Dream of train: What meanings?

Dream of train: What meanings?

To dream of a train can represent change, in fact trains do not always indicate physical journey or actual movement, but they can also refer to a spiritual journey or change that is happening within us or affecting our life in all ways. areas. , from work to social relations.

What does it mean to dream of a train? The train is a means of transport that we use to move around when we have to cover a particularly long journey. For this reason, the train represents a series of projects or metaphorical journeys that take us to new destinations. Despite this, we can sometimes dream of missing a train or finding ourselves waiting in a station without ever catching up, let's see why below.


Dreaming about a train: Meanings


Dream about traveling by train 

This is perhaps one of the most common dreams and can be interpreted in two ways: in the first case it can refer to our monotonous life and the fact that at the end of the journey we always reach the same destination .So we feel that we need new things in our life and changes. 

In the second case, the train we are on is actually a train that takes us to something new. As we have already said, this new something can refer to any aspect of our life (social relations, love, work, etc.).


Dream about getting off the train

When you dream of getting off a train, it means that our “journey” is over. This dream indicates the end of something, a trip, a project, but also a story or a relationship with someone who was part of our life.


Dream about running after a train

If we missed a train, but we follow it, it means that we are trying to achieve a goal or something that is very important to us and seems difficult to achieve.


Dreaming of a bad train

If we dream of having the wrong train, we have to stop and rethink some choices that have been made. Perhaps we should carefully reassess the situation (or a project) and start from scratch to start over. Obviously, this "train" was not what we were looking for.


Dream about a train going uphill

An uphill train indicates the efforts and sacrifices we are willing to make to reach our destination satisfactorily. Many times we have to be ready to face various difficulties when we are in new situations or relationships. 

But if we make the right efforts, all these efforts will also pay off at the end of our journey. If the vehicle continues without difficulty, it is undoubtedly a road to success, you will have to be ready for anything to achieve the goal.



Dream about a crowded train

Just like a freight train or a locomotive full of wagons, a crowded train is a symbol of our personal and family life. If the train is full, you have to ask yourself if you feels too suffocated by family life. Sometimes we feel the need to change a little or to move away to be alone and take care of ourselves. It means we need a break to focus on ourselves and find inner peace.


Dreaming of an empty train

It indicates the exact opposite of wanting to be alone; it means that we feel a strong lack of affection and that we feel that we no longer have a strong connection with many people who were close to us before. It can also mean that we are not very close to our family and we would like to correct this.


Dreaming of an oncoming train

If we are waiting for a train to arrive, it means there is news on the horizon. This dream is full of positive interpretations depending on our personal situation both in work and in our love life. 

If we dream of waiting for a train with someone, for example, it means that we are about to embark on a "journey" with a special person. The train can also be the symbol of our relationship with someone, it always depends on who we take it with and where we are destined to go.


Dreaming of a train leaving

If we board a train that is about to depart, it means that we have just started a new journey. This dream can give rise to many emotions in us and therefore great care must be taken in how to handle future situations.


Dreaming of a passing train in motion 

If we dream of a passing train, but we haven't grasped it, it indicates an opportunity we lost, if on the contrary we are there, it means that we are ready for an adventure!


Dreaming of a train that passes frequently or that we are used to seeing

This then means that nWe precisely need changes and so we want to board another train to see where it can take us. or that the opportunities or choices available to us are always the same, both for those we have lost and for those we have yet to undertake.


Dreaming of a rolling train

If we are in a train that is traveling at a certain speed or traveling to reach a destination, it means that things are going too fast in our life. We need to slow down a bit and make sure everything is going as it should. This can concern both the work environment and the personal environment.


Dream about a moving train

The moving train reflects our mood when faced with a new situation or experience. We can't wait to get to the final goal, maybe because we've finally managed to escape the monotony. It is always important to remember not to rush too much, we must always pay attention to the end results of our projects; the news is not always positive and often a quick job may not be enough.


Dreaming of a stationary train

A stationary train may be full of news and ready to go. But if he's stopped, that means we're not quite ready to face some news just yet. 

The reason for this stopped train may be the absence of something or someone, or we are not ready yet because there are still so many decisions to be made and so many aspects to be considered. We must be very careful and ensure that we are ready to face new experiences without hesitation.



Dream about a delayed train

A delayed train indicates a delay on our part. If we are very insecure people or do not know how to make a decision at the right time, this dream reflects our personality. We must learn to manage situations better and not to delay, because these are opportunities that may never come again. 

This dream can refer to new projects being presented to us, which can also relate to a sentimental story. If we are too scared, we will always delay our plans. There is the possibility that the train we are waiting for does not arrive (metaphorically, the train can represent a person, a job, a change, in short, everything that it can reflect in your life; what are you waiting for that does not happen in the reality that you live every day?). For many, hope is the last to die.


Dreaming of a derailed train

A derailed train indicates a skid or something gone wrong. Our projects don't always go as planned; it means we did something wrong or made a wrong decision. We must retrace our steps and attempt to remedy the unexpected. The important thing in these cases is not to lose hope and the desire to continue.


Dreaming about a crashing train

An accident indicates a strong fear of unpredictability. It means that we don't find the courage to design new things or take risks because we are afraid of things that we cannot predict or calculate. 

Precisely because it is a symbol of the unexpected, a train that crashes or collides with another train indicates a drastic change in our life that we cannot control; what follows can be both positive and negative.


Dream about a train on fire

An opportunity has ignited, and is therefore lost, or a project failed; certainly the dream does not promise anything good unless you are happy that the journey is over. (See Dreaming of Fire).


Dream about a broken train

Surely that won't get us anywhere; in reality, what we thought was our chance is nothing more than a hole in the water.


Dreaming of a wooden train, or, Dreaming of an old train

Dreaming of a wooden train or one of those ancient (or old) trains, can be a reminder of the past. Metaphorically, we can say that this train indicates a journey that we made a long time ago, of which we have a strong memory. 

However, this train can also indicate our desire to go back and want to be able to change something or alter the course of an experience or a journey that we have already had. In yet another case, the fact that it is old or made of wood can be a symbol of the weakness of the vehicle and therefore of all that it represents. 

For example, if it's a project we're working on, maybe we don't believe so much in what we're doing or what the goal is.


Dream about a freight train

A freight train is a train that is filled with wagons and is often used to transport a large amount of stuff. What do we carry? This locomotive may represent the family and all the important people in our lives. 

It can be a dream of projects that we organize with several people and for which we feel responsible. Often, changes in our lives can also affect the people close to us. It is also important to take them into account.


Dream about a flying train

It can be a mistake, a dream or a memory. Perhaps the project, the trip, that you intend to undertake exceeds your expectations or the possibilities that life offers you. Maybe you feel like a child and a light in this transitional moment in your life; or… what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a flying train?


Dreaming about train tracks

Railway tracks indicate the choices that life offers us. Often we have to make choices, whether for work or for personal reasons. Train tracks are also the symbol of an ongoing project; they are what is at the base of the train, what will lead us to something new. We have to be very careful which tracks we choose and in which direction they go. Sometimes in our dreams people may also appear to help us make the right choice.

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