Dream of vomiting: What meanings?

Dream of vomiting: What meanings?

Dream of vomiting: What meanings?

Nausea, which can be caused by illness, intolerance, hormonal fluctuations in early pregnancy, or severe stress, nervousness, fear, and panic, often leads to vomiting. A hangover during or after a night of drinking large amounts of alcohol can also cause us to feel nauseous, need to burp, and gag on stomach contents again. Some people get sick when they ride a boat or a roller coaster.

If the stomach has emptied in this way, those affected often feel better afterwards. If it is a gastrointestinal disease accompanied by diarrhea and persistent nausea, only medication and bed rest, as well as the intake of sufficient liquids, will help to regain form. Anyone who has vomited because they suffered severe and alcohol poisoning usually cannot avoid a hospital stay. The effects are too dangerous.

Also, there are people - especially young girls who are affected by this - who deliberately vomit due to anorexia or bulimia on a regular basis in order to decrease their weight in extremely unhealthy ways. The esophagus in these eating disorders is often affected by the daily regurgitation of aggressive stomach acid. Treatment by a specialist is then necessary.

Vomiting is usually not a deliberate, but purely automatic physical reflex, which protects people, for example, from possible poisoning due to food intake. When a food is bad, it is choked to protect the body from mold and its consequences.

Vomiting and other physical complaints are topics in the dream world that occur to many sleepers. However, the interpretation of dreams can be very different.


Dreaming of vomiting: General interpretation

If the dreamer vomits, this dream image can mean, according to dream research, that he will be involved in a scandal. If he is rather poor in the waking world, then it can portend gain, while for well-deserved it can symbolize loss. Vomiting is also interpreted as happiness and support from others.

If, as a sleeper, you have severe stomach pain in the dream and then vomit, this should be understood as an indication of unprocessed experiences. The urgency to remedy this is symbolized by cramps in the stomach. If in doubt, psychological support is appropriate here. If a nasty virus is responsible for gastrointestinal disease in the dream, the dreamer should rely more on himself than on others.

It is positive that the dreamer feels better after the dreamed vomiting. Because it also shows an upcoming improvement for dreaming in the waking world. It can be the healing of an illness, the arbitration of a dispute, the solution of problems or in general the release of worries that have weighed down the dreamer.

If the dreamer vomits and wakes up immediately afterwards, this portends discomfort. If the dreamer sees how others vomit in the dream world, this symbolizes that other human beings are trying through false statements to compel the dreamer to help them.

If the dreamer vomits blood while sleeping, then an illness is coming. Also the future does not look good then which will oppress the dreamer. There may also be problems in the family.


Symbol of vomiting - the psychological interpretation

Vomiting in the dream indicates, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, problems and strong difficulties, which stress him very much in the waking world. The result is that he vomits into the dream world to get rid of these "indigestible" burdens and free himself from unpleasant feelings.

If the dream seems more liberated and comfortable after vomiting, then dream research interprets this dream image as an indication that the dream desperately wants to suppress something. If he has severe pain while vomiting and also afterwards in the dream story, his problems in the waking world are not so easy to resolve and eliminate. Often, it is also a sign that he still has to face difficulties.

Sometimes the dreamer wakes up after this dream image with a feeling of nausea. If so, it shows that the emotion felt.

If another person vomits in the dream world, this indicates that the dreamer has injured that person in the waking world. If this dream image appears, compassion is requested from the dream.

From a psychological point of view, watching a drunken vomit signals all the more urgency that the dreamer needs to deal with his “inner demons”. Otherwise, the worries will eventually spiral out of control and hamper the person concerned in their actions and thinking.

The psychological dream interpretation also interprets vomiting as a sign of a need for self-cleansing. Sometimes it is also associated with disgust for yourself, your own life, or others.


Dream of vomiting - the spiritual interpretation

In the interpretation of spiritual dreams, vomiting is interpreted as release from evil


Dreaming of vomiting: The most common dreams


Dream about vomiting yourself

Dreams in which you vomit are certainly very uncomfortable. But no matter how badly you feel in the dream situation, the symbol is a good omen! This dream signifies happiness and contentment. 

At the same time, the symbol can also symbolize the support and help of another person. If you feel good and relaxed after throwing up, the real worries will probably resolve themselves soon.


Dream about vomiting hair

Luckily, we'll probably never have to experience this in real life. In a dream, such a situation warns against a loss of strength and joy of living. The dreamer should ask himself if he still feels happy in life.

It may be time for a change in order to gain new vitality. Having a mouth full of hair can also express sexual desires: the dreamer may not perceive his sex life as "wild" enough. (See Dreaming of Hair).


