation of the dream depends on whether he can find the device or not. If he finds it, good opportunities may soon arise. If the phone does not reappear, it must be patient.


General interpretation

To dream of a telephone symbolizes one's ability to communicate with other people and obtain information.

However, this ability to communicate can relate to other people as well as parts of one's own personality that come into contact with each other. If the dreamer receives a call on the cell phone or landline, this is interpreted as an indication that he is receiving information about which he knew nothing in his consciousness.

For the further interpretation, it is important to know who the dreamer called and what this person means to him. If there are difficulties in the dream in getting one connection or another on the line, this indicates despair, which the dreamer feels in waking life.

If the dreamer is called, but does not answer the phone, they will have contact difficulties or inhibitions in waking life.


Psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation sees the telephone in the dream as a means of communication with the dreamer's environment. If it is used frequently, then it has many contacts or it would like more contacts.

Contact difficulties are symbolized by a broken telephone or faulty lines. If the disorder is corrected in the dream, the dreamer is already on the way to getting out of loneliness.

A phone call in a dream can also be a warning from the subconscious about bad influences. However, a call can also be an acceptance or rejection related to professional or private life.

If the dream chooses a number, an interpretation can be made based on the numbers. Often the subconscious knows that it would be important to make contact with a certain person and gives hints about this in the dream.

If the dreamer is looking for a phone number, it usually indicates confused thoughts, which also relate to planning for the future. The content of the conversation can also be important for interpretation. Maybe there is something that should finally be said?


spiritual interpretation

If the dream symbol telephone is interpreted spiritually, the telephone call will be interpreted as a conversation with the guardian angel or your own spirit. Because, as with a telephone conversation, you cannot see these interlocutors yourself.

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