Dream that someone is calling: What meanings?

Dream that someone is calling: What meanings?

Dream that someone is calling: What meanings?

If you have dreamed that someone is calling, it may be a sign that you lack live communication in real life.


Dream that someone is calling: What you need to know


The call went wrong

If you answered the phone, but the conversation is not going well because the connection breaks all the time, this dream can indicate a kind of discontinuous relationship with the person who is dear to you.

It is important to consider who made the phone call in your dream.  


You missed your spouse's call

A missed phone call from your loved one is a warning about a possible rupture . If, on the contrary, there is absolutely no news from your loved one, it can symbolize isolation and the refusal to let anyone, even your loved ones, enter your personal space.


Dreaming about your boyfriend calling you.

Hearing a phone call and seeing it's from your boyfriend means you should try not to tell people about your relationships : the envy of your friends can ruin your marriage, advises the oriental dream book .


Can't find the phone

Hearing a phone call but not finding the phone in a dream is a sign that you have a rival who draws your beloved's attention to yourself. Taking your boyfriend's phone call predicts quarrels because of your own ambitions.


Your ex keeps calling you

If you are already tired of phone calls from your ex-boyfriend, such a dream means that you have every chance to realize the dreams you have already stopped thinking about; they will come true soon.

If you don't care at all about your ex's phone calls, you can draw the right conclusions from the unpleasant situation you found yourself in, and never get back to it.

And if the ex-boyfriend's calls flatter you even in a dream, it means that you will succeed where others are afraid to try even their strength.


To dream that a stranger calls you

A phone call from an unknown person is a warning that you can sever relations with your friend in the heat of anger. And if you answered a call from a stranger, you have difficulty communicating with someone from your friends.


Dream about a dead person calling you

Seeing a phone call from a man who is actually dead, such a dream should not scare you away. It predicts the renewal of old connections.


Dream to take the call

If you had a chance to talk on the phone in a dream, this is a sign that you have a reclusive lifestyle and you do not have the opportunity to enjoy simple human communication. 

The dream vision in which you are talking on the phone means getting to know someone who will become an involuntary obstacle to the realization of your plans.


Dream about being called on a cellphone

A dream in which you see yourself chatting on a cell phone means unpleasant conversations and gossip.

If you dreamed that your beloved man shouted on the phone while talking to you, this is a predicting sign that he will not understand in reality. But if a guy sees in a dream that his girlfriend confesses his feelings on the phone, then he should think about whether these feelings are strong in reality.


Dream about being called by a friend 

 If you dreamed that you were talking on the phone with a friend, try to remember exactly what you talked about. If you have shared secrets, it means that you really need the advice of a loved one ; and if you were discussing some kind of conflict, it is a sign that you should not rush to take all the advice and revelations about faith.

Quarreling with a friend or girlfriend in a dream of nonsense, talking on the phone is a sign that you are very easily influenced and easily fall under the influence of others.


Dream that a dead relative is calling

Did you have a dream in which a deceased relative called you and asked for help? In such cases, this person must be honored and remembered in reality. 

If you dreamed that communication with the deceased was interrupted due to miscommunication, it means that you should not miss the chance of success, which will soon be given to you by fate. Quarreling with a deceased person during telephone contact in a dream is a sign of an unpleasant surprise.

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