Dream about vomiting blood

Anyone who vomits blood in a dream can worry about their health. Where does the blood come from in the dream? As a general rule, coughing up blood does not necessarily mean actual illness. On the contrary, it shows that a change of direction is necessary. (See Dreaming of Blood).

Without fundamental changes, the sleeper will not be happy or successful in his future. If coughing up blood in the dream results in the dreamer feeling healthier, similar to bleeding, the annoying tangles will soon have been dealt with in reality.


Dream about someone else vomiting

If a person vomits in a dream, it is not pleasant to watch, and perhaps even leads to a feeling of nausea in the sleeper himself. This dream is a warning against trusting someone too much. Someone is threatening to take advantage of the person's good intentions and involve him in some unpleasant matter.


Dream that a friend vomits

A dream situation in which your own friend vomits certainly triggers feelings such as pity, but also helplessness. You don't want this person to feel bad. 

However, one should be aware that the dream does not mean that the partner is actually sick. On the contrary, the dream symbol indicates an existing conflict within the relationship. It is important to address this issue and work together to find a solution.


Dream about a baby vomiting

Dreams in which a child or baby vomits indicate a bad influence in the traditional interpretation of dreams. The sleeper needs to think carefully about who will really help him in life, will support him and help him solve his problems. There may be someone blocking it more and restricting its free development. (See Baby Dreaming)


Dream of vomiting: What meanings?


Dream about animals vomiting


Dream about a dog vomiting

A dog is vomiting: although this dream may initially cause disgust, it has a very promising meaning. The dream image represents healing, new strength and growing courage to live. However, he can rarely warn those affected not to get caught up in gossip - otherwise you yourself may soon be one of its victims. (See Dreaming of Dog)


Dream about a cat vomiting

A vomiting cat symbolizes a clear conscience in the dream. Values ​​like sincerity and honesty are very important for the sleeper. His peers can trust him. Conversely, the dreamer manages to recognize the lie in his fellow human beings at an early stage and consciously break off contact with the affected person before it harms him. (See Dreaming of Cat).


Dream of vomiting larvae

Vomiting larvae in the dream can mean that you have already managed to put an end to things that made you sick before, congratulations!

Overcoming difficult times is something that takes a long time, but according to the dream, you did it with incredible mastery.

Celebrate your victory, you have survived one hundred percent of your hard days, so always be very proud of yourself.


Dream about vomiting something poisonous

This dream represents the departure of a toxic person from your life, there might be a saint protecting you.

It could be that someone very close only wants your evil, always wanting to see you underneath. This person knows how to pretend to be your friend, so you still believe in them.

It may even be a little painful for you to lose this person's company, but don't hesitate.


Dream about throwing up clay

Vomiting clay in your dream signifies that you have to be in search of what is most essential in life. Don't pay too much attention to everyday nonsense, focus more on what really matters.

Go out with your friends and family, tell someone you love them, spend some time connecting with nature… the options are many!

You can even focus more on yourself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We often give so much of ourselves to others that we fail to appreciate ourselves.

See yourself again as the real protagonist of your life if at some point you left that aside, this is one of the main interpretations of this dream.


Dream about vomiting feces

To dream that you are vomiting feces can mean that you need to forgive someone, no matter how much they hurt you.

This forgiveness must be released because, in addition to hurting the other person, this stored up anger is doing you a lot of harm.

Don't just ruminate on bad feelings, release them too! Thus, you will lead a much healthier life.


Dream about vomiting glass

There is something you urgently need to say to someone, but saying it out loud will definitely hurt you.

This fear doesn't mean you have to stop making your point, just muster up a little more courage to finally do it.

Learn to express yourself without being afraid, telling the truth is a beautiful gift, do not associate it with negative things.


Dream about throwing up a centipede

This dream has the same meaning as dreaming that you are vomiting centipedes: you have won a great battle against heartache!

However, this aspect of the dream means that you have forgiven yourself and not the other person.

As much as self-forgiveness is very difficult to release, it's important to always work on it, so prioritize self-care.


Dream about vomiting worms

Vomiting worms in your dream mainly means that you can no longer accept things that are beyond your limits.

Take responsibility for yourself: you are a good person, full of qualities, do not let others hurt you so much.

This dream is usually related to friendships that only drain our energy, but bring you nothing.

If you don't think you have such friendships, don't worry, but if you do, now is a good time to start cutting them.


Dream about throwing up pebbles

To see puking stones in your dream indicates that there are some very heavy things in your past that you have not yet been able to overcome.

Don't be discouraged though! Your time may even differ from others, but that's not a defect.

Keep working on your improvement, little by little you will understand that everything is happening at exactly the right time.

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